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databaseId Company Description
1,791 ".WURLITZER, A Division of Gibson Guitar Corp." "309 Plus Park Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37217. Tel: (615) 871-4500. Toll-free: (800) 876-2976. Fax: (615) 884-7283. Email: info@baldwinpiano.com. Web: www.baldwinpiano.com.Manufacturer and distributor of: Wurlitzer pianos and Wurlitzer Historic Collection pianos."
1,879 "12 Tone Music Publishing, LLC." "P.O. Box 20564, Dayton, OH 45420-0564. Tel and Fax: (937) 256-9344. Email: sales@12tonemusic.com. Web: www.12tonemusic.com. Contact: Mike Overly. Home of Guitar & Bass EncycloMedia, Fretboard Flashcards, and Fretboard Facts. "
7 "AC-CETERA, INC." "3120 Banksville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15216-2721. Tel: (412) 344-8609. Toll-free: (800) 537-3491. Fax: (412) 344-0818. Email: info@ac-cetera.com. Web: www.ac-cetera.com. Contact: Mark B. Tarshis.Manufacturer of Mic-Eze, Rubber-Neck, Lumin-Eze, and Cable-Wrap products."
6 "ACCESS PRODUCTS GROUP, LLC" "PMB 323, N.E. 321 Highschool Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. Tel: (864) 288-6359. Fax: (864) 288-8129. Email: info@accesdspg.com. Web: www.accesspg.com. Contact: Marty Harrison.Full-service supplier of bags and hardshell cases."
9 "ACCORDION EXCHANGE, THE" "c/o Venturi House of Music, 1706 Howard Road, Madera, CA 93637. Tel: (559) 674-0071. Fax: (559) 674-5468. Email: accordionexchange@thegrid.net. Web: www.accordionexchange.net. Contact: Jerry Venturi. Distributor of Roland V, Weltmeister, Excelsior, and Concerto MIDI accordions. The firm also handles Hohner, Gabbanelli, Melodija, and Zupan button boxes and many other brands of accordions."
13 "AccutroniCS/SOUND ENHANCEMENT PRODUCTS, INC." "185 Detroit Street, Cary, IL 60013. Tel: (847) 639-4646. Toll-free: (800) 284-5172. Fax: (847) 639-4723. Email: cal@soundenhancements.com. Web: www.accutronicsreverb.com. Randy Wright, general manager.Manufacturer of the world-famous Accutronics spring reverb, used in quality amps throughout the world. Also, maker of Morley wah pedals and footswitches."
17 "Acoustical Solutions, Inc." "2420 Grenoble Rd. Richmond, VA 23294 Tel: (804) 346-8350. Toll-free tel: (800) 782-5742. Fax: (804) 346-8808. Email: info@acousticalsolutions.com. Web: www.AcousticalSolutions.com.The company offers a complete line of sound-control and noise-reduction products for use in all type of applications, including: recording studios, broadcast facilities; distance learning classrooms, architectural acoustics, houses of worship, theaters, auditoriums, gymnasiums, home theater, residential, and teleconferencing and videoconferencing environments, as well as all types of industrial noise control."
1,979 "ACTIVE MUSICAL PRODUCTS, LTD." "7475 Kimbel Street, Missisauga, ON L5S 1A7. Tel: (416) 672-0550. Fax: (905) 689-9321."
20 "ACTODYNE GENERAL, INC." Refer to Lace Music Products in this section.
28 "AGUILAR AMPLIFICATION, LLC" "599 Broadway, 7th Floor, NY, NY 10012. Tel: (212) 431-9109, ext. 17. Toll-free: (800) 304-1875. Fax: (212) 431-8201. Email: sales@aguilaramp.com. Web: www.aguilaramp.com.Builders of high quality bass heads, cabinets, combos, and accessories."
30 "AIM GIFTS/ALBERT ELOVITZ, INC." "3001 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15201-1520. Tel: (412) 683-2900. Toll-free: (800) 233-2800. Fax: (412) 683-3110. Email: sales@aimgifts.com. Web: www.aimgifts.com. Albert Elovitz, president.AIM Gifts is the world’s largest manufacturer of music gift accessories, including pins, rhinestone brooches, key chains, magnets, stationery, pens, pencils, tote bags, briefcases, luggage, luggage tags, backpacks, figurines, statues, busts, men’s and women’s jewelry and watches, mugs, glassware, dishware, household items, lamps, clocks, art posters, door mats, apparel (shirts, hats, socks, ties, etc.), furniture, license plates, souvenirs, bobble-head dolls, and much more. The AIM full-color catalog lists over 10,000 music gift accessories, with new products being introduced every month. AIM provides same-day shipping and has no minimum order requirement. Call the customer service team and enjoy the experience of a company dedicated to the music retailer business."
31 "AirLogic Percussion, Ltd." "9904 Running Brook Drive, Parma, OH 44130. Tel: (440) 888-8813. Fax: (440) 888-8031. Email: info@airlogic.com. Web: www.airlogic.com.Pneumatic bass drum pedals incorporating springless adjustable air pressure and adjustable true-center to off-center cam drive settings. Interchangeable strap and chain drives."
34 "AKMS, inc. The BRACEGUARD People " "P.O. Box 50329,Columbia, SC 29250. Tel: (803) 695-5001. Fax: (803) 695-1997. Email: staff@braceguard.com. Web: www.braceguard.com. Manufacturer of BRACEGUARD, the reusable shield that enables instrumentalists to perform comfortably with a correct embouchure while wearing orthodontic braces. "
36 "ALBEST MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD." "6th Floor, No.2, XingYi Road 4 section, Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: +886-2 2325 3723 Web: www.pmauriatmusic.com. Email: altosax6@ms75.hinet.net. Contact: Alex Hsieh.In the United States: 5217 West 26th Street, Greeley, CO 80634. Toll-free: 866-330-9633. Mobile phone: (970) 381-9624. Email: info@monteverdemusic.com. Contact: Roger Greenberg.Product line includes the P. Mauriat saxophones."
