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An Inside Look at Today's Percussion Buyer (50 pages)


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...the last year, our research department, with the help of manufacturers, interviewed more than 1,000 percussionists as part of an effort to gather meaningful data on the consumers who drive this important segment of the music industry. This 50-page research report is divided into three areas covering: basic background and demographic information; the factors that drive consumers to purchase the products they do; and information on the retail purchase experience. From gender and average age to how percussionists utilize the web, this landmark survey covers a wealth of data that will be invaluable to any marketing professional in the percussion industry. Key areas covered in this report appear below:

Consumer Background Information

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Income Level
  • Education
  • Years Playing Drums
  • Preferred Music
  • Practice Habits
  • Paid Performance
  • Other Instruments
  • Sound Equipment 
  • Computer Applications
  • Band Members
  • Band Website
  • Music Uploads
  • Free Time
  • Internet Use
  • iPod
  • Music Purchases

Consumer Purchase Decision

  • Reason for Selecting Instrument
  • Price
  • Product Description
  • Satisfaction
  • Electronic Drum Sets
  • Additional Purchases
  • Acoustic Drum Sets
  • Awareness
  • Advertisements

Consumer Purchase Experience

  • Purchase Location
  • Store Comparisons
  • Pressure from Salespeople
  • Salespeople
  • Local Music Store Visits
  • Satisfaction with Sales Experience
  • Recommendations
  • Likelihood of Purchasing from Same Location
  • Next Purchase Location

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