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Parsons Music Celebrates 30th Anniversary

...at National Centre for the Performing Arts in Beijing. “The Evening with Yangtze River Pianos” featured many of China’s most celebrated pianists.

The epic event showcased 15 exceptional Chinese pianists from four generations, aged nine to 77, including piano masters Liu Shikun, Bao Huiqiao, and Shucheng Shi. The pianists performed on new model CGF-X1 9' Yangtze River Concert Grand Pianos. Combining pioneering technology with extraordinary scientific design, these remarkable instruments represent not only the great success of piano music development in China, but also a new chapter in the Chinese piano music industry.

The celebration’s opening Piano Orchestra Tour concert presented 32 musicians—30 pianists and two percussionists—and was conducted by Li Jian, a renowned pianist, conductor, professor, and chairman of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music piano department. This remarkable piano performance featured 28 pianists—56 hands—playing 14 Yangtze River grand pianos at the same time, producing a magnificent sound and unique, unforgettable experience for the audience. The concert opened with famous classical repertoire—Schubert’s Marche Militaire, arranged by Li Jian, followed by other famous classical and popular music such as Harry Potter’s “Hedwig Theme,” Croatian Rhapsody, and others. Illustrating the tremendous popularity of piano music throughout China, tickets for the Piano Orchestra Tour were sold out within 48 hours.

Parsons Music President Terence Ng presided over the launch of the new Yangtze River Piano CGF-XI series in a ceremony also held at Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts. Ng characterized the new series as a “gift” commemorating Parson’s 30th anniversary, as well as a symbol of the company’s development of world-class piano manufacturing in China. The Yangtze Concert Grand Piano has won acclaim and honors throughout the world since 2009, including its recognition as the official piano brand of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Concert and Russian State Symphony Orchestra Recital. In addition to outlining the features and outstanding quality of the new CGF-X1 series, Ng also reviewed Parsons Music’s broad-ranging efforts over the last 30 years to cultivate China’s awareness and love of music.

In addition to conducting the Piano Orchestra Tour, Li Jian partnered with Yangtze River Piano to present a master class on developing professional piano skills. Interacting with both the students and the audience, Li’s trademark kindness and sense of humor were on display as he attentively listened to each student’s performance and observed their expressions while they played, offering his expert guidance on a wide range of performance topics.

Over the last 30 years, Parsons Music has demonstrated its strong commitment to “popularizing music culture and nurturing music talents.” To accomplish the mission, Parsons Music has held a wide range of musical competitions and cultural events featuring well-known international and local musicians. Through these events, Parsons continues to introduce music to all generations of the community it serves.

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