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Schulze Pollmann pianos are regularly displayed alongside Ferraris
to showcase Italian design and craftsmanship.

Schulze Pollmann Pianoforti

Italian design flair and German precision combine
in a totally unique piano line

With an illustrious heritage that combines German piano craftsmanship and Italian design, Schulze Pollmann pianos are truly distinctive in the global marketplace. The company’s flagship Masterpiece series instruments, handcrafted in Italy, feature elegant cabinets with rare wood inlays that are true works of art. Schulze Pollmann’s craftsmanship has even received accolades from another Italian classic: Ferrari. The famed automaker commissioned the “197 Rosso Formula” piano to be displayed alongside its Scaglietti 612 model to highlight Italian craftsmanship. Although fine handwork has long been an integral part of the Schulze Pollmann approach, the company has also embraced cutting-edge technology. Its Hybrid Piano blends an advanced digital tone generation engine with a conventional piano action to provide the feel of a superlative concert grand.

Schulze Pollmann dates back to 1928 when two German piano builders teamed up in Italy. Paul Pollmann had mastered the piano maker’s craft while working for Ibach and Steinway before opening his own piano factory in Turin, Italy in 1923. Around the same time, Albert Schulze had moved from Zwickau, Germany to set up a piano operation in Bolzano, Italy. In 1928, the two piano operations were merged, forming Schulze Pollmann.

Schulze Pollmann was acquired in 1973 by Matteo Galanti, a member of one of Italy’s most storied musical instrument making families. His grandfather, Antonio Galanti, had built the first Italian accordion in 1890. Within a decade, the Galanti Brothers’ accordion operations were a vibrant business. Today, Schulze Pollmann is managed by Matteo Galanti’s son, Eugenio, who received a business degree from Pepperdine University in California.

Under Eugenio’s management, Schulze Pollmann has struck a judicious balance between hand work and contemporary manufacturing methods. Skilled craftsmen painstakingly labor over intricate veneer work and final regulation. However, advanced acoustical sampling techniques and computer modeling have been employed to redesign the crown of the soundboard and the rib design to improve sound and resonance. The new soundboard profile has been further enhanced by a new system of gluing it to the back assembly. Eugenio Galanti explains, “We are constantly looking to find improvement, relying on the experience of our skilled craftsmen along with advanced sampling techniques and sophisticated mathematical models.”

The Schulze Pollmann Masterpiece Series is the company flagship and reflects this combination of precision and artistry. Cabinet work features rare woods including Italian walnut, American mahogany and European cherry. Their accurate selection and hand tailoring make each piano unique through special designs called “Peacock,” “Feather,” and “Briar.” There are four basic scale designs offered in the Masterpiece Series: a 6'6" and 5'3" grand and 48" and 50" uprights. The Academy Series features the same cabinetry and a different action to achieve a more affordable price point. The Studio Series includes a broader selection, with five grands ranging in size between 5' and 9' and four uprights. The Studio Upgrade series includes three vertical models, 52", 48", and 46", designed for serious players and institutions. Although Schulze Pollmann pianos boast a uniquely Italian flair, they incorporate the best components sourced from Europe and around the world. Renner hammers and actions are used in the high-end models while Roslau strings are used throughout the line.

While digital instruments have become a staple of the piano industry, Schulze Pollmann has applied the new technology in an exceptional way. Its Hybrid Piano incorporates a conventional grand piano keyboard and action, thus offering both high-quality concert piano sounds and a variety of voices, as well as the touch and feel of a genuine grand piano. “We’ve used technology not just as a substitute for a grand piano, but as an enhancement,” says Eugenio. “It’s an incredibly versatile instrument.”

Like just a few other European piano manufacturers, Schulze Pollmann has successfully overcome the 2008 financial crisis and looks at the future with positive expectations. With a market presence throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, the company has enjoyed a significant sales increase in 2017. Eugenio Galanti attributes the improvements to the unique properties of the pianos. “Our strategy has been to offer pianos that are unlike anything else in the market. We appeal to buyers who are looking for something that is truly unique.”


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