38 "Alembic, Inc." "3005 Wiljan Court, Santa Rosa, CA 95407-5702. Tel: (707) 523-2611. Fax: (707) 523-2935. Email: info@alembic.com. Web: www.alembic.com. Contact: Mica Wickersham."
53 "AMATI U.S.A., INC." "P.O. Box 1429, Mountainside, NJ 07092. Tel: (908) 301-1366. Toll-free: (800) 721-7878. Fax: (908) 301-1367. Email: amati_strunal@msn.com. Web: www.amati.cz. Rana Singh, president.Amati U.S.A., Inc., is the U.S. subsidiary of Amati-Denak s.r.o. factory of Kraslice, Czech Republic, and Cerveny factory of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.Amati student woodwinds and brasswinds are well known in the U.S.A., especially for their rental and school bid values. The Amati factory is famous for one of the largest and most well balanced model assortments within the industry. Elementary schools and high schools are asking more and more for Amati bassoons, euphoniums, tubas, and sousaphones that both demonstrate quality and fit within their budgets.Amati U.S.A. also imports and distributes the world-famous Cerveny rotary valve tubas and other rotary valve brass instruments. Since the 19th century the Cerveny factory has been the world’s largest facility specializing in rotary valve instruments. Cerveny BBb tubas are popular with high school and university students for their beautiful European mellow sound and great craftsmanship at affordable prices."
55 "AMAZEING PERCUSSION, INC." "P.O. Box 1165, Harvey, LA 70059. Tel: (504) 393-0303. Fax: (540) 393-6333. Email: sales@amazeingpercussion.com. Web: www.amazeingpercussion.com. Contact: Jim Maze.Specializing in custom drumkits made from five-, six-, eight-, or ten-ply maple."
56 "AMERICA LONGXING, INC." "3300 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, NY 11101. Tel: (718) 706-0828. Fax: (718) 706-0128. Email: Shanlin0596@hotmail.com. Web: www.huntermusical.com.Wholesaler and manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments."
60 "AMERICAN DESIGNS, INC." "1821 Dakota Avenue, Flint, Michigan 48506. Tel: (810) 238-1214. Fax: (810) 235-2798. Frank F. Strnad, president.This company makes the Strnad harmonica pickup. It is the only known pickup that attaches directly to the harmonica. Available with finger-tip volume control. Incorporates AE (automatic expand) system, which allows the unit to adjust automatically to different thickness harps."
64 "American Lighting, Inc." "7660 East Jewell Avenue #A, Denver, CO 80231. Tel: (303) 695-3019. Toll-free: (800) 800-1180. Fax: (303) 923-1159. Email: ssullivan@americanlighting.com. Contact: Shane Sullivan."
1,797 "AMERICAN PIANO SUPPLY CO., A Division of Schaff Piano Supply Company" "451 Oakwood Road, Lake Zurich, IL 60047. Tel: (847) 438-4556. Fax: (847) 438-4615.Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of piano tools, hardware, and supplies. See Schaff Piano Supply Company listing in this section."
2,038 "American String Teachers Association, with National School Orchestra Association" "4153 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. Tel: (703) 279-2113. Fax: (703) 279-2114. Email: asta@astaweb.com. Web: www.astaweb.com. Ellen Barclay, executive director."
71 "AMERIWEST TECHNOLOGY, INC." "121 North Andreasen Drive, Escondido, CA 92029. Tel: (760) 747-9619. Fax: (760) 747-9642. Email: tom@atiplastics.com."
72 "AMETRON AUDIO/VIDEO, INC." "1546 North Argyle Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028-6410. Tel: (323) 466-4321. Fax: (323) 871-0127. Email: info@ametron.com. Web: www.ametron.com.In business for over 50 years, Ametron rents, sells, and installs pro-audio and video equipment."
74 "AMPCO MUSICAL PRODUCTS, INC." "6810 78th Street, Kenosha, WI 53142. Tel: (262) 697-9398. Toll-free: (800) 732-6726. Fax: (262) 697-0036. Email: sales@ampcomusical.com or jim@ampcomusical.com. Web: www.ampcomusical.com. James C. Paulsen, president.Stage lighting, effect lighting, trussing, dimming and controllers, and audio accessories."
78 "ANCRIS PERCUSSION PRODUCTS, INC." "20 East Court, Derby, CT 06418. Tel: (203) 735-7581.Manufacturer of Cana-Sonic drum heads and drumsticks."
81 "ANDERSON SILVER PLATING CO., INC." "541 Industrial Parkway, P.O. Box 961, Elkhart, IN 46515. Tel: (574) 294-6447. Michael R. Anderson, president and general manager.This firm has been plating for the band instrument industry since 1948, and at one time or another it has served most of the band instrument manufacturers in the country. A dozen manufacturers are using its services at this time. A mail order division is now operating so that repairmen and dealers may use these fine finishes and offer the ultimate to their customers.The company has its own lab facilities so that it may constantly adjust its plating baths to keep them operating properly. An electronic thickness tester is also used to check plating results. Bright electro-plated finishes are offered in gold, silver, nickel, and stainless nickel and are recognized as being the best available. Custom electro-formed tapered tubes for trumpet, cornet, and bassoon mouthpipes are now being offered to the industry. These tubes have the advantage of being very consistent from one tube to the next. Electro-formed trumpet, cornet, and trombone bells are also available. Besides being consistent, these bells have controlled distribution of metal. The throat and flare are made thin for excellent response and projection, and the stems are left heavy to give strength at the braces and to facilitate bending."
84 "AntakaMatics, Inc." "3500 Fifth Avenue #203, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Tel: (412) 802-6432. Web: www.turboharp.com.The company sells harmonicas for every budget and skill level."
