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In the free app: Romero Creations redefines the uke
In the February Issue: Yamaha sponsors Bands Of America National Championship
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What's Selling On

A snapshot of the top-selling products of 2019 by category.

As a marketplace for all things m.i., the Reverb site has a reach that far exceeds that of any individual retailer. With 1.5 million product listings at any given time...

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D'Addario's Changing Of The Guard

John D’Addario III new D’Addario CEO, founder Jim D’Addario now chairman.

John D’Addario III, son of John D’Addario, Jr. and nephew of Jim D’Addario, current CEO, has been named CEO of the D’Addario Company, which in addition to its namesake strings also manufactures...

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Steinway & Martin Aid Effort To Honor Forgotten Vets

Donated wood is being used in cremation urns for the Missing In America Project.

The Missing in America Project is a nationwide effort to locate and identify the unclaimed remains of American military veterans and honor them with a full military burial. The program, initially launched in 2006, has found unusual support...

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North American Guitar Partners With Nashville’s Cotten Music

U.K. specialty retailer establishes U.S. presence.

U.K.-based The North American Guitar (TNAG), a specialist in custom and boutique guitars since 2010, has now opened a North American location, partnering with Nashville-based Cotten Music....

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Top U.S. Bechstein Dealers Attend 165th Anniversary Gala

Top C. Bechstein and W. Hoffmann dealers from the U.S. recently visited the C. Bechstein factory in Seiffennersdorf, Germany to participate in the famed piano maker’s 165th Anniversary. The event attracted more than 600 people from all over the globe. The gala event culminated with...


Strong School Music Sector Faces New Challenges

At NASMD, “recruitment and retention” takes on double meaning in current school band and orchestra market

Blue water and white beaches provided an inviting backdrop to the recent meeting of the National Association of School Music Dealers. Held April 11-14 at the Margaritaville Resort in Hollywood, Florida, the annual get-together...

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Top 225 Global Report: 2019 Edition

Turn to this two-part report for: 1) A list of the leading 225 music companies worldwide, ranked by revenues, plus key information on each. 2) Sales and demographic data on 41 countries where music products are sold.

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Music Industry Census Report: 2019 Edition

Comprehensive U.S. data on 55 product categories across the music products industry. Find ten years of figures showing sales by unit volume, wholesale and retail value, average unit price, and year-to-year trends, plus complete analysis.

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Serving A Market Of "One"

With a data-driven approach and a treasure trove of exclusive gear, Chicago Music Exchange looks to individualize music retail for the wants and needs of each consumer.

The moment someone first compared the market to a pie, the object became capturing a slice of it—but there are more precise ways...

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The State Of The DJ Market

Pioneer DJ President John Powell opens up on what’s hot, why EDM will continue to grow, and where the market opportunities are in a wide-ranging interview.

What's the current status of the electronic music market? Has EDM peaked, or is there...

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Sustainably Sourced, Affordably Priced

Breedlove’s new Organic Collection combines meticulously sourced tonewoods and superlative construction with MAP prices starting at $500.

Loggers who take down trees illegally—that is without proper permits, on protected lands, or on private property—deforest an area...

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Wittner At 125

While its signature metronomes embody tradition, Wittner has also shown an innovative stripe in a product category that hardly welcomes change—the violin.

It is rare for any family-owned business to make it past the 100-year milestone. The inertia of time alone...


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