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At the “concept launch” for the MAUI P900: Gabriel Alonso Calvillo, prod. mgr.,
integrated systems; Jörg Tragatschnig, senior designer, Porsche Design Studio;
Martin Jung, R&D engineer; Viktor Wiesner, prod. mgr., pro audio; Ben Lampert, R&D mgr.;
Alexander Pietschmann, CEO.

Adam Hall Group

Event tech specialist to spotlight innovations
in new “Experience Center”

It's a construction zone right now at the Adam Hall Group headquarters in Neu-Anspach, Germany. After two years of major product innovations, highlighted by its CURV 500 line array and a new generation of MAUI series column p.a. products, the company needed a new way to showcase its lines for partners and customers—and it has certainly found one. First, a new Logistics Park scheduled to open in early 2018 will add 150,000 square feet of warehouse capacity. Then in June of the same year, the doors will open to the “Adam Hall Experience Center” at the company’s headquarters, a new complex comprising—for starters—a fully-equipped product and solutions showroom, a large theater auditorium for live demonstrations, facilities for the “Adam Hall Academy” initiative, and even a company restaurant to be dubbed “Come Together.” On the other side of the Experience Center, there will be an integrated R&D department housing an anechoic measuring room, various endurance and climatic test rigs, a photometric laboratory, and ample space for designing, modeling and 3D prototyping. For the Adam Hall Group, the Experience Center will mean state-of-the-art upgrades with regards to how products are designed and tested. On top of that, though, it’s envisioned as a place where customers and partners from around the globe can take in the Adam Hall operation and share valuable feedback as part of the development process. A broad-based source for event technology products, the Adam Hall Group has showrooms in Singapore, Spain, Poland, and the U.S.—along with sales offices and distribution partners in more than 30 countries from the U.K. to Thailand to Morocco. When the Experience Center opens next year, it stands to become the centerpiece of them all.

“The development floors and the surrounding area will offer optimum working conditions and lots of space for creativity,” says Alexander Pietschmann, CEO and managing director of the Adam Hall Group. “Having customers, industry partners, academics, and our development team under one roof is a continued testimony to our customer-centricity commitment.”

Spanning the pro audio, LED lighting, and stage equipment categories, the Adam Hall Group manufactures or distributes more than 30 brands and ships more than 7,000 SKUs from its Neu-Anspach warehouse to dealers, rental providers, and installation companies around the world. Its selection runs from microphones and wireless systems to mixers, amplifiers, speaker systems, stands, cables, moving lights, and more. Lately, though, the buzz has probably been strongest around a series of new product innovations from its pro audio brand LD Systems. In a “concept launch” at this year’s Prolight + Sound show in Frankfurt, the industry got its first glimpse of the MAUI P900 PA system, a special project designed in collaboration with the Porsche Design Studio. With a sleek column-style form factor, the product is LD Systems’ fusion of its most advanced audio technology with high-concept design. As Pietschmann says, “It caused quite a stir. Our development team, along with the designers from the Porsche Design Studio, have done a first-class job.”

Among its other recent introductions, LD Systems has been showcasing its Dante DSP 44 K 4-channel power amplifier, a professional network-ready amp for demanding large-scale sound reinforcement, and the MAUI 5 GO, an ultra-portable, battery-powered column p.a. with quick-swapping technology and high design appeal. LD’s CURV 500 line array, last year’s big new product and winner of several design awards, has now been complemented by the CURV 500 iAMP, a purpose-built, low-profile amplifier delivering integration options for AV installation companies and sound pros. From other brands across the Adam Hall portfolio, highlights include new Cameo lighting products such as the ZENIT B60 battery-operated W-DMX IP65 PAR spotlights and ZENIT W600 high-power outdoor washer, both ideal for the professional rental sector. In the m.i. retail world, Adam Hall’s Gravity stands and Palmer guitar effects brands have also notched several successful new introductions. “As a German manufacturer and distributor, we have a great deal of German design and engineering expertise with a long history of combining technical innovations and marketable concepts,” says Pietschmann.

Although it’s now best known for its event technologies, Adam Hall started out more than four decades ago as a specialist in hardware for flight cases, still one of its divisions. (Its FliteCAD software platform, introduced last year, brought that expertise into the 21st century with user-friendly tools and 3D imagery for planning and constructing cases to any specifications.) Established in 1975 by namesake founder Adam Hall in the U.K., the company moved to Germany in 1980 under British musician David Kirby. Now executive chairman of the Adam Hall Group, Kirby went on to appoint the company’s other two managing directors in CEO Alex Pietschmann and COO Markus Jahnel. Jahnel, part of the Adam Hall team since 1989, has been the architect behind numerous product introductions in the years since then. The son of a professional musician and Adam Hall field salesman, Pietschmann grew up around the company but came aboard officially in 2006, immersing himself in R&D, product management, and marketing before rising to CEO. Combined, they head up a team known for both its sharp design work and its intuitive feel for the market.

“No matter how much our company grows, the focus always remains on the individual customers,” says Pietschmann. “After all, it’s their needs, their imagination, and their passion that shape the Adam Hall Group: innovation in product development, quality manufacturing, and reliable service.”


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