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The Leading SOURCE OF DATA & ANALYSIS since 1890

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About Music Trades

The Industry's Leading Source For Market Research

Music Trades is the definitive source for precise market data and analysis of the global music products industry. Informed by over a century of industry reporting and supported by a comprehensive historical archive, Music Trades annually compiles unit and dollar volume data on more than 50 key product categories, including all musical instruments, pro-audio equipment, recording software, and related accessories. In addition to these decades of product data, Music Trades tracks and reports revenue rankings for the industry’s top suppliers and retailers, capturing industry trends and offering unique insights into the future.

Music Trades Quick Facts

Founded: 1890

Ownership: Under the third-generation stewardship of the Majeski family. Brian Majeski, editor; and Paul Majeski, publisher, currently run Music Trades.

Questions, comments: Contact Paul Majeski at or Brian Majeski at

An Authority In Music Industry Data

Music Trades
is the definitive source for all types of market data. Whether it’s tracking the unit and dollar volume of all major product categories or ranking the industry’s leading suppliers and retailers by sales volume, Music Trades provides precise data that helps managers make informed decisions throughout the year.

Data reports include:

The Music Industry Census: Dollar volume and unit data on 55 product categories, including all musical instruments and audio products.

The Top 100: The largest North American suppliers of music and audio gear ranked by sales volume.

The Retail Top 200: The largest retailers in the U.S. ranked by sales volume, productivity, and growth rates. In addition, this report precisely charts industry sales on a state-by-state basis.

Quarterly Retail Sales Data: A regular poll of more than 1,000 U.S. retailers provides precise data on sales trends, by both product category and region. There is no better way of gauging market performance.

Quarterly Import Data: Our import statistics pinpoint what’s coming into the country, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going.

The Global 225: In a global market, it helps to know the players. The Global 225 ranks the world’s leading music and audio firms by sales volume. In addition, this report contains snapshot sales data on the 40 largest markets outside the U.S.

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