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Special Accessories Gallery: Must-Have Small Goods 

Classic Tweed Fender BlueTooth Speaker

Fender’s Indio Bluetooth Stereo speaker offers 60 watts of power, two 3.5" woofers, and dual 16mm tweeters in a package that takes its aesthetic cues from classic Fender tweed amps. Designed by the same team in Southern California responsible for Fender’s legendary amps, the Indio combines an irresistibly cool look with exceptional audio performance.

Zoom CBA-96 Creator Bag

Pack your creative gear into the Zoom Creator Bag, a stylish multi-purpose backpack that can handle everything from field recorders and digital mixers to your back-up strings, sticks and cables. Each bag has more than a dozen different compartments to hold all the gear you need for a gig or shoot, and its zippers, drawstrings, and elastic straps ensure that everything will stay secure in transit. The Creator Bag has two padded, adjustable shoulder straps and a grab-and-go top handle. The back of the bag is also padded for extra comfort when it’s carried over your shoulder.

A New Type Of Saxophone Swab

While many traditional swabs simply move the moisture around inside the instrument’s bore, Cannonball’s Drag’n Swab has a unique pull-string that polishes inside the bore of your sax while dispersing and soaking up moisture. The swab is made of many pieces of absorbent fabric, cut to reach into the tone holes to absorb moisture that may be lying near the pads.

ThunderDrive Distortion Kit

New from Mod Kits, the Thunderdrive Deluxe LTD distortion pedal provides a strong, clean signal boost in the early gain settings and smooth distortion at maximum gain settings. Straightforward output and distortion controls provide a wide variety of tones making it possible to overdrive the preamp section of a guitar amp or add a layer of distortion at lower volumes.

This LTD version is equipped with a three-position diode selector switch offering more settings and tones. The top position engages the classic silicon clipping diodes used in the original Thunderdrive Deluxe. The middle position produces the lifted diode “turbo” sound from the Deluxe model. The bottom position is a new setting limited to the LTD version using germanium diodes for a warm vintage distortion.

The new LTD kit comes with an aesthetically pleasing engraved design and an updated circuit based on advanced improvements suggested by MOD Kits’ network of kit builders.

Hal Leonard Educational
Music Posters

Eye-catching posters from Hal Leonard are printed on durable gloss stock and feature informational artwork that will appeal to all musicians. When placed in practice rooms or studios, they provide helpful reminders for students. Posters featuring Piano Chords, Jazz Theory, Drumset Exercises, and Instruments of the Orchestra are now available. Each poster comes rolled up and wrapped in plastic for convenient storage and shipping. They retail for $7.99, making them great add-ons to instrument sales or educational product orders.

The Ultimate Add-On For Cases

The new A+ backpack is the perfect companion to BAM’s Hightech carbon fiber case. If you need additional storage space for your personal belongings or for a weekend trip, just fasten the A+ backpack to the case with the available Velcro straps. The backpack has two separate compartments including a front pocket ideal for a tablet or important documents. Designed for BAM’s Cabine sax case and high-tech contoured and slim violin and viola cases, the A+ is available in blue, orange, or black, all with black back and sides.

Pendelton x Dunlop
Woolen Guitar Straps

Dunlop Manufacturing and Pendleton Woolen Mills—two quintessentially American companies—have teamed up to create the Pendleton x Dunlop Woolen Authentics Guitar Straps, a premium limited-edition series, and Pendleton x Dunlop Woven Signature Guitar Straps, a sturdy everyday series. Each special edition Pendleton x Dunlop Woolen Authentics Strap is limited to 100 of each design, offering a tribute to Pendleton’s historic American designs. The Pendleton x Dunlop Woven Signature Line combines the timeless, boldly colored patterns of Pendleton blankets with Dunlop’s sturdy, high-quality jacquard straps.

Rapco V-Cable

Rapco’s V-Cable offers an ideal solution for acoustic and electric guitars that lack tone or volume control knobs. The unique cable features a built-in volume control. Other features include a built-in off position for complete system mute on the instrument, and “pop”-free unplug capability.

Protect Valuable Gear From Heat And Sun

Maloney Stage Gear Covers protect valuable instruments and gear from the sun’s heat and UV rays. The covers are reversible from silver to black. Use the silver heat-reflective side when outdoors and use the black side indoors when you need to keep the dust out. Maloney offers covers designed for guitars, drumkits, keyboards (three sizes), audio gear and microphones, as well as tarps of various sizes. All covers are made of durable polyester/acrylic coating, have reinforced edges, and are water-repellant.

