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Boldface gig bags have a patented panel system that allows end-users to easily
change graphic panels, altering the appearance to suit their tastes.

Boldface Personalized Gig Bags

Transferring the “design your own” concept
to the music industry

Personalizing a skateboard, surfboard, or smartphone with distinctive graphics has become a burgeoning industry, which prompted engineer Randy Fenton to apply the same concepts to the guitar market. With the launch of his new company Boldface, he is introducing a new line of guitar gig bags with customizable and easily interchangeable graphic front panels. “Music and graphic artwork have gone hand-in-hand since the first album cover,” he explains. “With the age of product personalization upon us, this is a niche within the guitar industry ripe for a facelift.”

Boldface is offering guitarists an affordable way to express themselves with graphics on their gig bag. The new bags employ a patent-pending front panel skin that can be exchanged in seconds, allowing players to reinvent their look as often as they like. Boldface is offering its gig bags with a selection of in-house designs, and it’s also soliciting distinctive artwork from artists and celebrities worldwide. However, most importantly, the company has developed an online template that allows players to design and submit their own graphic designs. Fenton says, “The patent pending Boldface gig bag offers an affordable way to personalize the look of a gig bag. There’s nothing else like it.”

All Boldface gig bags are manufactured in the U.S. At present, the company offers bags for electric and acoustic guitars, but plans are in the works to expand the line to include bags for ukuleles, cymbals, and most other popular instruments. Fenton plans to distribute the gig bags through music retailers. To support the product launch, he has assembled a “guerrilla” sales force of 18-28 year olds in major U.S. cities who are displaying the product and handing out promotional material at music festivals, shows, concerts, colleges, and high schools. “This unique sales approach will allow Boldface to connect with musicians where they hang out, speak their language and understand their needs,” says Fenton. Next year, the company plans a similar marketing push in the U.K. and continental Europe.

A trained electrical engineer with a degree from UCLA, Fenton brings proven entrepreneurial skills to his new venture. Seven years ago he dropped out of the corporate world—“too boring, too political”—and launched Freewell, his own design and marketing company. Since then, the venture has prospered by offering an innovative selection of accessories for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers. As an enthusiastic guitarist, it was only a matter of time before he turned his design skills to his personal avocation.

With initial products beginning to ship, Fenton has large-scale ambitions. “We plan to create a global company that is socially responsible and provides outstanding value to our customers,” he says. “We hope to build Boldface into an industry leader in the gig bag space.”

email: sales@boldface.com

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