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Wireworld Pro Audio founder and CEO David Salz.

Wireworld Pro Audio

Science informs design—and consumers—of
“objectively superior audio cables”

Science is getting short shrift in some very important discussions these days, but it’s front and center at Wireworld, where founder and CEO David Salz relies on scientific methods to design and, notably, to market his line of premium-quality cables. Established in 1992, Wireworld manufactures an extensive line of cables including power, speaker, digital audio, USB, HDMI, IEM, and custom-terminated headphone cables, all made with the finest materials and the same exacting production standards. Its products are distributed in more than 50 countries.

After beginning his audio career as a teenager installing car stereos for friends and later working in auto sound distribution, Salz opened his own retail operation selling and installing mobile and home audio systems. Along the way, he joined the pro audio world by selling and installing club sound systems and occasionally mixing live sound for friends.

His career in cable design began in the ’80s when he discovered that direct connections between components sounded dramatically better than any cable he could buy. He also realized that cable-to-cable comparisons can be useful for purchasing decisions, but not as a development or testing tool, because they don’t reveal the details and dynamics lost by a cable. This objective, he concluded, requires comparison to the virtually perfect test control: a direct connection between the components.

What distinguishes Salz from other cable designers is his development and promotion of objective listening tests for cables. He contends that this type of testing is essential to preserving an audio signal’s musical timbre and sonic details. What’s more, the tests correlate indisputably with the science, as cables that preserve the most music also tend to have the best measured waveform fidelity.

In the mid-’90s, Salz developed and patented Cable Comparators to make these tests easier and to provide double-blind testing capabilities. The essential information revealed by the tests led to several more patents as Salz continued to create cable designs that preserved even more of the “beautiful textures and powerful dynamics that make live music so enjoyable.” Wireworld’s banner DNA Helix technology, covered by U.S. patents 8,569,627 and 9,620,262, features a unique conductor geometry pairing layered flat conductors with parallel strands to prevent eddy current losses associated with conventional stranded and solid conductor designs. DNA Helix yields measurable, audible improvements in musical detail and dynamic expression. In general, Wireworld cables enable musicians, engineers, sound techs—really all music lovers—to hear and feel their music without the losses and sound effects created by conventionally designed cables.

Salz is such a firm believer in the science that girds his “engineered for reality” cable designs, he’s taken the extraordinary step of demonstrating it to end-users, distributors, and retailers with “cable polygraph” presentations at audio and music trade shows around the world. These tests were instrumental in convincing leading pro audio author/educator and self-proclaimed cable skeptic Bobby Owsinski that Wireworld cables provide real improvements in fidelity. “I was really skeptical that high-end cables could offer any sonic improvements,” says Owsinski, “but Wireworld changed my mind in a big way.”

Wireworld has shown consistent growth since its inception regardless of international economic factors, and despite the higher cost of assembling some cables in America versus Asia to ensure the highest quality. Salz matter-of-factly attributes his company’s trajectory to “products that are well designed and produced,” and a customer base [that is] very loyal to our brand.”

An online store allows Wireworld to reach secondary and tertiary markets not serviced by its still-developing dealer base. Meanwhile, the company uses social media to keep consumers aware of the latest developments. New Wireworld products—for example, its groundbreaking eight-channel studio snake cable—are always eagerly awaited by early adopters. New premium headphone and IEM cables, Cat8 Ethernet, and new versions of some of the company’s most popular speaker cables were also recently released to excellent reviews.

To further propel sales, the company recently invested in an international branding campaign that includes new packaging, websites, ad and marketing materials, and brand guidelines that will give Wireworld a more consistent image across the international marketplace. Meanwhile, establishing an artist relations program through ArtistRelations.com featuring celebrity endorsers such as bassist Stuart Hamm, Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses), Eric “Raw Dawg” Gales, and legendary blues/rock guitarist Lance Lopez has raised the brand’s profile significantly in the pro audio market.

Encouraged by his company’s steady sales growth and the market’s rising awareness of the brand, Salz is doubling down on his “scientific method” and plans to “keep developing our pro/m.i. distribution worldwide while we continue developing cables that enhance musical enjoyment. Great cable comes from so much more than just a heavier gauge and good intentions.”


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