88 "ANTIGUA CASA SHERRY-BRENER, LTD. OF MADRID" "3145 West 63rd Street, Chicago, IL 60629. Tel: (312) 737-1711.Known as The House of Guitars, this company is a maker and distributor of handmade classical and flamenco guitars, with workshops in Madrid, Granada, and Barcelona. Among instruments distributed by Sherry-Brener are classical and flamenco guitars from the workshops of Fleta, Ramirez, Hernandez, Fernandez, Garcia, and Hernandis. Delivery is immediate on all models of guitars.A full line of guitar accessories includes: foot rests, metronomes, cejilas, cases, and strings. A complete line of nylon guitar strings includes: Savarez, Augustine, Arabesque, Concertiste, and Antigua gold, silver, and copper."
89 "ANTIGUA WINDS, INC." "5806 La Colonia, San Antonio, TX 78218. Tel: (210) 661-6505. Toll-free: (800) 661-6505. Fax: (210) 661-6702. Email: awi@antiguawinds.com. Web: www.antiguawinds.com.Antigua Winds provides high quality and extraordinary value flutes, clarinets, trumpets, and trombones all manufactured to meet the standards of today’s school music programs. Additionally, Antigua offers a full range of student to professional soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones. Artists worldwide have recognized quality, feel, and the uniquely pleasant sound of Antigua saxophones. Available Antigua accessories include Power Tone™ mutes for trumpet and trombone, as well as Antigua music and instrument stands. High quality and extraordinary value is the foundation on which Antigua Winds was formed. A relatively young company of 16 years, the Antigua brand has quickly become recognized for its high quality and value; and continues to gain acceptance in the school music and professional saxophone markets. The flagship of Antigua Winds is the PRO Power Bell Series of saxophones. Featuring an oversized bell and larger bow, combined with ribbed construction, the very best materials, and professional design features, these instruments provide a sound, feel, and look that professional players appreciate.Antigua student and advanced instruments are ideally suited for the school music market and the ‘working’ players. Drawing design features from professional level instruments, Antigua advanced models are excellent instruments for the serious student musician, who continues to perform periodically or the gigging musician requiring an instrument that performs at a professional level without costing a professional level price.Antigua student instruments are specifically designed with the beginning musician in mind. Years of contact and consultation with educators has resulted in a line of student instruments with ideal configurations, specifications, and materials to best contribute to the musical development of student musicians. Clearly more children would love to enjoy learning music. Often, the opportunity to learn music is cost-prohibitive. A recent influx of low-cost imported instruments attempts to address this cost need. However, a larger, more serious problem actually results from these instruments being introduced into the marketplace. Though these instruments address price and are within the reach of more students, enabling more to participate in school music programs; the quality of these instruments is completely unacceptable. To address this issue Antigua designed, developed, and introduced the Antigua XP Series of student band instruments. This series of instruments is held to the same high standards of quality as the Antigua products. Utilizing global resources, the best materials at the best cost are found in order to create the XP series. Implementing several design features from advanced instruments also significantly reduces production cost. Consequently, what Antigua XP gives you is the highest quality and highest value available in a student instrument. "
90 "ANTOINE COURTOIS PARIS (Buffet Crampon USA, Inc.)" "14125 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL 32250. Tel: (904) 821-0234. Toll-free: (866) 434-9240. Fax: (904) 821-0315. Email: marketing@buffetcrampon.fr. Web: www.courtois-paris.com. .Courtois Paris is owned by Buffet Crampon. Courtois Paris was founded in 1803 and is well known for its trombones (linked with famous teachers and artists like Michel Becquet and Gilles Millière), flugelhorns, and trumpets. It also invented the direct air column valve group and is the only company still making the original saxhorn. The factory is located in Amboise, 300 kilometers southwest of Paris."
91 "ANVIL CASES, INC. " "15650 Salt Lake Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91745-1114. Tel: (626) 968-4100. Toll-free: (800) 359-2684 (FLY-ANVIL). Fax: (626) 968-1703. Email: anvil@anvilcases.com. Web: www.anvilcases.com.Manufacturer of heavy-duty A.T.A. carrying and shipping cases for all musical instruments."
95 "Apple, Inc." "1 Infinite Loop, MS 301-4AM Cupertino 95014, CA USA Phone: (408) 996-1010 Fax: (408) 255-2078 Email: fritzo@apple.com Toll-Free: (800) MY-APPLE Web: www.apple.com/logicstudio Contact: Apple Online StoreLogic Studio gives musicians everything they need to create in the studio, on the stage, and for the screen. Logic Studio includes Logic Pro 8, Apple’s professional music application; MainStage, an innovative new application for music performance; and Soundtrack Pro 2 for audio post-production. It also includes Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, and an expanded Studio Sound Library-all in a single box at an incredible price. "
98 "ARB MOUTHPIECES (A Division of Remle Musical Products, Inc.)" "18707 Parthenia Street #10, Northridge, CA 91324. (Mailing address: P.O. Box 260015, Encino, CA 91426-0015.) Tel: (818) 993-3710. Toll-free: (800) VIVA-SAX. Fax: (818) 993-3241. Email: Beechler@aol.com. Web: www.beechler.com. Judith Beechler-Roan, president.Manufacturer and distributor of mouthpieces for clarinets and saxophones. (Also see Remle Musical Products in this section.)"
102 "ARIOSO MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, LP" "1st and 2nd Floors South 401 West Elm Street Norristown, PA 19401. Tel: (214) 905-8090. Fax: (214) 905-8091. Email: alex@ariosoband.com. Web: www.ariosoband.com. Contacts: Alex Jing, Heather Karlsson. Manufacturer and distributor of: woodwind/band instruments, including clarinet, flute, piccolo, saxophone, bassoon, and oboe, from student to professional level. Also carries replacement parts and cases."
104 "ARKAY MUSICAL STRINGS, INC." "Mailing Address: P.O. Box 743, Holbrook, NY 11741-0741. Tel: (631) 737-9111. Email: arkayms@aol.com. Web: www.arkaystrings.com. Roberto A. Kalosdian, president.The company manufactures strings for electric, acoustic, classical, and electric bass guitars."
