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A Tradition Of Excellence Dating Back To 1890

Published without interruption since 1890, The Music Trades has earned a position of unchallenged leadership, consistently offering the most thorough and insightful news coverage, the most penetrating analysis, and the most useful industry information. This superior content is why The Music Trades is the only industry trade publication with 100 percent paid and audited circulation, and why it is consistently the most sought -after advertising vehicle.

From analyzing the impact of the labor movement in the 1890s to chronicling the emergence of China as a major source of supply, The Music Trades has a long tradition of identifying the the critical events of the day. While others are content to rehash press releases, our editorial staff travels the globe to provide in-depth coverage on the products, people, and social trends that are shaping the industry.

Published 12 times a year, each issue of The Music Trades is packed with late-breaking news, new product information, profiles of trend setting manufacturers and retailers, and precise sales data available nowhere else. In addition, our columns regularly include management features that offer hard-hitting advice on how to improve any type of business.

This tradition of peerless editorial quality makes The Music Trades a “must read” for anyone making their living in the music or audio product industries. It also provides suppliers of all types of music and audio products with the most effective and economical means of influencing purchasing decisions worldwide.

The Music Trades Quick Facts

Founded: 1890

Publication Schedule: Monthly available in both print and digital formats. Digital edition is available in every language.

Target Audience: Retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of musical instruments, professional audio equipment, and related products, worldwide.

Editorial Profile: A blend of industry news, hard sales and marketing data, trend analysis, and management tips in every issue.


Ownership: Under the third-generation stewardship of the Majeski family, Paul Majeski, publisher; and Brian Majeski, editor currently run The Music Trades.

Questions, Comments: Contact Paul Majeski at paul@musictrades.com or Brian Majeski at brian@musictrades.com.

The Industry’s Leading Source For Market Research

The Music Trades has become the definitive source for all types of market data. Whether it’s tracking the unit and dollar volume of all major product categories or ranking the industry’s leading suppliers and retailers by sales volume, throughout the year, The Music Trades provides precise data that help managers make informed decisions.

Special Reports Include:

The Music Industry Census: Dollar volume and unit data on 65 product categories, including all musical instruments and audio products.

The Top 100: The largest U.S. suppliers of music and audio gear ranked by sales volume.

The Retail Top 200: The largest retailers in the U.S. ranked by sales volume, productivity, and growth rates. In addition, the report also precisely charts industry sales on a state-by-state basis.

Quarterly Retail Sales Data: A regular poll of over 1,000 U.S. retailers provides precise data on sales trends, by both product category and region. There is no better way of gauging market performance.

Quarterly Import Data: With so much product coming from Asia, our import statistics pinpoint what’s coming into the country, where it’s coming from, and where it’s going.

The Global 225: In a global market, it helps to know the players. The Global 225 ranks the world’s leading music and audio firms by volume. In addition, the report contains snap shot sales data on the 40 largest markets outside the U.S.

A Compelling Package: Timely and uniquely useful data like this make The Music Trades the one publication every decision maker consults.

Listen To The Experts

We’ve told you why The Music Trades is the best read publication in the industry. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what the largest advertisers in the business have to say.

“I’ve been an avid reader of The Music Trades since the ’50s. At Peavey we read the magazine from cover to cover...every issue. You can never know enough about your chosen field of endeavor. Mine is the music and audio business and Music Trades is a major information source.”
Hartley D. Peavey
Peavey Electronics

“The Music Trades is simply the most informative magazine in the business. Music Trades reports the information and stories people need to stay on top. It’s the only trade magazine I read from cover-to-cover.”
Scott Goodman
Samson Technologies

“The Music Trades is a valuable and important magazine in the music industry. In terms of editorial integrity, in-depth reporting, and comprehensive coverage, it is miles ahead of any other publication. Music Trades is read cover-to-cover by everyone on our staff, and the same is true for successful music dealers.”
Keith Mardak
Hal Leonard Publishing

“The Music Trades provides the greatest insight into the direction of the music industry. It allows me to track current trends as well as keep an eye on what my competition is doing."
Steve Patrino
The Music Link Corporation

“The Music Trades is a mirror for all that’s happening in the music business and the business of music! It has facts and statistics that I utilize constantly. The articles are informative and educational. I keep certain issues for years as a source of pertinent information.”
Vic Firth
Vic Firth, Inc.

“The Music Trades is the best “one-stop-shopping “ for all that’s new and interesting in the music products industry. By reading it each month, it helps me to take the “pulse” of the business from both a retail and wholesale perspective.”
Dennis Houlihan
Roland Corporation U.S.



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Global Sales Data

Quarterly Sales Data

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