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The Leading Journal of the Music Products Industry since 1890

2018 Editorial Calendar

January Pre-NAMM Issue
Editorial Closing November 14
Space Closing November 21
Materials Deadline November 25
Readers Receive December 19

February NAMM Issue
Editorial Closing December 7
Space Closing December 11
Materials Deadline December 15
Readers Receive January 16

March Issue: NAMM Report
Editorial Closing January 13
Space Closing January 20
Materials Deadline January 23
Readers Receive February 20

April Issue: Annual Sales Statistics/Mfg. Top 100
Editorial Closing February 15
Space Closing February 22
Materials Deadline February 27
Readers Receive March 20

May Issue: International Dealer Sales Ranking
Editorial Closing March 16
Space Closing March 21
Materials Deadline March 28
Readers Receive April 20

June Issue: The Accessory Market/Pre-NAMM
Editorial Closing April 20
Space Closing April 25
Materials Deadline April 27
Readers Receive May 22

July Summer NAMM Issue: Bonus Show Distribution
Editorial Closing May 18
Space Closing May 22
Materials Deadline May 29
Readers Receive June 22

August Issue: Retail Top 100
Editorial Closing June 19
Space Closing June 22
Materials Deadline June 27
Readers Receive July 27

September Issue: NAMM Report/Holiday Buyers' Guide
Editorial Closing July 13
Space Closing July 19
Materials Deadline July 26
Readers Receive August 22

October Issue: Guitar Market Report
Editorial Closing August 17
Space Closing August 21
Materials Deadline August 24
Readers Receive September 20

November Issue: Percussion Market Report
Editorial Closing September 19
Space Closing September 21
Materials Deadline September 27
Readers Receive October 19

December Issue: Global 225/International Sales Report
Editorial Closing October 17
Space Closing October 23
Materials Deadline October 26
Readers Receive November 20

The leading journal of the music products industry SINCE 1890
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