106 "ARMSTRONG, a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc." "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com. Armstrong woodwinds have been recognized as the leading choice for students and schools, Armstrong Heritage flutes are professional-level instruments that offer incredible performance and value.In 1931, William Teasdale Armstrong, a highly respected craftsman, founded his small flute repair shop in Elkhart, Indiana. Word of his skill and uncompromising commitment to quality quickly spread, and it wasn’t long before he was asked to manufacture complete instruments for professional musicians. The Armstrong legend was born.The proud Armstrong heritage passed on to son Edward, who apprenticed under his father and shared his father’s commitment to quality. But Edward’s concern for quality went well beyond the crafting of professional-level instruments. He recognized a need to provide quality instruments to a rapidly growing number of student and community musicians. As a result, many flutists begin their musical journey on Armstrong and, as they progress, many find than an Armstrong professional flute is the right model for their performing careers, as well.Strong research and development programs are the heart of Armstrong’s continued dedication to innovation. That dedication brought features like the first Headstart curved headjoint that has helped scores of very young flutists learn to play. Innovations like the Armstrong scale, new headjoint designs and more recently, development of the Classic series, also demonstrate Armstrong’s continuing commitment to innovation. Today, the Armstrong flute-makers continue to use their expertise to make modifications and new designs that improve the musical instruments they create.Armstrong enjoys a well-deserved worldwide reputation as “the most respected name in woodwinds.” Although the company has grown far larger than William T. Armstrong may have envisioned possible, his original guiding principles are still firmly in place: listen, question, design, test and continue to craft, with the skill of true artisans, the world’s finest woodwinds."
110 "Artecsound Co., Ltd." "#540-6, Kwansan-Dong, Deokyang-Gu, Koyang, Kyunggi, 412-804, KOREA. Email: byartec@artecsound.com, www..artecsound.com"
1,981 "Artisan Classic Organ, Inc." "2800 John Street, Unit 4, Markham, ON L3R 0E2. Tel: (905) 475-1263. Fax: (905) 475-2735. Email: jfchubb@organworks.com. Contact: JamesChubb."
112 "Artist Showcase, Inc. Guitar Straps & Acc., " "7421 Mississippi St. Merrillville, In. 46410. 219-947- 4525 Email:artistshowcase@hotmail.com. President:Daniel J. Cerajewski A full line of leather guitar straps and guitar and drum related accessories. "
114 "ARTLEY, a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc." "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com.Family. The word evokes feelings of shared spirit and beliefs, which is precisely the foundation upon which Artley Woodwinds was built. Donald D. Artley, born in 1892 in Middlebury, Indiana, spent much of his early career in the Elkhart music industry. Together with four family members, he began the Artley Manufacturing Company, for the purpose of supplying precision-quality flutes to a New York City firm. From there, the family-made Artley flute took on a life of its own.As news of the high-quality instruments spread, the company grew and was renamed D. and J. Artley, Inc. in 1953. Superior-quality instruments were developed using the same crafting techniques that the Artley family honed during their many years in the music business.After Donald Artley’s death in 1955, Richard W. Bosse, a loyal Artley employee, became president and general manager, vowing to carry on the tradition of excellence begun by the Artley men. In 1958, the company’s name was changed to Artley, Inc. In 1960, Artley concluded an agreement with C.G. Conn, Ltd., making C.G. Conn its exclusive distributor. It was during this time that the first Artley clarinets and double-reeds were developed. For over 30 years, Artley clarinets and double-reeds have helped young musicians learn to play with excellent intonation and control.In 1969, C.G. Conn purchased Artley. More recently, innovations in clarinets and double-reed design have enhanced the Artley name and Artley clarinets and double reeds are among the best for sound and reliability. New materials, new techniques, new performance features, all have made Artley a name of choice in woodwind instruments."
118 "ASHLY AUDIO, INC." "847 Holt Road, Webster, New York 14580-9103. Tel (585) 872-0010. Toll-free (800) 828-6308. Fax (585) 872-0739. Email sales@ashly.com. Power amps from 45 watts per channel to 1,500 watts per channel. DSP, graphic, and parametric EQs, comp-limiters, electronic crossovers, and a full line of sound reinforcement/recording mixers."
120 "ATCO PRODUCTS, INC." "189 Frelinghuysen Avenue, Newark, NJ 07114. Tel: (973) 242-5757. Toll-free: (800) 443-8256. Fax: (973) 242-0131. Email: sales@atcoproducts.com. Web: www.atcoproducts.com. Contact: Martin Gornstein.Manufacturer and distributor of hardware for musical instruments and cases. Hinges, locking latches, no lock catches, box and binder corners, lid stays."
124 "ATS CASES, INC." "172 Otis Street, Northboro, MA 01532. Tel: (508) 393-9110. Toll-free: (800) 451-4242. Fax: (508) 393-9508. Web: www.atscases.com. Contact: Ron Orlando. Manufacturer of custom heavy-duty reusable shipping cases and lightweight carrying cases."
127 "AUDIO COMPOSITE ENGINEERING, INC." "2415 West Vineyard Avenue, Escondido, CA 92029-1222. Tel: (760) 741-3787. Fax: (760) 737-3920. Email: SRosefield@audiocomposite.com. Web: www.audiocomposite.com."
130 "Audio-Technica U.S., Inc." "1221 Commerce Drive, Stow, OH 44224. Tel: (330) 686-2600. Fax: (330) 686-0719. Email: pro@atus.com. Web: www.audio-technica.com. Gary Boss, Marketing Director.Established in 1962, Audio-Technica is a leading innovator in electro-acoustic design and manufacturing, recognized for high-performance microphones, wireless systems, headphones and other audio equipment. Audio-Technica products set quality standards for live sound tours, broadcast and recording studios and more. Products lines include 40 Series condenser microphones and Artist Elite microphones and wireless systems. A global leader in its field, Audio-Technica is committed to providing products of superior quality, consistency and durability for its customers worldwide."
