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The Leading Journal of the Music Products Industry since 1890

2019 Editorial Calendar

January Pre-NAMM Issue
Editorial Closing November 14
Space Closing November 21
Materials Deadline November 27
Readers Receive December 21

February NAMM Issue
Editorial Closing December 11
Space Closing December 14
Materials Deadline December 20
Readers Receive January 22

March Issue: NAMM Report
Editorial Closing January 15
Space Closing January 23
Materials Deadline January 29
Readers Receive February 20

April Issue: Annual Sales Statistics/Mfg. Top 100
Editorial Closing February 15
Space Closing February 22
Materials Deadline February 27
Readers Receive March 20

May Issue: International Dealer Sales Ranking
Editorial Closing March 15
Space Closing March 21
Materials Deadline March 28
Readers Receive April 20

June Issue: The Accessory Market/Pre-NAMM
Editorial Closing April 19
Space Closing April 25
Materials Deadline April 30
Readers Receive May 22

July Summer NAMM Issue: Bonus Show Distribution
Editorial Closing June 6
Space Closing June 4
Materials Deadline June 12
Readers Receive July 3

August Issue: Retail Top 100
Editorial Closing June 20
Space Closing June 28
Materials Deadline July 3
Readers Receive July 30

September Issue: NAMM Report/Holiday Buyers' Guide
Editorial Closing July 16
Space Closing July 19
Materials Deadline July 25
Readers Receive August 22

October Issue: Guitar Market Report
Editorial Closing August 16
Space Closing August 21
Materials Deadline August 29
Readers Receive September 20

November Issue: Percussion Market Report
Editorial Closing September 19
Space Closing September 24
Materials Deadline September 26
Readers Receive October 19

December Issue: Global 225/International Sales Report
Editorial Closing October 17
Space Closing October 23
Materials Deadline October 29
Readers Receive November 20

The leading journal of the music products industry SINCE 1890
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