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Casio In Historic Partnership With C. Bechstein

Collaboration yields Grand Hybrid piano series, digitals that mirror the performance of a fine grand

Casio, a pioneering consumer electronics manufacturer, and C. Bechstein, a German piano maker steeped in a 160 years of tradition, are unlikely partners. Yet the two companies have collaborated on the development of a new line of digital pianos that harness... READ MORE

New Fender Digital Division Aims To Spur Guitar Sales

Can a suite of digital offerings that enhance the playing experience encourage more beginners to “commit to the guitar for life?"

“The industry doesn't have a problem selling players their first guitar,” says Fender Musical Instrument Corp. CEO Andy Mooney. “It does have a problem getting them to commit to the instrument for life; 90% of first-time buyers quit after a year. If we could reduce that abandonment rate by just 10%, we could double the size of the industry.” Mooney has high hopes... READ MORE

Guitar Center To Sell Acoustic Pianos

Will offer two Suzuki models for sale online with delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.

Guitar Center, which for most of the past 50 years has billed itself as the “place where the pros shop” for guitars, drums, audio, and m.i. gear, will now be adding acoustic pianos to its product mix. The pianos... READ MORE

Providing the Sound For New Electric Sports Car

Roland sound engine to be incorporated in new GLM ZZ electric

The new generation of electric cars boast environmental benefits and blindingly fast acceleration. One thing they lack, however, is sound, whether it’s an engine growl to excite an enthusiast or the motor noise to warn pedestrians of oncoming traffic. GLM Co. Ltd., which introduced Japan’s first electric sports car, has turned to Roland Corporation... READ MORE

Import Growth Slows In Second Quarter

According to the latest round of data released by the Department of Commerce, manufacturers and distributors put the brakes on importing music and audio equipment during the second quarter ending June 30, 2015. Including a 17.4% surge in imports of school music instruments, overall imports... READ MORE

Partners In Profit

How The Music People Expands with a unique business model focused on the customer’s bottom line 

Jim Hennessey and his children Sharon and John, who preside over The Music People, have never bothered with drafting a formal corporate mission statement. They’re too busy. But if they had, it would probably read something like, “Offer products and services that make a significant contribution to the customer’s bottom line.” Based outside of Hartford, Connecticut, The Music People operates as two businesses... READ MORE

This Month in Music Trades

October 2015 Issue READ IT NOW!

Special Guitar Issue

The Best Guitar Showroom In The Country? The Guitar Sanctuary’s stunning Dallas-area store is about the gear and “creating an environment that fosters budding musicians.”

Vintage vs. New: Why do older guitars command such a premium? Retailers and manufacturers discuss whether it’s based on fact or emotion.

Silence is Golden: Yamaha’s groundbreaking Silent Guitar

Guitar Effects For Rent? Pedal Genie has a unique pedal business modeled after Netflix.

The Willcox Lightwave Guitar: Perhaps the first real innovation in guitar pickups in more than 70 years.

Epilog Laser: New manufacturing technology puts customization in easy reach.

Kluson Celebrates 90th Anniversary: Milestone year for hardware manufacturer

The Future Of The Keyboard? Upstart Roli challenges centuries of convention with the Seaboard RISE MIDI controller.

Partners In Profit! Innovative accessories and a focus on partner profits yield steady growth at
The Music People.

Import Tracker: Second Quarter Growth Slows

Casio & C. Bechstein: A new digital piano line from an unlikely collaboration

Fender Launches Digital Division: Creating applications to enrich the experience of players at all levels.

• Roland Sound Powers New Electric Car
• Guitar-Themed Drama On Netflix
• Martin’s Duncan Interviewed By Huff Post
• Noted Wood Mill Charged In Lumber Theft
• Vandoren Launches Artist Program
• AM&S Takes On dBT Technology
• Fishman’s New Packaging
• RCF Hires Northmar Rep Firm
• D’Addario Packaging Wins Design Award
• Reverb.com Expands E-Commerce Platform
• Black Diamond Strings At Beatles Museum
• North Bridge Sponsors Artist Tour
• Upgraded Takamine Website

• Guitar Center Takes On Acoustic Pianos
• Iowa Honors West Music
• Sweetwater Invests In Growth
• Music Retailer Charged With Arson
• Main Drag Music Hosts Blackstar Clinic
• Cascio Sponsors Guitar Fest
• Make’n Music Guitar Giveaway
• Guitar Center Cash Flow Improves


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