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International Trade Almanac
A Detailed Study Of Music Markets Worldwide
Updated For 2018


What is the size of the guitar market in Spain? How many saxophones are sold in Mexico? Are sales of audio products expanding or contracting in Brazil? Who are the top music retailers in Argentina, South Africa, France? And how much do they sell?

The 2016 edition of the International Trade Almanac not only answers these questions but presents a wealth of data and analysis on the size and structure of the global marketplace for musical instruments and professional audio products. To offer even greater depth, this 50-page report comes with supporting Excel files containing three years of year-over-year sales analysis, plus market share data and unit volume data. Dealer information includes sales data, store and employee counts, and complete contact information.

The International Trade Almanac comprises three sections: Global Export Data, Sales Data By Country, and the International Dealer Sales Report, a ranking of the top music stores in each country covering 400 retailers in total.

• GLOBAL EXPORT DATA: Just six countries manufacture close to 90% of the world’s music and audio gear: the USA, China, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, and Korea. By accurately tracking where these top producers export their goods, from Azerbaijan to Zaire, we can determine the size of markets around the world. Where do the numbers come from? Member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) adhere to strict product classification codes called the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. Under WTO rules, a producer in China uses the same 12-digit classification code when exporting a trumpet as a producer in the USA or Germany. Our research team accesses the export data banks of the top producing countries and prepares statistics for 16 different categories of musical instruments and audio gear. Presented in this report are three years of data with year-over-year comparisons, supported by detailed Excel files. Categories include: Audio Products, Acoustic Pianos, School Music Products, Guitars and Accessories, Percussion, and Electronic Keyboards.

GLOBAL DEALER DATA: Where are music products sold around the world? Which are the top stores, and what does music retail look like in Russia, India, South Africa, Japan, and elsewhere? In this report, we identify 400 leading retailers around the world, accounting for more than $10 billion in revenues. This section of the International Trade Almanac includes Excel files providing year-over-year sales data for each of the retailers on our list—plus store and employee counts, product types sold, and complete contact information: address, telephone, email, web, and fax.


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Music Sales
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GLOBAL MARKET DATA: This section of the International Trade Almanac shows where the business is done, country by country, region by region, with year-over-year comparisons. You’ll learn which markets grew the fastest, and why others recorded declines. This section of the report also includes country-by-country population figures, GNP data, growth rates, and demographic data.

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