Légère’s Signature
Series Sax Reeds

Thinner and stiffer than a traditional cane reed, Légère’s Signature Series reeds for saxophone respond without hesitation, making them easy to play and beautifully free-blowing. They produce a pristine, centered sound with colorful overtones. Bright yet focused, they’re preferred worldwide by advanced and professional players in both jazz and classical settings. They’re available for all saxes from sopranino to bari.

K&M Magnetic Pencil Holders

Never be without a pencil again! K&M’s practical pencil with a holding magnet has extreme adhesive force and sticks to all music stands and orchestra stands with magnetic surfaces. $5.49 MAP.

LP Mount Optimizes Cajon Mic Placement

The LP Cajon Mic Mount allows you to attach virtually any mic to your cajon without inhibiting vibration or sound. Clamp the mount on the sound hole of any cajon up to 3/4" thick and take control over the mic placement. The mount comes with a knurled aluminum mic rod and a U.S. mic adapter, and fits most mic clips. This mount keeps your mic in position no matter how far back you lean.

Authentic Floyd Rose Upgradable Parts

The authentic Floyd Rose Upgradable Parts line offers a wide variety of components to trick out an existing bridge and give players expanded tonal control. The broad line includes tremolo blocks for more sustain, noiseless springs for an optimal clean sound, snug Push-In Tremolo Arms, Turbo Trem Arms with a convenient 3mm allen wrench end, stainless steel screws for long-lasting performance, tremolo stops, and much more. Floyd Rose has been the go-to source for high-quality hardware for 40 years, with a brand name known and trusted by guitarists worldwide.

Wingtastic For Those Pesky Wingnuts

Instead of using your hands or a drumstick to loosen an overly snug drumkit wing nut, use the new Wingtastic tool. Made from durable nylon plastic, and 10" long, it provides the leverage to easily tighten or loosen wing nuts. It’s also foldable for easy transport, and available in four colors: black, green, pink, and blue. The bright colors make it easy to keep track of on a dark stage.

Roland Noise Eater Drum Hardware

Roland Noise Eater drum hardware solves the age-old vibration problem faced by electronic drummers with an advanced built-in noise and vibration reduction system like no other piece of drum hardware available. The technology is available in an assortment of drum pedals and stands. The hardware reduces unwanted noise and vibration sounds by up to 50 percent and works by using an air channel and rubber system to suspend the hardware off the ground.

Guitar Tools For Every Application

Dunlop’s System 65 Tools offer just about everything guitarists or bassists need for their work bench and gig bag. Whether you need to adjust something on the fly or have the time for a full setup, there is a tool for every application. The System 65 Gig Light is a road-ready flashlight for setting up your amps or arranging pedalboards on a dark stage. The System 65 Multi-Tool is a screwdriver, socket wrench, and hex key all in one, featuring numerous attachments to keep instruments in tip-top shape. The System 65 Uni-Wrench can adjust nearly every nut on a guitar or bass, even the round ones, thanks to the exceptional grip provided by its precision-tooled teeth.

The First Musician-Friendly Smart Watch

Building on the success of its wearable “smart” vibrating metronome, Soundbrenner has introduced the Soundbrenner Core, a multipurpose watch for musicians that includes a vibrating metronome, a contact tuner, a dB meter, and a smartwatch. It combines professional musical tools with the convenience of wearable technology, and with Bluetooth it can connect an entire band with a simple app.

JodyJazz Power Ring Ligatures

All models in JodyJazz’s popular range of Power Ring Ligatures are now available in Silver finish. These ligatures allow exceptional freedom and vibration of the reed, increasing harmonics and allowing for the fullest saxophone tone. Constructed from virgin brass, the Power Ring Ligatures are available in 24kt gold-plated finish (MSRP $95) or sterling silver-plated finish (MSRP $75).

Shubb’s Fine-Tune Capo

Shubb’s Fine Tune capos are the perfect gift for discerning guitarists, banjoists, or mandolinists. Made from durable polished stainless steel, they feature Shubb’s proprietary silicone rubber and a spring-operated closing latch that allows for the capo to be parked over the nut of most instruments when not in use. These capos are adorned with an abalone jewel inlay on the knurled and numbered tension adjustment screw. The Fine Tune Capo is available in three models: F1 for normal width (up to 2") guitar fretboards; F3 for wider guitar fretboards (up to 2.25"); and F5 for banjos and mandolins (up to 1.5" fretboard width).

Studio-Grade Boom Arm From Blue

Tired of squeaky, flimsy scissor booms? The designers at Blue Microphone were too. That’s why they developed the Compass boom arm with a broadcast studio-grade design, enclosed aluminum construction, internal springs, and hidden-channel cable management. All friction hinges are hand-tightening—there’s no need for any tools—and a full 360-degree rotation provides coverage for any application. Effortless and quiet, Compass stays in place after being adjusted, and the robust C-clamp creates a solid connection with your desktop.

