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The internet has been described as a “transformational” technology. But how exactly has it transformed the music products industry? In a first ever report on the state of e-commerce in the music industry, The Music Trades has just released a listing of the world’s top music retailing websites ranked by dollar volume. In total, this group of web retailers accounts for 34% of the industry’s total volume. The report includes sales data and descriptions of the sites, with products sold, web traffic data, and complete contact information.

The report comes in both PDF and Excel files with all the data. What are the most heavily trafficked music products websites? How are customers finding them? What are they looking for? How often do they buy? Are consumers attracted to the web by convenience, selection, or price? And, who are the biggest web retailers you’ve never heard of? These are just a few of the questions that we address in this groundbreaking report. The answers are bound to surprise even the most astute industry observers.

Order the Internet Music Retailer Report today and receive your files immediately via email:

COMPLETE REPORT IN PDF+EXCEL Cost $49.95 - ORDER Now or call 1-800-423-6530 or email: music@musictrades.com



Plus the all new First Ever M.I. Online Sales Scorecard
Precise Sales Data Showing who’s selling what, and at what price on eBay.
The single biggest trend that has defined retailing over the past two decades has been the explosion in the number of retail formats. An industry that once relied almost entirely on traditional brick-and-mortar specialty stores for distribution now uses other channels as well, including catalog sellers, online stores, and mass merchants. Even brick-and-mortar sellers have become increasingly specialized, as evidenced by the emergence of guitar-only and drum-only stores. The latest additions to the evolving distribution mix are eBay and Amazon.com, hybrid entities made possible by advancing technology. In this new report, we track sales volumes of some of the more active retailers operating on eBay. Contrary to the widely held belief that eBay is an online garage sale, the site is dominated by full-time businesses actively selling a wide range of new goods. As evidenced by the data below, there are several m.i. retailers doing more than $1.0 million per month on the site.

Order the Online Sales Scorecard Report today and receive your files immediately via email:

COMPLETE REPORT IN PDF Cost $15.00 - ORDER Now or call 1-800-423-6530 or email: music@musictrades.com

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