132 "AUGUSTINE, LTD., ALBERT" "151 West 26th Street, NY, NY 10001. Tel: (917) 661-0220. Fax: (917) 661-0223. Email: mail@albertaugustine.com. Manufacturer of nylon guitar strings. "
137 "AV Link, Inc." "Room 1709, No. 1258 YuYuan Road, ChangNing District, Shanghai, China. Tel: +86 (21) 32572212. Fax: +86 (21) 32572216. Email: michael@avlinkinc.com. Contact: Michael Liu."
140 "AVIOM, INC." "1157 Phoenixville Pike #201, West Chester, PA 19380. Tel: (610) 738-9005. Fax: (610) 738-9950. Email: info@aviom.com. Web: www.aviom.com.Aviom is the world leader and pioneer of personal monitor mixing technology with the popular Pro16® Series, as well as the exclusive developer of the revolutionary Pro64® Series of audio networking products. "
171 "B-BAND, LTD." "Konttisentie 8B, 40800 Vaajakoski, Finland. Tel: 011-358-14-332-9050. Fax: 011-358-14-332-9001. Email: sales@b-band.com. Web: www.b-band.com.In the United States: B-Band, Inc., 10909 Vanowen Street #300, North Hollywood, CA 91605-6408. Tel: (818) 508-9412. Fax: (818) 508-9413. Email: sales@b-bandusa.com. Web: www.b-band.com."
154 "Bad Cat Amplifier co., inc." "PMB #406, 2621 Green River Road #105, Corona, CA 92882. Tel: (951) 808-8651. Email: badcatamps@earthlink.net. Web: www.badcatamps.com. Contact: James Heidrich."
1,706 "BALDWIN, A Subsidiary of Gibson Guitar Corp." "900 Hwy 463 S., Trumann, AR 72472, Toll Free: 800-444-2766, www.baldwinpiano.com. Baldwin China: Section 5, Bohai Street, Yingkou Liaoning Prov. 115004, China. Tels: 011-86-417-483-2594 and 011-86-417-480-9367. Fax: 011-86-417-483-9057. Manufacturer and distributor of: Baldwin pianos, Baldwin Acrosonic pianos, Baldwin Hamilton pianos, Baldwin ConcertMaster player systems, D.H. Baldwin pianos. "
170 "BAZHOU WEIMING MUSICAL INSTRUEMTNS CO.,LTD." "Post Box 21,Dagaoge Village,Bazhou Hebei 065700,China. Tel:011-86-316- 741-6195.Fax:001-86-316-741- 4130.Email: zwm@wmyq.net and timberzhang2003@yahoo.com.cn Web:www.wmyq.net Percussion, congas,bongos,djembes,bata drums Chinese folk drum,djun djun drum,talkingdrums,and kids’percussion, and all kinds of guitar cases, volin cases,wood shell case,foam case,etc. "
172 "BBE SOUND, INC." "-5381 Production Drive, Huntington Beach, CA 92649. Tel: (714) 897-6766. Toll-free: (800) 233-8346. Fax: (714) 895-6728. John McLaren, chairman. Manufacturer of the patented BBE Sonic Maximizer signal processing products and owner of G&L Musical Instrumen"
174 "BEACON BANJO COMPANY, INC." "2277 Glasco Turnpike, P.O. Box 597, Woodstock, NY 12498. Tel: (845) 679-8314. Fax: (845) 679-5483. Bill Keith, president. Email: inquiries@beaconbanjo.com Web: www.beaconbanjo.comManufacturer and distributor of the Keith banjo tuners and Bill Keith banjo strings. The company also furnishes Moon bridges, Price tailpieces, and other accessories, and audio, video, and printed instruction material."
184 "BENGE, a division of Conn-Selmer" "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com.Elden Benge was only seven years old when he first fell in love with the trumpet a love that would turn into a life-long affair for the Winterset, Iowa native. It was also then that he adopted his first hero, the trumpeter of the hometown band. Young Elden persuaded his family to buy a trumpet for him, and he practiced religiously. He began playing professionally when he was 14 and, years later, assumed the role of First Trumpet with major symphony orchestras in Detroit and Chicago.As a gifted musician, Benge became increasingly dissatisfied with the range of tone available in ordinary mass-produced trumpets. He studied the technical and mechanical aspects of the trumpet in search of ways to improve its playing characteristics. Working with two craftsmen skilled in the construction of the trumpet, Benge began to fashion trumpets in the basement of his home.Through tireless experimentation, he finally developed his “dream trumpet,” an instrument with remarkable clarity, tonal range and easy response. Success was due to a combination of specially designed tapers, extremely precise machining tolerances, and special alloys. But the secret ingredient was meticulous attention to detail.In 1939 Benge sold his first custom-made trumpet to a fellow trumpeter in the Chicago Symphony. News of the marvelous Benge trumpet spread among professional players and what had begun as an artistic endeavor was soon a thriving business.Top trumpet players everywhere began to call on Benge to solve their performing problems. By 1952, the demand for the trumpet was so great that Benge retired from active performing so that he could devote all of his energies to his goal of producing the world’s finest trumpets.Benge’s instruments defined a new level of performance and quickly became the benchmark by which all others were judged. Designed to satisfy a variety of musical performance styles, Benge trumpets, cornets and trombones continue to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s artists.Such a desirable reputation is possible today through strict adherence to the same attention to detail set forth by Benge in his basement some 60 years ago. Benge upholds this tradition of fine craftsmanship and perfection to create instruments of timeless quality. "
192 "Better Built Workshops, Ltd." "532 West Fifth Avenue, Naperville, IL 60563. Tel: (630) 305-0754. Email: betterbuiltworkshops@hotmail.com"
196 "BGW SYSTEMS, an Amplifier Technologies, Inc., company" "1749 Chapin Road, Montebello, CA 90640. Tel: (323) 278-0001. Fax: (323) 278-0083. Email: sales@bgw.com. Web: www.bgw.com. Contact: Angie Scott.Manufacturer of professional-quality audio power amplifiers, rack-mount metal accessories, and self-powered subwoofer systems."
