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Steinway & Gibson At The White House

...was staged to highlight U.S. manufacturing prowess and innovation. Just one brand was selected to represent each state. Spotlighted businesses ranged from Caterpillar earth-moving vehicles and machinery (Illinois) and Campbell's soup (New Jersey) to Sikorsky helicopters (Connecticut), Chick-fil-a restaurants (Georgia), and Cider Belly Doughnuts (New Hampshire). As world-renowned brands whose products are respected on all corners of the globe, both Steinway, headquartered in New York, and Gibson, in Tennessee, proudly represented the music products industry as well as their respective home states.

Steinway & Sons was represented at the showcase by Anthony Gilroy, senior director of marketing and communications, William Youse, a 40-year veteran who heads Steinway's restoration department, and Michael Mohr, director of manufacturing. Gilroy commented, "Because there was already a Steinway & Sons piano at the White House, our exhibit setup was simple compared to some of the other companies': Sikorsky brought in a helicopter, Hinckley brought in a 40' boat, and Pierce Trucking parked a fire truck on the front lawn!"

President Trump visited every exhibit and, according to Gilroy, he knew "quite a bit about Steinway--all about our store on 57th street, and he asked how our move went to the new flagship location on Avenue of the Americas." The President also inquired about pricing and joked that he thinks it's a lot easier making money in the real estate business than it is building pianos.

Steinway Musical Instruments CEO Ron Losby commented, "We are delighted to represent the State of New York for Made In America week with our pianos, proudly handcrafted by Americans in New York City since 1853!"

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