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Terry Warburton in his company’s factory in Florida.

Warburton Music

Innovative U.S.-made accessories for brass and woodwind players

We applaud specialists who do one thing really well. But how can we not marvel at those creative spirits who seek—and create—multiple “better mousetraps” that stimulate the market and make a meaningful, positive impact on the musicians our industry serves? Though best known for its roots as a manufacturer of fine U.S.-made trumpet mouthpieces, Warburton Music Products branched out to offer a full range of mouthpieces for brass instruments and saxophones as well as a profitable line of fast-moving, truly innovative accessories and study aids—all proudly made in the company’s factory in Florida. With major markets in Europe, Japan, the U.K., Australia, Scandinavia, and North America, Warburton products are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The P.E.T.E. (Personal Embouchure Training Exerciser), created by company Vice President Ken Titmus and on the market since 2009, continues to be a strong seller and is already being used by more than 30,000 brass and woodwind players ranging from beginners to pros. Endurance, control, power, focus, and range are all greatly improved by using this isometric tool. The Buzzard, a practice tool designed by Terry Warburton, provides resistance similar to the brass instrument for a natural, relaxed feeling and promotes the natural position of the embouchure as if the user is playing the instrument.

New to the company lineup, the Warburton A.T.V. combines a high-intensity isotonic workout with low-intensity exercises to develop a relaxed aperture for greatly improved tone in the lower and middle registers. Also new, the Warburton A.P.E. helps a brass player learn how to maintain a high-quality, full-range buzz without applying excessive pressure.

Combining Terry’s near lifetime interest in wood-working with his extensive brass knowledge, experience, and design and machining skills, brand-new Warburton Woody Mutes feature an exclusive fluted interior that diffuses the sound and produces a uniquely pleasant tone. Available in cup and straight models for trumpet and trombone as well as a model for French horn, these mutes are beautifully crafted in a choice of North American hardwoods, each delivering a unique sound and feel.

Warburton products for saxophone include a full line of mouthpieces and a newly patented three-piece sax modular neck system. The Warburton Modular Sax Neck System (U.S. Patent Number 8,502,054) allows sax players to choose components in shapes and sizes best suited to their playing styles and situations. Each combination of bore size and internal shape provides a different resistance level and sound characteristics. Terry explains, “Saxophonists are all too familiar with the trial-and-error method of purchasing and fitting traditional one-piece necks to their instruments while searching for a particular set of playing and sound qualities. It can get really expensive in a hurry, and many players still might not end up with the desired result. In the end, most players find a one-piece neck that plays ‘well enough’ and learn to like it.” The Warburton modular neck allows the player to: use a favorite neck on multiple instruments through interchangeable tenon sizes; use different mouthpieces through interchangeable initiators; and control resistance and determine the color of sound through swapping out different sizes and shapes of initiators. In short, the Warburton Modular Neck system puts the player in control of how their instrument fits, feels, and sounds.

Now available for distribution, Warburton’s world-class, hand-finished saxophone mouthpieces in hard rubber and brass are of the same high quality and innovative design as Warburton’s acclaimed brass mouthpieces. Accomplished saxophonists using the Warburton Modular Sax Neck System and Warburton mouthpieces include Charles Neville, Najee, Charles McNeal, Ed Calle, and Boney James.

Warburton Music Products was founded in Toronto in 1974 by Terry Warburton with help from his father, Bill Warburton. At that time it was the only brass mouthpiece manufacturer in Canada. After relocating the company to Florida in 1980, Terry partnered with machinist/trumpet player Mike Padula to develop the industry’s first CNC machining application for brass mouthpieces. In 1986, Titmus, a University of Kentucky trumpet student, asked Terry to make him a custom mouthpiece. Terry made him the mouthpiece—and a job offer—and Titmus officially joined the Warburton Music Products team.

Terry says his product designs are a natural extension of his lifetime spent listening to and helping musicians improve their playing. He backs up prolific innovation with a rock-steady work ethic based on consistent quality, reasonable pricing, and prompt delivery. In spite of difficult economic trends, the company has persevered with its tried-and-true products while introducing unique new items, resulting in continuous double-digit sales increases every year for the past five years.

Recently Terry was involved as a brass instrument and sales consultant for Tiger Trumpet, which produces the world’s first functional plastic trumpet. Warburton Music Products has been appointed the exclusive Tiger Trumpet distributor for North America. Initial results, Terry says, have been “overwhelming.”

Meanwhile, Warburton Music Products has several new products in the design stage, and a line of trumpets is “on the horizon.” At Warburton, great ideas just keep coming.


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