197 "BIAMP SYSTEMS, INC." "10074 SW Arctic Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005. Tel: (503) 641-7287. Toll-free: (800) 826-1457. Fax: (503) 626-0281.American designed and manufactured Biamp brand products for the music industry and Advantage brand products for the commercial and sound contractor industry."
198 "BIAS, INC." "140 Keller Street, Petaluma, CA 94952. Tel: (707) 782-1866. Toll-free: (800) 775-2427. Fax: (707) 782-1874. Email: sales@bias-inc.com. Web: www.bias-inc.com. Christine Berkley, marketing. An established leader in cutting-edge audio software technology, dedicated to crafting powerful, innovative tools for audio, video, and film professionals as well as musicians, composers, multimedia developers, and internet authors."
200 "BIG BENDS, LLC" "Box 324, Plainwell, Michigan 49080. Tel: (269) 808-6702. Email: massey@toast.net. Contact: Jeff Massey."
207 "Billy Raygun Design, Inc." "4113 Liberty Court Flower Mound, TX 75028 Tel: (469) 293-5675 Email: billyraygun@live.com Contact: Bill Roosée.Billy Raygun Design is a three-dimensional brand management company with the intent to showcase your products and services with character. Since 2000, our approach has been to design creative architecture and graphics that will capture your target audience’s attention like a rockstar on center stage. "
1,885 "BLUE BOOK PUBLICATIONS, INC." "8009 34th Avenue South #175, Minneapolis, MN 55425. Tel: (952) 854-5229. Toll-free: (800) 877-4867. Fax: (952) 853-1486. Email: guitars@bluebookinc.com. Web: www.guitars.bluebookinc.com. The Blue Books are the most comprehensive guides on guitar/guitar amplifier values and information. Blue Books are currently available for three different product areas: electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and guitar amplifiers. Each book contains accurate retail pricing and detailed descriptions on hundreds of popul"
1,710 "BLÜTHNER, JULIUS, PIANOFORTEFABRIK GmbH" "Dechwitzer Str. 12, D-04463 Grosspösna, Germany. Tel: 011-49-34297-7513. Fax: 011-49-34297-75150. Email: info@bluethner.de. Web: www.bluethner.de. Board of directors: Ingbert Blüthner-Haessler, Dr. Christian Blüthner-Haessler, Knut Blüthner-Haessler.Representation in the United States: Bluthner USA, 5660 West Grand River Avenue, Lansing, Michigan 48906. Tel: (517) 886-6000. Fax: (517) 886-1574. Email: info@bluthnerpiano.com. Web: www.bluthnerpiano.com. James M. M. Reeder, managing director.Blüthner and Haessler pianos are crafted by Juliüs Blüthner Pianofortefabrik. The company has been family owned and/or operated since 1853 and is internationally known for its production of highest-quality instruments. Six sizes of grand pianos and four sizes of vertical pianos are manufactured. Blüthner pianos have been favored by Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Peter Tschaikowsky, Arthur Rubinstein, and many other famous musicians and music lovers alike. Musicians praise the character of the sound with its famous romantic role.To celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2001, the company introduced the Blüthner Jubilee Edition (6’3”) featuring a new plate design reminiscent of the special edition of 1903. A left-handed piano was introduced in 2003, and in that same year a grand piano action with four pedals was invented. The fourth pedal activates the lift of the dampers, allowing them to drop back when the respective key is played. The remaining undraped strings produce harmonics that enrich the sound.The Haessler line of pianos made by Juliüs Blüthner consists of three sizes of grand pianos and three sizes of upright pianos. The international market will find a price advantage with the Haessler line, which meets Blüthner’s highest quality standard that has been maintained since 1853. These are truly remarkable sounding instruments.The Irmler-Europe line consists of mid-priced European grands and verticals in attractive styles and finishes. All are made to exacting specifications developed by Irmler Piano and reflect Irmler’s long history of piano making (established in 1818 in Leipzig, Germany). The Irmler Piano Company is owned by Dr. Christian and Knut Blüthner-Haessler. The pianos are constructed in Poland with German-made components and parts, with an engineering advantage from Blüthner Leipzig. All instruments are finalized in the Blüthner factory in Germany with extensive quality control.The Breitmann line includes two sizes of grand pianos B-16 5’4” and B-18 5’9” and four sizes of vertical pianos B-110 44”, B-120 46.5”, B-122 48.5”, and B-130 52”. Breitmann pianos, a division of the Irmler Piano Company, are constructed to exacting specifications by the company’s German engineering facility in Leipzig and with German-made components including pin block, strings, hammers, etc. This line of pianos represents the finest in Asian-made instruments for budget-minded buyers.Contact the Lansing, Michigan, office for more information."
