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VTech Communications’ CMS division provides turnkey manufacturing capabilities, electronics design, and product management services to its growing list of OEM clients in pro audio, wireless, and related industry sectors.
VTech Communications
Veteran contract manufacturer provides full-spectrum,
“one-stop-shop” service to professional
and consumer audio clients

Perusing the vast array of products at the Winter NAMM and Music China conventions could reasonably prompt even the most seasoned music products professionals to ask, “Who makes all this stuff?” Of course, there are hundreds, even thousands of sources, but one with a well-established résumé and industry profile is VTech Communications Ltd. A veteran contract manufacturer, VTech offers not only world-class, turnkey manufacturing capabilities but also comprehensive electronics design and product management services. Serving customers located in the United States, Europe, and the Asia Pacific, its miles-wide client list includes original equipment manufacturers of professional audio and wireless gear, hearables, and LED lighting, as well as home automation, energy conversion systems, home appliances, and medical devices.

Founded in 1993, VTech Communications is led by Andy Leung. Executive director and CEO of the company’s Contract Manufacturing Services (CMS) division, he’s also responsible for overseeing its China Services Department. With more than 24 years of experience in the electronics and manufacturing industries, Leung holds a bachelor of science in electrical and electronic engineering from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the U.K. and an MBA from Oklahoma City University in the U.S. After joining parent company VTech Holdings Limited in 1988 and serving as general manager for nine years, he was promoted to VTech Communications’ CMS operation in 2002.

Thanks to VTech’s long-earned mastery of the New Product Introduction (NPI) process—including design optimization, procurement, and fine-tuning of testing algorithms—manufacturing setup challenges can quickly be identified and resolved. “Our focus on providing the highest manufacturing quality with the most competitive total cost of ownership allows VTech to stand out against other contract manufacturers,” says Leung. “We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction through effective communication in addition to an outstanding record of intellectual property protection.”

For potential clients in the music products industry, VTech is the “right size” contract manufacturer for combining strong, reliable customer support with the highest quality manufacturing, and it has a track record of establishing long-term relationships with its customers. In-house design support is available to ensure that each design is optimized for manufacturability, quality, and cost. Music industry clients typically seek VTech’s “full-service solutions,” and it has responded with a redoubled commitment to being a “one-stop-shop” for its customers.

VTech’s culture of continuous improvement has taken many forms. Reflecting Leung’s ongoing goal of expanding his company’s global footprint, the CMS division recently finalized its acquisition of a new manufacturing facility in Malaysia. Offering multiple manufacturing locations, he explains, can reassure clients during volatile economic times. To strengthen VTech’s manufacturing capabilities, management has stepped up its use of technology and automation, implementing Smart Factory concepts and striving to conform to Industry 4.0 guidelines, all while embracing high standards for sustainable operations and environmental responsibility. And not least, Leung cites the company’s “strong and established supply chain” and “large pool of talented professionals.”

In addition to mining new business opportunities worldwide, VTech invests in organic growth by maintaining a culture of operational excellence, focusing on fully meeting its customers’ satisfaction, and combining competitive rates with reliably superb quality and service flexibility. “Our vision is to provide our customers the most innovative products and services with the greatest value, backed by a company that is responsive and reliable,” Leung concludes. “We aim to be the preferred business partner of selected market segments in the [electronics manufacturing services] industry through financial strength, operational excellence, and the well-established culture of our customer focus.”


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