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Slick Audio’s new M550 (left) and 5000 Series audio computers
(shown above in rack-mount and tower versions)
redefine the category’s performance and reliability standards.

Slick Audio

Building “the ultimate audio PC”

We live in a high-def world. The music we make and technology we use require unprecedented firepower to process higher-resolution sounds and ever more demanding applications. Pennsylvania-based Slick Audio is meeting that challenge with the introduction of exciting new flagship products, expanding its lineup of best-in-class audio computer systems, DAW software, plug-ins, microphone pre-amps, signal processors, digital audio interfaces, mixers, and control surfaces. Slick will spotlight its new 5000 Series Audio Computer at the 2017 Winter NAMM Show in Anaheim.

Launched in mid-2014, Slick Audio represents the vision of founder Jim Slick, a lifelong musician with 30-plus years of experience in both pro audio and IT. The company’s reliability-obsessed CEO reinforced his own rare skillset by appointing several former lead developers of the erstwhile DAW industry leader Rain Computers U.K. to the Slick engineering team. Its components and turnkey systems are designed to serve pro and project studios, live sound companies that capture performances, and individual bands and consumers in advertising, post production/film industry, live sound production, theater, educational, consumer, and house of worship markets.

Though it looks the same as previous models, the 5000 Series is a dual-processor monster that drives up to 512GB of RAM. Characterizing the 5000 as “the beast of beasts,” Jim says it’s ideal for post-production, gaming audio, and game design, as well the “larger studios running major track counts, plug-ins, and virtual instruments. It’s a hundred times faster than the old dual-processor Mac Pros they may have used before.”

The 5000 can also be used in high-demand live applications, such as keyboardists driving “dauntingly large” virtual instrument and synth programs like [Spectrasonics’] Omnisphere. “That would be a backline situation,” Jim explains. “In a front-of-house situation, the 5000 would be perfect for running plug-ins live, without a digital console, maybe because you’re running plug-in racks on an analog system.”

Also new and slated to debut at NAMM is the Slick Audio M550 Audio PC. Compact—about the size of a DVD case, but thicker—and similar to the M500, it rocks an Intel i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 240GB boot drive SSD and an easily swappable 1TB SSD data drive. Most impressively, Jim says, it’s totally fan-less, making it “dead quiet; you could run it in the middle of a tracking room and still not hear it.” It also features built-in wireless and Ethernet, and dual video inputs that can be used to hook up two monitors.

Slick’s higher-end machines offer hardware-based RAID (a data storage redundancy technology that prevents hard disk failure) that, unlike on most competing products, is on a separate card, not the motherboard, to avoid “audio signal bottlenecks and significant I/O slowdowns.”

One of Slick’s top selling points is its five-year warranty “right out of the box.” The industry standard is two years plus an optional year at additional cost.

“Slick Audio PCs are the best tools for audio recording,  game audio, game development, and any audio recording needs,” says the company’s founder. “That’s why we call them ‘The Ultimate Audio PCs.’”


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