1,711 "BOHEMIA PIANO AMERICA, INC." "P.O. Box 17789, Tampa, FL 33682-7789. Tel: (813) 908-6471. Fax: (813) 961-8514. Email: bohemiapianousa@aol.com. Web: www.bohemiapiano.cz. Marcela Schramlova, President.The history of Bohemia piano began in 1871 in the town of Jihlava. In 1924 the company started its cooperation with a Viennese firm, Hofmann & Czerny (Austria). The factory’s modernization and assortment expansion continued until 1944, and in 1945 the company was converted to a state-owned corporation. In 1993 Bohemia Piano Ltd. bought the factory from the government and transformed it to a privately owned company again.The new owner has reinstituted the pre-war traditions and has successfully developed the new construction of all piano models in a very short time. With some 2,500 instruments produced annually, the company is one of the largest European manufacturers. The original confined factory space in Jihlava led to the addition of a factory in Hradec Králové for grand piano production. The hand-production of grand pianos is based on the cooperation between the designers and the company’s highly skilled piano builders, whose perfect workmanship and use of top-quality components result in the unique instruments sought after by professional performers, music schools, and concert halls. Each instrument is monitored on an ongoing basis, and the innovations are in accordance with the customer’s satisfaction. Bohemia Piano prides itself in producing the most innovative pianos in an otherwise predominantly conventional handicraft.Using the brand names Bohemia Piano and Hofmann & Czerny, the company produces a full range of upright pianos from size 43” to 52” and grand pianos from 4’11” to 8’11”.Bohemia pianos are preferred by players who enjoy the elegant and mellow European sound as well as the fine variety of cabinets in many different colors and veneers.A few years ago, C. Bechstein became a shareholder of Bohemia Piano s.r.o, Jihlava, and with their investment as well as the assistance of their technicians, the production increased. In April 2007 C. Bechstein bought the remaining shares and renamed the company C. Bechstein Europe s.r.o, Jihlava. Bohemia Piano America, Inc. remains the distributor for North America with their representative, German American Trading. "
1,798 "BROOKS, LTD." "376 Shore Road, Old Lyme, CT 06371. Tel: (860) 434-0287. Toll Free: (800) 326-2440. Fax: (860) 434-8089. Email: BrooksLtd@sbcglobal.net.Brooks, Ltd., established in 1980, is the importer and supplier of Abel Encore piano hammers and action parts. Bolduc wood supplies, soundboards, and pinblocks (quantity discounts). Dampp-Chaser products. With 45 years as piano technicians and rebuilders, the company provides fast, expert service, quality supplies, and honest technical support. Phones answered daily 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST. High-quality custom hammer boring and shaping. Pre-hanging grand hammers is a specialty."
1,984 "BRTB CANADA, INC." "140 Bentley Street #3, Markham, ON L3R 3L2. Tel: (905) 475-8903. Toll-free: (800) 518-BRTB (2782). Fax: (905) 475-0157. Web: brtbcanada.com, Email: sales@brtbcanada.com. Contact: Ted Barker.BRTB is a leading manufacturer/distributor of cable products and accessories for the MI, professional sound, lighting, A/V, studio, broadcast, consumer, and OEM markets. The company has been in business for oer 20 years."
234 "BRYAN ENTERPRISES, INC." "5608 Scoggins Street, Fort Worth, TX 76114-1136. Tel: (817) 626-9090. Toll-free: (800) 367-7985. Fax: (817) 626-1539. Email: bryan116@aol.com.This company established the Fort Bryan strap line in 1984 to serve the United States and international customers. Starting with the Ranger Nylon to the High Quality leather straps, Bryan Enterprises manufactures leather and nylon guitar straps, band accessories, and related leather products. In the past several years, strides have been made to bring Bryan Enterprises to new levels in guitar straps and accessories. “Made in the USA, Made for the World.” Also representing Eagle Mountain Straps dealers in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana"
243 "BUFFET CRAMPON USA, INC." "14125 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, 32250-1543. Tel: (904) 821-0234. Toll-free: (866) 434-9240. Fax: (904) 821-0315. Email: marketing@buffetcrampon.fr. Web: www.buffet-crampon.comBuffet Crampon, a worldwide leader of the professional clarinet market with increasing sales for the last 15 years, annually manufactures 63,000 student and professional wind instruments (clarinets, bass clarinets, oboes, saxophones) under its own label. The 22,000 professional instruments are manufactured at its historic site in Mantes la Ville (240 employees), and has a consolidated turnover of 55 million euros, mostly from export."
245 "BULLFROG, INC. (MTS)" "A Division of MTS Products Co., P.O. Box 1338, Elkhart, IN 46515. Tel: (574) 295-3142. Toll-free: (800) 688-6001. Fax: (574) 295-1269. Email: mtsproducts@michianatoday.com. Web: www.mtsproducts.com. Manufacturer of quality speakers."
1,712 "BÖsendorfer Pianos," "L. Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik GmbH, Graf Starhemberg-Gasse 14, A-1040 Vienna, Austria. Tel: 011-43-(1)-504-66-51-0. Email: mail@boesendorfer.com. Web: www.bosendorfer.com."
294 "C.G. CONN, a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc." "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com. C.G. Conn, the oldest continuously active band instrument brand in America, literally gave birth to the U.S. band instrument manufacturing industry. Always committed to serving the needs of students, music educators, amateurs, and professionals, C.G. Conn’s storied history reflects a dedication for innovation and quest for the ultimate in design and craftsmanship an industry leader in musical performance.One Saturday night in 1873, Civil War veteran Charles Gerard Conn got involved in a brawl that resulted in a split lip. Not good news for a man who played cornet with the Elkhart, Indiana “Brick Brown Band.” In order to get around this problem, Colonel Conn set out to perfect a special rubber-cushioned mouthpiece so he could continue playing. The new mouthpiece, which he later patented, caught the eye of other musicians. He made a few for his friends, but soon there was such a demand for his mouthpieces that he rigged up a lathe from an old sewing machine and began turning them out as fast as possible.In 1875, a French musical instrument maker named Dupont stopped by the shop and asked if he might use Conn’s bench to repair some horns. After watching him work for several days, Conn decided that he, too, could make a horn. In that same year, in a closet-size shop only 20 feet square, Col. Conn produced the first