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BrandPace Consulting CEO Ben Klempel.


Connecting global manufacturing clients with brand success across European markets.

CONNECTING WITH ANY MARKET is a complex multi-step process: identify target customers, understand their specific needs, engage customers with your products and brand—and most importantly, do all this more successfully than your competitors. The challenge is compounded when the market is foreign, both geographically and culturally. In 2012, one company emerged to help bridge the distance between manufacturers worldwide and their European markets. BrandPace Consulting provides in-depth, multi-level business consulting and training services empowering CEOs and sales & marketing executives to gain a greater response from their European customers.

Specializing in the musical instrument, pro audio, pro video, and pro lighting sectors, BrandPace has become a go-to consulting firm for global manufacturers seeking to grow their business in Europe. From its inception, the company has helped clients amplify their brand value and product demand. It has helped brands stand out among direct competitors by relating directly to target audiences, making their businesses “smarter, stronger, and a lot more fun.” To achieve this, BrandPace works hand-in-glove with its clients, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality to foster trust and productively open communications.

“Our mission is to bring ‘rock ’n’ roll’—the excitement and vibe—back to the European market,” says BrandPace founder and CEO Benjamin Klempel. “We do this by helping brands to find the perfect, solid foundation from which to raise their game for sustainable business growth.”

Even for those familiar with the European market, it can be a labyrinth to navigate. Entire distribution channels are suffering the destructive effect of retail price fights. Shops are closing, weakening customer experience. And while the economic impact of Brexit is still impossible to estimate, it will surely compound existing challenges, making doing business there—especially for “outsiders”—more difficult than ever. “The music products industry has always had challenges,” admits Klempel. “But the quality of threats has changed, creating a significant negative impact on the European market.”

However, for brands that rethink their European business approach, such challenges can be turned into opportunities that go far beyond more deals, more products, and more technical features. To make this happen, executives need an objective and unbiased view of the targeted market, plus innovative solutions and creative strategies that take the entire distribution channel into account. This is where BrandPace steps in to develop great leadership passion and brand strategies that hit their mark. “In a widely multicultural market such as Europe,” says Klempel, “manufacturers benefit from adapting their efforts to the buying behavior of the target audience and the specific habits of their market. In this economy, customer acceptance decides success.”

To effect this level of customer engagement, the BrandPace team deeply analyzes the user behavior of m.i. and pro audio and lighting consumers. By leveraging proven consulting techniques and state-of-the-art methods to create sustainable solutions, BrandPace systematically empowers executives and sales and marketing managers to create a consistently compelling brand experience in Europe that attracts and nurtures the right customers ahead of their competition. If required, BrandPace can also help align the resources and skills of each client’s supply chain and distribution process with specific market needs.

Headquartered in Germany, BrandPace Consulting benefits from a “native” European perspective and efficient access to the region’s markets and distribution channels. Operating independently and objectively, its team continuously analyzes consumer behavior to develop an unfiltered and unbiased view of Europe’s diverse markets and cultures. Tapping the company’s broad and deep knowledge base, BrandPace’s primarily executive-level clients can generate many innovative ideas for identifying and engaging the right customers for their products.

A drummer and cellist in his youth, Klempel forged his career talents in brand marketing and strategic planning at leading software companies. He later worked in sales, developing major m.i. brands throughout Germany and Austria. His background in music retail makes him especially sensitive to the unprecedented challenges European music dealers currently face.

To help brands that struggle to align their business goals to the buying behavior of their European audience, Klempel has consolidated his 20 years of experience and research in Europe into BrandPace’s Brandmastering executive audit and training program. This highly concentrated, time-saving series comprises three courses, each focused on a distinct topic and designed to teach attendees to penetrate economic factors and discern trends. Guided to view their operation objectively, they identify the weak spots in their brand experience that hinder growth in Europe, then develop innovative solutions to accelerate their entire sales channel. At the end of the course, Klempel explains, “executives will be able to provide a strong and clear framework for their partners that will help them sustainably grow their business in Europe and create more demand, more profit, and new business opportunities.”

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