Levy’s Diamond Dash Guitar Straps

Designed by Levy’s industry-leading fashion designers, the Diamond Dash guitar strap (pictured in Honey Suede) is distinguished by the three-color embroidered stitch pattern down the center. This two-ply strap features natural backing with double stitch edge. At 2-1/2" wide, it can be adjusted from 43" to 56". Retail price $49.99.

On-Stage Power Bank Drives Guitar Effects

The PS901 Pedal Power Bank, new from The Music People’s On-Stage division, can power an almost limitless array of guitar effects pedals and boasts nine fully isolated, individually LED-indicated outputs. Internally surged-protected, it also includes a five-plug daisy chain for expandability to power up to 13 pedals. The PS901 is encased in a heavy-duty, black anodized aluminum housing, and the package includes eight power cables, one reverse polarity plug, and an 18V power supply with European conversion adapter plugs.

FAXX Woodwind Mouthpieces

American Way Marketing’s FAXX brand offers affordable quality and a complete line of both plastic and hard rubber woodwind mouthpieces. FAXX mouthpieces are in stock and ready to ship, and they’re available with custom packaging options from AWM.

Alfred Music Playing Cards Up The Ante

Music Playing Cards from Alfred make a great resource and gift idea for music educators and students alike. Three different decks are available, each with four theme-appropriate suits. For the Classical Composers deck, it’s Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic. Each card features a composer’s likeness and facts about their life, while each suit has a joker offering a brief outline of the corresponding musical style period. The Instruments deck has suits for brass, woodwinds, strings, and percussion. Each card features the image and key facts about an instrument, while four jokers describe the four instrument families. The International Drum Rudiments deck makes a unique tool for teaching drum rudiments. Roll rudiments, diddle rudiments, flam rudiments, and drag rudiments make up the four suits, while jokers offer additional facts on drum rudiments histories and how to practice them. Each deck retails for $6.99.

PinchClip Replaces Cymbal Stand Wing Nuts

PinchClip is an innovative and affordable quick-release drum accessory that replaces cymbal stand wing nuts and hi-hat clutch nuts. Its flexible, stainless-steel flange makes setting up, packing up, and changing cymbals fast and easy, and it fits both vintage 6mm cymbal stems and standard 8mm stems. It also fits on any threaded hi-hat clutch, turning it into a quick-release clutch, and works as memory locks on floor tom legs and cymbal boom arms. PinchClips are available in convenient three-packs for a street price under $10.

New MiniClip Ukulele Tuners +
Guitar Accessories From Korg

Never be out of tune again with Korg's extended line of guitar accessories, including eight new color versions of the Pitchclip 2 guitar tuners, an elegant new white-maple finish for the KDM-3 digital metronome, and the all-new MiniPitch series, a line of compact ukulele tuners. New MiniPitch tuners feature an intuitive display design, guiding the player with an LED meter that lights up the peg in need of tuning. Designed to be discreetly placed on the ukulele, they’re ideal for live performances. These sleek and stylish tuners come in three with three color variations: Beach White, Sunset Orange and Ocean Blue.

PRS “Go-Kit” Musician Tools Bundle

PRS’s Go-Kit includes small items that all musicians need, and yet often forget to buy for themselves: Ear Filters by Vibes, a premium leather pick holder key chain, and a heavy-duty string winder that can convert to a drill bit end, all at one great price, $34.99.

DW Delivers Beater Attack, Feel Options

Combining speed and power, DW’s feature-packed Control Beater comes with three head options: Round Felt, Flat Felt, and Hard Plastic. Removable brass weights provide five increments of forward throw, and the self-leveling head ensures that the beater always strikes flat against the head.

LefreQue Sound Bridges Improve Tone & Intonation

Innovative sound bridges by Dutch company lefreQue BV help woodwind and brass instruments reach previously unimagined standards in focused tuning, pure overtones, clean attack, smooth legatos and slurs, wider dynamic range, greatly enhanced surround projection, improved tonal quality, and a more natural sound. Wind players of all levels, from beginners to top professionals, benefit from this invention. The patented sound-bridge system consists of two handcrafted metal plates that are easy to attach onto the instrument with the new Ultimate Series’ elastic bands. Kim Laskowski of the New York Philharmonic calls it “life-changing.”

