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The Game Of Thrones House Stark Telecaster.

Fender Custom Shop And HBO
Celebrate Game Of Thrones

Special Strat, Tele, and Jaguar represent fantasy drama's fan-favorite houses.

Winter is here. The eighth and final season of HBO’s groundbreaking Game of Thrones series is being honored by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation with a new series of masterbuilt guitars. Culminating a partnership with HBO Licensing & Retail and two years of painstaking R&D in Fender’s Custom Shop, the Game of Thrones Sigil Collection includes three models representing the mega-hit fantasy drama’s three fan-favorite houses: Game of Thrones House Stark, Telecaster; Games of Thrones House Lannister, Jaguar; and Game of Thrones House Targaryen, Stratocaster. Built to order at the Fender Custom Shop, these deluxe, one-of-a-kind instruments embody the true essence of Westeros’ most iconic, notable families with distinctive features ranging from dragon scale carvings and faux wolf fur cases to custom inlays and gold-plated pickguards. Every detail of the guitars was meticulously considered and chosen to ensure that the authenticity of each house was accurately brought to life for fans of the series and guitarists alike.

“This has been a two-year journey, much of it spent in the concept phase, nailing down a cool and authentic way to bring the two properties together,” said Fender Products Executive Vice President Justin Norvell. “We worked directly and extensively with Game of Thrones creator and avid guitar player D.B. Weiss to ensure that our vision, design, and materials reflected the identity of each house. And there’s no better place than the Fender Custom Shop to tackle this task.”

The House Targaryen Stratocaster.

Handcrafted by Principal Master Builder Ron Thorn, each guitar’s design drew inspiration from the house’s family sigil, costume designs, armor and weaponry, as well as each of their locations in Westeros, sparing no details.

“Ron Thorn at Fender has built three beautiful, GoT-inspired works of art, and you can out-shred your enemies with all of them,” said D.B. Weiss, who along with David Benioff serves as creator and showrunner of Game of Thrones. “The attention to detail reminds me a lot of what we saw in our costumes and on our sets.”

The House Stark Telecaster ($25,000) features a lightweight swamp ash body weathered with inlaid sterling silver purfling that reflects the broodiness of Winterfell’s landscape. The guitar features a maple neck with ebony fingerboard, and hand-cut and engraved sterling silver Dire Wolf sigil inlay on the first fret in addition to an embossed nickel silver version on the pickguard. Other appointments include hand-engraved knobs and an etched neck plate. The instrument is finished with thin lacquer over custom paints, including “Raven Black” and “Gray Wolf.”

The House Lannister Jaguar ($30,000) stuns with a lightweight alder body that features 24k gold leaf with heraldry design on both the front and back, paying homage to the opulent Red Keep in King’s Landing. The guitar has a maple neck with ebony fingerboard, hand-cut and engraved brass lion sigil inlay on the first fret, a 24k leaf heraldry design carved headstock face, gold hardware and a gold-plated pickguard that is engraved with the Lannisters’ sigil. Equipped with etched neck plate and hand-engraved knobs, it’s finished with a lacquer over custom paints including “Burnt Crimson” and “Lannister Gold.”

The House Lannister Jaguar.

For the House Targaryen Stratocaster ($35,000), Thorn drew inspiration from the family’s three-headed dragon sigil, decorating the instrument with carved dragon scales across the front and back. The lightweight alder body is adorned with black hardware, a maple neck with ebony fretboard, hand-cut and engraved sterling silver three-headed dragon sigil inlay on the first fret, and a hand-tooled and stained leather pickguard that also features the Targaryen sigil. Oher touches include an etched neck plate and a thin lacquer finish over custom “Dragonglass Black” paint.

The Game of Thrones guitars took an estimated 300+ hours to create, with more than 100 hours dedicated to each individual instrument. “We never stop pushing the envelope,” said Mike Lewis, Fender Custom Shop vice president of product development. “HBO’s Game of Thrones is an ideal collaboration for us, as the show pushes the limits of creativity and storytelling!”

Each Game of Thrones guitar will come with a bespoke guitar case that also reflects the ethos of the instrument with ornate attention to detail, as well as an El Dorado strap.

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