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The Unique Squared rolling showroom in 2011.

Unique Squared Liquidates

Website declares: "We are officially wormfood."

Unique Squared, the formerly high flying online retailer, has ceased operation according to a posting on its website that declares: “We Are Officially Wormfood.” At present the company is liquidating its remaining inventory. Some suppliers previously repossessed unpaid-for inventory. Ally Commerce, an internet service provider that grew out of Unique Squared, continues to operate.

Unique Squared was launched in 2007 when three self-described computer geeks, Richard Scalesse, Paul D’Arrigo, and Eugenio Fernandez, began selling pro audio from Fernandez’s Georgia Tech dorm room. The trio was one of the first in the m.i. industry to generate significant sales volume using the eBay and Amazon sales platforms. By 2012, Unique Squared sales volume approached $40 million, making it one of the fastest-growing m.i. retailers in history. In an interview at the time, CEO Scalesse explained the power of online retail. “People research the stuff, then buy online. Why would they want to go to a store and waste time with a salesman who doesn’t know half as much about the product as they do, and just wants to force them to buy?” Unique Squared raised its profile in 2011 with a 40-foot bus that had been converted into a rolling showroom. The bus toured the country, stopping at high-profile EDM events.

In 2014, Unique Squared founders launched Ally Commerce to provide fulfillment services for manufacturers that wanted to sell direct to consumers. Although Ally does not publicize its customer list, it reportedly provides services to several companies in the music industry. Some speculate that as management focused on launching Ally Commerce, Unique Squared was left to languish. Unique Squared management did not return requests for comment.

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