Access Carry-All Turns 30, With Updates

Access Bags and Cases is celebrating three decades of its classic musician’s bag in the 30th Anniversary “Original Road Warrior” Access PFX-1 Musician’s Carry-All Bag. For musicians struggling to load, transport, and quickly locate gear stuffed into a guitar case or single-zippered duffel bag, the PFX-1 provided an alternative where every pocket is easily accessible and tailored to a musician’s standard gear list. This “road warrior” bag has been a go-to since 1989, finding applications with numerous major instrument and gear brands. With an updated compartment for storing an iPad or other tablet, the PFX-1 remains the quintessential musician’s carry-all.

Footstools For The Classical Guitarist

The Córdoba Footstool makes a reliable, sturdy addition to the classical player’s arsenal. With its height-adjustable design, this footstool allows the player to sit in the optimal position for comfortable playing. Collapse it and throw it into the front pouch of a gig bag for ergonomic playing no matter the location.

Mojo Series From RightOn! Straps

New Mojo Series guitar straps from RightOn! Straps feature smart and simple designs that let your playing do the talking. Constructed by hand, each strap is made from durable and comfortable materials and sports a unique, eye-catching color. (They’re even completely vegan!) Handmade in Spain from the highest quality materials.

On-Stage DB200 Mini DI Box Ideal for Gigging Musicians

New from On-Stage, a division of The Music People, the DB200 Mini DI Box is a compact direct box that transfers any high-impedance 1/4" source into a low-impedance (XLR) signal ready to be sent to a mixing board or recording console. It’s made for guitars, keyboards, and bass, and thanks to its compact size, it’s a perfect fit on pedalboards and includes a hook and loop fastener. The new DB200 also features a ± 20dB pad, a cabinet simulator, and ground lift controls to eliminate hum caused by ground loops.

Basso Eco-Friendly Guitar Straps

The new Ecostrap from Basso is manufactured from a non-animal laminated synthetic material that is so close to leather, it’s hard to tell the difference, and it’s 100% recyclable. Based in Brazil, family-owned Basso has made more than 3 million straps over the past three decades.

Gretsch Deluxe Cymbal Bag

The Gretsch model GR-SCB cymbal bag holds cymbals up to 24" in diameter and includes two interior dividers and a large exterior pocket. The four-point carrying handle runs around the bottom of the bag to support the heavy weight of a fully-packed cymbal bag.

Triad-Orbit Singer/Songwriter Performance System

Triad-Orbit’s Singer/Songwriter Performance System brings together multiple patents in a professional grade stand and hardware support solution. Comprising more than 60 separate components and adaptors, this design lets users create true multimedia systems to simultaneously support microphones, monitor speakers, tablets, laptops, lights, cameras, video monitors, and other stage and studio devices. Used and endorsed by top artists, audio engineers, and global brands, Triad-Orbit supports the “convergent technology” needed to capture live audio and video performances for website and streaming video content.

Sequenz Makes Musicians’ Travel Easy

New personalized carrying cases from Sequenz make travel easier for any gigging musicians. The MP-Monologue is perfect as a carrying case for the popular Korg monologue synthesizer, or as storage for any 17" MacBook or a 15" Windows notebook. It can be used as a standard backpack or as a messenger-style shoulder bag. The MP-DJ1, a must-have for DJ’s and touring musicians, accommodates up to 25 12" records, any 17" MacBook or 15” Windows notebook, plus headphones, USB cables, and more. Lastly, Sequenz has added a fresh look to the MP-TB1 multi-purpose backpack with the all-new camouflage model sporting a subtle mix of gray tones.

Sidewinder Puts An End To Twisted Straps

Guitar strap twisting is not just a nuisance; at performances it can result in awkward moments, lost timing, and miscues. Sidewinder Guitar Straps solve this problem with a swivel coupling that resists twisting. If the strap begins to curl, it will automatically self-correct, even when an amp cord is passed through it. Sidewinder Straps are constructed from the finest materials including quality leather and durable textiles, and the hardware is formed from high-grade polymers to be strong, yet unlikely to scratch most finishes. Strap prices range from $42 to $57. Sidewinder Strap Adaptors retail for $25.

Pro Compact Sax Cases From Cannonball

For saxophone players in need of the most compact, rugged, and lightweight case available, Cannonball Compact Cases deliver. These cases are extremely durable and resistant to stains and scuffs while providing exceptional protection. Made from high-quality materials with heavy duty zippers, they’re extremely light at 5.1 lbs. (alto) and 7.6 lbs. (tenor).

Superslick FAST Valve,
Slide, And Key Oil

Superslick FAST continues to triumph in the marketplace as a fast-acting, clean oil for brass instrument valves and slides. Available from American Way Marketing.


