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Just a couple of the current offerings from DR Strings.

DR Strings

Guitar strings handmade in America

Satellites, Rolls-Royces, and DR Strings are all made by hand. Mark Dronge founded DR Strings in 1989 with the belief that superior tone and feel are produced by highly trained string winders who adjust for the tiny variations that occur in wire. He developed this philosophy for skilled craftsmanship and using all American materials at Guild Guitars, which his father, Al Dronge, founded in 1952.

Always innovating, DR first reintroduced round core strings, which is one of the distinctive characteristics of their sound. Dronge believes that music starts with a round structure—a sound hole in a guitar, an opening of a saxophone, or the basis of a speaker—and that round cores naturally lend themselves to a highly musical string. The next innovation was to use round cores with pure nickel for the true vintage Pure Blues guitar strings. This was fol­­lowed by DDT strings, whose patent-pending construction was developed specifically to keep a drop-tuned instrument in tune. Soon after, DR developed brilliant looking and brilliant sounding Neon color strings. For its coated lines, it also developed in-house a unique clear, hard coating, Dragon-Skin, which they contend not only protects against corrosion but enhances tone and loudness. Other top-selling lines for bass include Fat-Beams, made of high quality American stainless steel, compression wound on round cores for a “fatter, deeper, and smoother” sound; and Pure Blues Bass, whose QUANTUM-Nickel alloy is said to “combine a fat, warm punch with a stainless steel edge.” In 2015 DR introduced military-grade, corrosion-proof packaging used for all string models for guaranteed protection. A company spokesman says “the ultimate acoustic string” is on its way to market in 2016, reflecting the company’s history and strong connection to acoustic guitars.

DR’s choice of high-grade American metals and especially its highly skilled production methods have won over a diverse range of artist endorsers. The roster includes hard rock and metal icons Alexi Laiho, Gus G, Geezer Butler, Meshuggah, and the late Dimebag Darrell; flatpickers Steve Kaufman, Roy Clark, Stephen Grossman, and Happy Traum; jazzers Larry Coryell and Bernie Williams; bassists Stanley Clarke, Bootsy Collins, Verdine White, Lauren Taneil (Beyoncé), Jamareo Artis (Bruno Mars), Jeff Berlin, and Victor Bailey: and veteran rockers including the late Johnny Winter, Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, Sting, and Derek Trucks.
All products are proudly made in DR’s factory in Emerson, New Jersey.


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