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International Dealer Sales Report

The Leading M.I. Retailers Outside The U.S.

Where are music products sold around the world? Which are the top stores, and what does music retail look like in Russia, India, South Africa, Japan, and elsewhere? In this report, Music Trades identifies the 324 leading retailers in 50 countries outside the U.S., a group accounting for $8 billion in revenues—more than half of the global market for music products.

In the Excel document format, this report provides year-over-year sales data for each of the retailers on our list—plus store and employee counts, product types sold, and complete contact information (address, phone, email, and web). In addition we include our analysis of the global market, plus facts and figures on where the business is done. In the PDF document format, the report includes dealer names, sales, employee and store count, and website contact information.

Available formats:

PDF: $45

Microsoft Excel + PDF: $99.95 Includes complete historical sales data and contact information as well as country-by-country music industry sales data. 

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Sample data: Information on retailers in all 50 countries is presented as follows:

JAPAN - Population: 126,919,659 - GDP $4.751 Trillion 
2019 Est. Revenues Employee Count Locations Website
Shimamura Music Co., Ltd. $286,000,000 2,044 166
Yamano Music Company, Ltd. $173,000,000 738 44
Ishibashi Music Store Ltd. $102,517,000 440 18
Sound House $100,000,000 140 1
Ikebe Musical Instruments $83,157,000 225 29
Jeugia $71,000,000 180 10
T. Kurosawa & Co. Ltd. $70,000,000 270 20
Miyaji Musical Instrument Co., Ltd. $62,000,000 431 5


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