Rapco’s BTIBLOX is a great tool for DJ’s, houses of worship, or recording studios, easily pairing Bluetooth devices such as a smartphone with an audio system. It boasts a 100-foot range. The unit operates on phantom power or its own rechargeable battery.

Frameworks Extra Large Mic Stand Accessory Tray

With its lightweight, durable design, the Frameworks Extra Large Mic Stand Accessory Tray is perfect for holding keys, phone, drink, picks, capo, slide, and other accessories. An adjustable clamp fits tubing up to 1.38" diameter (35mm), allowing for easy attachment to a wide range of stands. With an overall surface of 14" x 9" (355.6mm x 228.6mm), this accessory tray includes a built-in 3" deep drink holder, guitar pick holder for up to five picks, and a raised edge all the way around to prevent items from rolling off. Weight capacity is 10 lbs. Three-year warranty. Retail price $24.99.

Premium Rosin With Personality

Magic Rosin from K&M is a high-quality, professional-grade rosin that provides excellent grip and delivers a clear, complex tone. It’s used by string players of all ages and abilities, from soloists to students. Now available in new designs for spring/summer 2019 including the beautiful Tie-Dye Rose. $16 MSRP.

Guild Strap Celebrates Americana

The rustic yet stylish Guild Leather Deluxe Tooled “Americana” Strap adds a bit of edge to any guitar player’s style. This USA-made 100% genuine leather strap is emblazoned with the Guild logo and offers an adjustable length up to 53".

Bottle Openers & Key Chains From AIM

AIM Gifts is out with three new bottle openers perfect for opening up new streams of business, plus three new eye-catching key chains. Pictured are the Piano Soundboard, Drumstick, and Guitar Headstock Bottle Openers, along with the Guitar Pick/opener, Guitar Headstock, and Microphone Key Chains. With their quality and design details, these new entries will stand out in any accessories counter.

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DW Drop-Clutch

Installed as a standard hi-hat clutch, the DWSM505 drop-lock clutch features an oversized handle that quickly releases when struck with a stick or hand. Perfect for multi-pedal setups, it easily resets the top cymbal to its previous open hi-hat position.

PRS Guitar Care Bundle

The PRS care kit includes everything you’ll need to keep your guitar in top shape. Priced at $24.99, the bundle includes 4 oz. bottles of guitar cleaner, guitar polish, fingerboard conditioner, and three micro-fiber polishing cloths.

Levy’s Tiger Tooth Punch Out
Premier Guitar Strap

Crafted in one-ply veg-tan leather by Levy’s industry-leading fashion designers, the Tiger Tooth Punch Out Premier guitar strap (pictured in tan) features a stylish cutout pattern down both sides. At 2" wide, with a natural back, this strap is adjustable from 41" to 57" in length. Retail price $29.99.

Felix The Cat Soprano Ukuleles

Designed in collaboration with renowned Felix the Cat artist Don Oriolo and Oriolo Guitars, theses eye-catching Felix soprano ukes and concert instruments feature four different designs of the legendary feline. Felix the Cat remains an unparalleled pop culture icon to this day—and now he can be yours to make music with!

Guild Branded Guitar Capo

True Guild fans can rep their favorite brand—functionally—with a Guild capo. It’s compatible with six- and 12-string electric and acoustic guitars.

PDP Snare Drum Wood Hoops

PDP 20-Ply Maple Wood Hoops deliver a warm, dense rimshot with an impressive crack and less metallic ring. They also fatten up the cross-stick sound. Ideal as replacement hoops on a PDP Thick Wood Hoop Maple Snare, they can be installed on any 14", 10-lug snare drum for the rich, resonant tone of pure maple.

Strum-N-Comfort Crossover Picks

Product turnover rate and a healthy gross profit are the keys to success for any guitar accessory deserving a retailer’s floor space. Strum-N-Comfort SharkTooth (top) and Kodiak (bottom) Crossover Picks provide both. Designed to facilitate the blending of right hand playing skills for stringed instruments, maximizing technical flexibility, this unique line evolved through work with professional guitarists and educators from around the world. Strum-N-Comfort founder Greg Atkin guarantees: “If, after six months, you are not satisfied with the product sales performance in your store, we will buy back the remaining inventory.”

Gator Frameworks Chrome
Wall Mount Guitar Hanger

The satin chrome decorative wall plate on this Frameworks guitar hanger offers a clean and stylish look while concealing mounting hardware. Made to fit electric, acoustic, and bass guitar necks, it features a rubberized swivel yoke to properly cradle the instrument. Sleek black standoff provides clearance for both straight and angled headstocks. A foam wall pad prevents surface scratches and marring. Mounting screws and drywall anchors are included. Three-year warranty. Retail price $14.99.




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