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2020 Winter NAMM Issue Deadlines

Before The Show:
January Pre-NAMM Issue

In buyers' hands before the show to help them make NAMM plans.

DEADLINES: January Pre-NAMM Issue
Press releases due: November 14
Ad space must be reserved by: November 21
Ad materials are due: November 27
Readers receive print/digital magazine: December 21

During The Show:
February Winter NAMM Issue

Breaking NAMM show news and massive distribution at the show.

DEADLINES: February Winter NAMM Issue
Press releases due: December 11
Ad space must be reserved by: December 13
Ad materials are due: December 19
Readers receive print/digital magazine: January 14

After The Show:
March Post-NAMM Issue
Complete coverage of everything that went down at NAMM.

DEADLINES: March Post-NAMM Issue
Press releases due: January 15
Ad space must be reserved by: January 23
Ad materials are due: January 29
Readers receive print/digital magazine: February 20

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