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The massively powerful KS118 Active Subwoofer joins two other models in QSC’s KS series.


Award-winning loudspeaker series expands with powerful new subwoofer.

WHEN QSC INTRODUCED its K Series active loudspeakers in 2009, they were an immediate hit with musicians, DJs, houses of worship, clubs, and AV rental houses. Packing pristine sound—and serious oomph—into small, relatively lightweight cabinets, the award-winning Ks also offered three-channel mixing and basic DSP capabilities that appealed to a wide range of end-users. Subsequent iterations (notably, the current K.2 Series) and line extensions, including the acclaimed KS subwoofers, secured the line’s reputation as a category favorite. QSC recently introduced the granddaddy of the KS family, the super-powerful KS118 Active Subwoofer. Succeeding the acclaimed model KW118, the KS118 is ideal for mobile entertainment, AV rental, event production, and club/venue applications requiring very high output and commanding low-frequency performance.

Featuring a long-excursion 18" direct radiating driver powered by a 3,600-watt Class D amplifier, the KS118 delivers high sound pressure levels with dynamic and musical sound reproduction of very low frequencies. Onboard DSP optimizes and protects system performance while also offering advanced functions such as the ability to array two units in a cardioid arrangement, maximizing low-frequency output in front while minimizing unwanted energy around the sides and rear of the system. Its DEEP mode provides additional low-frequency extension and driver excursion processing.

Highly transportable, the KS118’s rugged and stylish premium birch enclosure features comfortable aluminum handles and four rear-mounted, low-noise casters. A top-mounted M20 threaded pole receptacle accepts a 35mm pole for easy vertical deployment with K.2 Series and other full-range loudspeakers.

As the latest addition to the KS family, the KS118 complements QSC’s small-footprint, easy-to-deploy KS112, which is perfect where space is at a premium and tight, low frequencies are needed. For situations where excessive sound in specific areas is undesirable, model KS212C, with its low-frequency cardioid radiation, can be extremely useful. All KS Series active subwoofers are backed by the QSC Global six-year warranty with product registration.

Back in 1967, engineering student Pat Quilter built his first musical instrument amplifier for the bassist in his brother’s band. Soon he was making amps for friends, and as word spread and demand grew, he was inspired to quit school and start his own business, a combination workshop and retail store, in Costa Mesa, California. Founded in 1968 by Quilter along with brothers Barry and John Andrews, Quilter Sound Company was later abbreviated to QSC. The company’s initial focus, guitar amps, later gave way to a line of p.a. power amps whose exceptional quality and performance earned favor in both domestic and international markets. In the 1990s, QSC entered the fast-evolving field of network audio systems. In 2014, QSC’s m.i. product offering expanded yet again with the debut of its popular TouchMix digital mixer series. Along with its rich feature set, pro-class components and sound, convenience, and portability, TouchMix brought an unprecedented level of well- engineered user-friendliness.

Today, with Pat Quilter serving as chairman of the board and led by CEO Joe Pham, Ph.D., QSC is a globally-recognized leader in the design, engineering, and manufacture of award-winning, high-performance loudspeakers, digital mixers, power amplifiers, audio processors, digital cinema solutions, and the Q-SYS software-based audio, video, and control platform. All aspects of this diverse operation are driven by the same pursuit of excellence and innovation realized in the new KS118.

“With the introduction of the KS118, QSC now offers users an unprecedented choice in selecting the perfect low-frequency companion for their sound reinforcement system,” says Chris Brouelette, product manager, portable loudspeakers. “Ranging from the ultra-compact KS112 to the single-enclosure cardioid KS212C, and now the new, very high-output KS118, this wide variety of subwoofer options presents very compelling solutions for musicians, AV professionals, and audio enthusiasts of all kinds.”

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