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The Global Industry’s Top Players Ranked

...into an complex network, showcased in this year's ranking of the global industry. The roster includes 225 music products companies based in 26 countries on five continents. With few exceptions, the enterprises on the list are fully global, with their survival dependent on cross-border relationships.

The roster includes manufacturers, distributors, publishers, and hybrids: companies combine manufacturing, distribution, and/or retailing, under one roof. In total, the group racked up revenues of $20.8 billion, and employed 114,000. The one thing that unifies this diverse group is its dependence on global trade. Based on a rough estimate, 75% of the Global 225 have productive assets outside of their home country, and 40% derive the majority of their revenue from foreign markets.

The Global Markets
Sluggish economic growth, political upheaval, and plummeting oil prices made 2015 a tumultuous year for the music products industry. Estimated retail sales dipped 3.0% to $16.2 billion for the year compared with $16.7 billion in 2014. But the global decline obscured dramatic market swings from country to country, with precipitous drops in Brazil, Russia, and Venezuela dragging down the average. Some of the declines could be chalked up to demographics and cultural preferences, but most reflected government stability, or lack thereof, a difficult business climate, and little economic stability.

In this year's Global Markets report, we quantify the retail value of music products sales—musical instruments of all types, audio and recording products, and related accessories—in 43 countries on five continents representing about 70% of the world’s population. The estimates of music products sales are accompanied by economic and demographic data compiled by various U.S. government agencies. Specifically, we include Gross National Product (GNP), a measure of total economic output, and GNP-per-capita, a good indicator of prosperity levels and industry sales potential. Median age is included because music products sales benefit from a population that slants younger.

The market estimates in this report are based on data compiled by the World Trade Organization. Over the past five decades, WTO technocrats have implemented a standardized numeric code for every conceivable product, from airplanes to x-ray machines. As companies have been required to include these codes with all their export paperwork, a remarkably detailed picture of world trade has emerged.

For the Top 225 ranking, global market data, and much more analysis, order the new report today!

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