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Music People founder and chairman Jim Hennessey,
flanked by daughter Sharon and son John, both 20-year veterans of the company
and now its co-presidents.

The Music People

Still an accessories expert, TMP now  distributes
pro audio’s heavy hitters too

As company Chairman Jim Hennessey could tell you, The Music People has always developed key product offerings by observing the music scene and filling in the missing pieces. A music industry veteran who’d worked in marketing and artist relations for Ovation guitars, Jim founded The Music People in 1979 after concluding that existing stands and accessories “weren’t cutting it.” Then age 44 with four kids including two in college, he took a chance on founding his own company, designing the range of stands and accessories that started TMP’s proprietary On-Stage line. Almost 40 years later, On-Stage has grown to include more than 800 items ranging from stands to cables, audio products, percussion accessories, and cases. In addition, The Music People operates TMP-Pro Distribution, a division of the company that serves as U.S. distributor for more than 190 pro audio brands including Shure, EV, Telex, Sennheiser, Crown, and Audio-Technica.

“TMP is finding new opportunities every day to expand and increase sales by constantly monitoring consumer and music trends,” says John Hennessey, co-president at TMP. “Developing, maintaining, and distributing a brand like On-Stage, as well as operating a business like TMP-Pro, is interesting—because you are not just selling a product, but you are looking for unique opportunities to sustain and grow each of these businesses in different markets.”

Based in Berlin, Connecticut, about 15 miles south of Hartford, The Music People provides the On-Stage line domestically and abroad to 80 countries through an expansive network of distributors, dealers, and support teams. Designed by musicians and production pros with real-world experience of what they’re making, On-Stage products are known for their cut-above build quality as well as their high value and dealer margins. Beyond stage and studio basics, the company has found a niche in accessories purpose-built to accompany higher-ticket items in the guitar, keyboard, and pro audio segments, giving players the tools to get the most out of their setups while dealers get an attractive add-on. Meanwhile, TMP-Pro Distribution has defined itself as a one-stop source for leading audio brands. In a new development for its distribution side, the company has launched an Online Ordering Portal allowing dealers to place TMP-Pro orders at any time of the day or night. “The technology is new,” says TMP Co-President Sharon Hennessey, “but it hasn’t changed the foundation of how we do business—and that’s our relationships with our customers.”

With TMP’s 40th anniversary approaching, John and Sharon Hennessey have made it a second-generation family business. As Jim’s son and daughter, they each have more than 20 years’ experience in the company and were named co-presidents in early 2016. Jim, now chairman, remains active in the company and now focuses on developing new concepts and patentable products for the On-Stage line, much as he did when he founded TMP four decades ago.

“As we reflect on the last 40 years of business, we continue to look to the future with all the experience we have gained and want to thank our dealers for their continual support as well as being a part of the journey,” says Sharon Hennessey. “TMP has never been more energized and excited to continue to do business for another 40 more years with a clear vision, continued patented innovation, and strong relationships that span the globe.”


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