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Zoom's LiveTrak L-8 portable digital mixer and recorder.

Zoom Zeroes In On Podcasters

New Livetrak L-8 comes tailor-made for a growing market segment.

ZOOM SIGNALED a serious play for the podcasting market with the release of the LiveTrak L-8 portable digital mixer and recorder, designed specifically for podcasting and music recording in the studio or on the go. The Zoom LiveTrak L-8 combines a digital mixer with eight input channels with a multi-track recorder capable of recording up to 12 tracks simultaneously. It can be used as a 12-in / 4-out USB audio interface even while recording to an SD card. Whether recording to the SD card or computer, it saves separate files for each input, providing added flexibility for editing and mixing in post-production.

Podcasters can connect up to four pairs of headphones to the L-8’s outputs. In addition to the master output mix, the L-8 has three independent monitor mixes, enabling different mixes to be sent to individual musicians, participants, and performers. Sound effects are a necessity for podcasters, and the L-8 has 6 sound pads that can be used to play intros, jingles, sound effects, and more. The user can select from the 13 sounds provided or download their own sound. Each pad can hold up to two hours of sound.
The L-8 is particularly useful for remote podcasts. Equipped with a smartphone connection jack and an included TRRS cable, it can easily accommodate with call-in guests. The Mix-Minus function automatically prevents echo and feedback to and from the caller. The USB connection makes it possible to route audio from Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, Slack, and more.

Powered with four AA batteries for up to 2-1/2 hours, the L-8 is the ultimate “take anywhere” recorder and mixer. For longer recording sessions, there is a USB battery. If the USB battery dies, the unit automatically switches to the AA battery power. There is also an included wall-power adapter.

The Zoom LiveTrak L8 has a street price of $399.99.

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