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...each seller’s average sales price. Makes sense when you think about it: Sellers specializing in entry-level instruments and accessories will tend to live in the $50-$100 range, while those who deal in high-end audio gear will average closer to $300-$400—and neither is apt to change a formula that works.

Occasionally, however, there are exceptions. Between the end of 2015 and the start of 2016, seller Quinntheeskimo’s average selling price dropped more than 40%, from more than $600 to under $400—and in his case we know why. The seller himself reports that at that point, he went from selling virtually all higher-end brass and woodwinds to mixing in a significant volume of accessories. Here, the numbers show that although the mix has changed, revenues have stabilized right around where they were three quarters ago.

Worth noting is that average sales prices for Music123 and Musiciansfriend—two Guitar Center brands—both shot up in this most recent quarter. In this case we don’t have an exact explanation, but signs obviously point to the opposite shift: from a higher volume of small items to fewer sales and bigger-ticket items. Their total revenues, however, remain roughly in the same ballpark.

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