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The Leading Journal of the Music Products Industry since 1890


The Music Industry Census 

Find detailed sales statistics on all music and sound equipment: 55 different categories, average unit prices, sales by price point, unit volume, retail and wholesale margins, year-to-date, and 10-year historical data. From grand pianos to power amplifiers and synthesizers, if it has to do with the creation of sound, our research department has detailed sales information from the U.S. market.

Available formats:

PDF: $45

Microsoft Excel + PDF: $99.95 - Spreadsheets include 10 years of sales history with year over year comparisons, wholesale and retail value, unit sales, and average unit selling prices.

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Music Trades' authoritative market data on sales of all musical instruments, sound and publishing products covers 55 distinct categories of products. Information is available for the following product groups:

Acoustic Guitars
Brass Instruments 
Cabled Microphones
CD Players
Digital DJ Controllers
Digital Pianos
Digital Tape Multi-Track
Drum Heads
Drum Kits
Drum Machines
Educational Percussion
Electric Guitars
Electronic Pianos
Electronic Player Pianos
Fretted Instrument Strings
General Accessories
Grand Pianos
Hand Percussion
Hard-Disk Multi-Track
Individual Drums
Institutional Organs
Karaoke Machines
Keyboard Synthesizers
Keyboard Controllers
Keyboard Synthesizers
Multi-Effect Floor Processors
Non-Powered Mixers
Notation Software
Plug In Software & Loops
Portable Keyboards (Over $199)
Portable Keyboards (Under $199)
Power Amplifiers
Powered Mixers
Print Music
Rack Mounted Samplers
Rack-Mounted Processors
Recording/Sequencing Software
Rhythm Machines, Production Centers
Sound Cards, Computer Hardware
Speaker Enclosures
Special Effects Lighting Units
Sticks & Mallets
Stringed instruments
Vertical Pianos
Wireless Microphones
Woodwind Instruments

Below is a sample of data (not actual) presented in this annual report. Similar data is available for all categories.

Total Guitar Sales
Year Units % Change $ Retail % Change Avg. Price
2019 2,630,950 6.4% $1,070,244,000 7.0% $433
2018 2,472,700 -.3% $1,000,676,130 11.4% $403
2017 2,489,390 -.3% $934,971,450 11.4% $372
2016 2,496,185 5.0% $839,000,000 2.2% $353
2015 2,377,310 1.5% $820,746,000 21.0% $361
2014 2,341,551 20.5% $903,261,000 -1.9% $386
2013 1,942,625 11.4% $921,057,000 .13% $529
2012 1,742,498 5.6% $922,280,000 -0.1% $529
2011 1,648,595 23.3% $923,522,000 21.2% $560


The leading journal of the music products industry SINCE 1890
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