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TianTuo has developed patented microphone designs for most every application.


Chinese microphone specialist makes its case to U.S. market

For the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, 1,500 microphones were provided by one of the host country’s newer manufacturers, mic specialist TianTuo. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Hong Kong, the company went on to establish a Guangzhou factory in 2007 before breaking onto the world stage just a year later. Since then, TianTuo has developed 13 mic designs with national patents that are sold internationally under their own name as well as through OEM/ODM arrangements. Now, it’s making its case specifically to the U.S. market. From a new U.S. office established last year in Flushing, New York—complete with a professional microphone testing room and recording studio—TianTuo hopes to expand its footprint across the country. “Our goal is to make a successful start in this market under our own brand name,” says Todd Tan, a company representative based at the U.S. office. “We can provide the highest quality professional microphones at a lower price than competing products.”

TianTuo’s story in the mic market begins with Dorothy Liu, a microphone engineer who once developed products for a Taiwan-funded company and went on to found TianTuo with two partners. She secured her first microphone patents in 2005. Under Liu’s direction, TianTuo grew into a multi-level mic-building operation, from R&D to manufacturing to marketing. The company has gone on to develop a wide variety of mic designs, with an emphasis on models for wind instruments and drums but also extending to wireless, headset, and lapel microphones; mics for recording applications; USB mics; and numerous accessories.

Most of these models are handmade by an experienced team at TianTuo’s factory, a 100,000-square-foot structure in Guangzhou’s Jixian North Industrial Park. Building for an international market, it’s laid down comprehensive quality control standards, assessing each product for safety, durability, and performance. “Quality has become the strategic focus of expanding market share,” says Tan. “The pursuit of good quality needs careful planning, careful implementation, as well as effective monitoring and control—and this is the way we work.”

Between its self-branded products and OEM/ODM products, TianTuo’s major international markets are Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, Australia, and Dubai. To go along with its new presence in the U.S., the company has launched a U.S. website including, among other features, a series of educational articles on topics such as podcasting, choosing the right microphone for speech or music, and constructing a home studio. An e-commerce site, built to integrate with social media outlets including Facebook and YouTube, is currently in the works. Through the TianTuo USA site, the company has also put out a call for new U.S. partnerships, including OEM/ODM collaborations.

“We have a high degree of integrity and the spirit of innovation,” says Tan. “We welcome new ways to cooperate in the microphone industry at home and abroad.”


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