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Drum Workshop is revising the product and marketing strategy for Ovation Guitars.

Ovation To Overhaul
Product Line & Strategy

OVATION GUITARS HAS SUSPENDED manufacturing at its New Hartford, Connecticut plant as part of a comprehensive strategy review with the goal of offering die-hard Ovation fans a value proposition consistent with past models and delivering standout instruments to a new generation of guitar enthusiasts. The distinctive roundback guitar, developed in 1966 by Charles Kaman, was acquired by Drum Workshop in 2015.

“Ovation has always been predicated on innovation, advancement, sound quality, ease of use, and playability,” said newly-appointed Ovation Brand Coordinator William Robinson. “Although the market segment has changed quite a bit since Ovation launched in the ’70s, that still holds true today. It’s parallel to the DW Drums philosophy and we need to make sure we are abiding by the legacy that Charlie Kaman created.”

The brand has launched a revised website and pricing and has plans to step up features on imports and U.S.-made products in the coming year.

Drum Workshop President and CEO Chris Lombardi added, “We really want these guitars to be embraced by a new audience, while [retaining] what Ovation means to so many people around the world. We hear from guitarists that tell us Ovation was their first guitar, and they still play it today. That means it made a substantial impact on the industry. It’s what makes Ovation so special.”

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