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Import Tracker: Guitar Imports Surge In Second Quarter

...rose to near record levels, led by acoustic guitars (<$299) +75.8%, ukuleles +59.7% and electric guitars +56.9%. Imports of higher priced acoustic guitars (>$299) declined 28.3% led by drops from China (-41%) and Mexico (-24%). For the first six months of 2017, imports of all fretted instruments rose to a 6 year high of 1,972,346 units, compared to 1,651,873 in 2016.

Imports of school music products advanced 13%  as measured by units. For the quarter, total imports were 259,356 units compared to 229,556 in 2016. Biggest movers in included: clarinets +52.2%, saxophones +24.6%, flutes +36.4%, and stringed instruments +14.8%. Most of the gains came from triple-digit increases in imports from Indonesia, where clarinet exports rose 588% to 7,780 units and flutes increased 706% to 7,340 units.

Imports of all acoustic pianos reversed first-quarter declines, rising 3.7%. Grand pianos rose 4.7%, led by a 19.6% increase in 152cm models. Vertical pianos were up 3.2% largely as a result of a 48.7% increase in imports of studio-sized models.
Imports of drums and cymbals continue to move forward in 2017, advancing a respective 8.9% and 21.2%. Imports of Cymbals from Canada rose to near record territory with 50,654 units.

Positive momentum in imports of synthesizers continued, rising 37.4% for the quarter and 42.7% for the year. Portable keyboards show no signs of slowing as import levels continue to rise, led by lower-priced units (+14.3% for the quarter and 20.8% for the year).

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