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Later this year, with your help, Music Trades Magazine will honor the largest music stores in our Annual Top 200 Issue.

So that we may include your company in this important issue, please fill out the attached questionnaire form and email it back by pressing the submit button at the end. Thank you for your help, and best wishes for every continued success.

Paul Majeski, Publisher
Tel: 201-871-1965, Email:

Store Name

The Basic Information
1) Annual Sales Volume:   
2) 2014 vs. 2013 (sales change) +/- (%)   
3) Total Number of Employees:   
4) Number of Outlets:    
5) What sales change do you anticipate for your company for the next 12 months?
6) Please select the Product Categories that are represented in your operation.
Fretted Instruments
Professional Audio
Acoustic Pianos
School Music Products
Printed Music
Guitar Amplifiers
Portable Keyboards
Recording Equipment
Digital Pianos
Signal Processors
Home Organs
Church Organs
Music Software
7) During the past 12 months did you...
(check all that apply)
Opened a new outlet
Closed an existing outlet
Remodeled an existing outlet
If so, please describe:    
8) Please rank the three best performing product categories in your retail business last year:
9) Please rank the three worst performing product categories in your retail business in last year:
10) What is the trend line of your total profitability, measured either as net profit as a percentage of sales or as a net profit as a percentage of assets?
11) If you answered "trending down" what is the principal cause?
12) If you answered "trending up" what is the principal cause?
13) What is the trend line of your storewide gross margins over the past 12 months?
14) Do you offer music education in your store or stores?
If you answered yes, in terms of helping sales, is it:
15) Do you provide service on instruments and equipment in your store or stores?
If you answered yes, do you view it as a core competitive advantage?
16) How much business do you lose due to the fact that online and catalog competition does not have to collect sales tax?
17) Deflation has been a major challenge for retailers over the past four years. Over the past twelve months, have you seen selling prices:
18) Media accounts of the economy vary widely. Based on the immediate experience in your store, do you feel general economic conditions are:
19) How would you characterize the attitudes of the customers you deal with?
20) In planning your business for the coming year, what to you consider to be the primary challenges?
21) In a few words, could you outline your primary complaints with your major suppliers, and offer suggestions for improvement?
22) Company achievements. Please note any significant awards, honors, accomplishments, or milestones last year.


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