American-built cornet.By 1879 the shop moved into larger quarters, and Conn began adding instruments to his line. In 1888, Colonel Conn brought 15 European instrument craftsmen to the United States and gave them the space, the tools and the incentive to make the finest instruments their skills would allow. Their expertise, teamed with the Colonel’s ingenuity and ambition, soon produced instruments so exceptional that they were accorded highest honors in the 1893 World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago.Twice the Conn plant burned to the ground. Twice it was rebuilt, bigger and better than before. Famous bandmasters and musicians visited the plant and personally endorsed “Conn Wonder Instruments.” John Phillip Sousa, Patrick Gilmore, Herbert Clarke, Arthur Pryor, A. Liberati and others were frequent visitors.Vaudeville was at its peak, and the theaters and music halls of Elkhart saw a steady procession of the finest bands and musicians of the day. All played the Colonel’s instruments. Conn instruments ornate and often jeweled became world famous as Sousa and others toured Europe playing before kings, queens and czars.The Colonel also loved strange and bizarre instruments. In 1907 he built an Immensaphone, the largest horn in the world. It measured 12 feet in diameter and 35 feet long. The Conn factory also built the world’s largest drum, a slide tuba to make noises like a ship’s warning whistle, tenor tubas for the jackass role in Strauss’ Don Juan, and a saxophone for one-armed musician Al Miller.Since the first American cornet in 1875, C.G. Conn continued producing “firsts” throughout its distinguished history: the first American saxophone, first double-bell euphonium, first sousaphone (built to the great Sousa’s specifications), and a long list of many others. In 1915, Colonel Conn sold the C.G. Conn Company to C.D. Greenleaf. Greenleaf, almost clairvoyantly, realized a need for the advancement of instrumental music in the schools. His foresight and energy continued to add to Conn’s innovations. He was responsible for founding the first national school for band directors, first and only center for the study of musical acoustics, first successful short action valves, first all-electronic organ and first fiberglass sousaphones, among other legendary advancements.During World War II the Conn factory was completely converted to manufacture precision instruments for defense. Conn received four Army-Navy “E” Awards the first given in the band instrument industry. During the Korean War part of the facilities was converted to defense production, and Conn achieved another record in precision manufacturing.Many of today’s most preferred instruments owe their original success to Conn’s innovation. C.G. Conn French horns, for example, have been the horn of choice for the Hollywood film industry for most of the 20th Century. C.G. Conn Symphony Series trombones have a legendary place in the classical trombone world. Today’s best trumpet players are discovering the break-through performance with Vintage One trumpets. These innovative designs, enhanced by superior craftsmanship and technological breakthroughs, have provided today’s musicians with the superior instrument performance.Building on the proven designs of the past, C.G. Conn continues to meet the demands of today’s best musicians. As well, amateur and student musicians can enjoy the very best in instrument technology and performance with brass instruments and saxophones from C.G. Conn."
251 "CABBAGE CASES, INC." "1166-C Steelwood Road, Columbus, OH 43212-1356. Tel: (614) 486-2495. Toll-free: (800) 888-2495. Fax: (614) 486-2788. Web: www.cabbagecases.com. Michael Hannah, sales manager.Designer and manufacturer of shipping and carrying cases for any item musical instruments, computers, audio-visual, sales-demo, exhibit systems."
1,985 "CABLETEK ELECTRONICS, LTD." "1638 Kebet Way, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 5W9. Tel: (604) 942-1001. Toll-free: (800) 939-1001. Fax: (604) 942-1010. Web: www.cabletek.ca. Contact: Peter Janis.Distributor of pro-audio equipment."
255 "CAE, InC." "10087 Industrial Drive, P.O. Box 430, Hamburg, Michigan 48139. Tel: (810) 231-9373. Fax: (810) 231-1631. Email: sales@caeinc.com. Web: www.caeinc.com. Contact: Donn Deniston.Littlite flexible gooseneck tasklamps and accessories and Leprecon lighting control and dimming equipment."
257 "Cakewalk, Inc" "268 Summer Street, 8th Floor, Boston, MA 02210-1183. Tel: (617) 423-9004. Toll-free: 888-CAKEWALK. Fax: (617) 423-9007. Email: sales@cakewalk.com. Web: www.cakewalk.com. Cakewalk develops and markets the world’s leading software for music and sound production."
263 "CANARE CABLE, INC." "531 Fifth Street #A, San Fernando, CA 91340. Tel: (818) 365-2446. Fax: (818) 365-0479. Web: www.canare.com.“Star Quad” mic cable; GS-6 guitar cable; audio connectors; modular snake systems; and cable reels."
265 "Canopus Co., Ltd." "2-3-16 Takaido Higashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0072, Japan. Email: sales@canopusdrums.com. Web: www.canopus.com Contact: Shinichi Usuda."
267 "Cappello Music Co., Inc." "Phone: (203) 263-6329. Email: sales@cappellomusic.com. Contact: Joe Cappello. Distributor of Traps Drums Percussion Products and the Bass Drum Lift: www.bassdrumlift.com. See all our products at the 2009 Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, Ca."
276 "CASECORE, LLC" "11044 Weddington St., North Hollywood, CA 91601. Tel: (818) 760-2180. Fax: (818)760-2145 Email: info@coffincase.com Web: www.coffincase.com.Case Core makes the Coffin Case line of products including a wide array of exclusive Guitar & Bass cases and accessories, the Blood Drive Distortion pedal, Amp Cases, Pedal Board cases, Body Bag gig bags & Drum gear."
278 "CASIO, INC." "-Electronic Keyboard and Digital Pianos , 570 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Dover, NJ 07801. Tel: (973) 361-5400. Fax: (973) 537-8957. Web: www.casio.com."
290 "CELLO IMPORTS, LTD." "One Blauvelt Road, P.O. Box 160, Monsey, NY 10952. Tel: (845) 425-6961. Contact: Julius Jacobs.Direct importer and authorized sales representative for Europe’s finest stringed instrument makers Gottfried Raabs and others."
1,891 "CENTERSTREAM PUBLICATIONS, LLC" "P.O. Box 17878, Anaheim Hills, CA 92817. Tel and fax: (714) 779-9390. Email: centerstrm@aol.com. Web: www.centersteam-usa.com. Contact: Ron Middlebrook. Full line of music instructional publications, DVDs, bios, music reference, and videos for most instruments."
292 "CERVENY ROTARY VALVE INSTRUMENTS (Amati U.S.A., Inc.)" "P.O. Box 1429, Mountainside, NJ 07092. Tel: (908) 301-1366. Toll-free: (800) 721-7878. Fax: (908) 301-1367. Email: amati_strunal@msn.com. Web: www.amati.cz. Rana Singh, president.Cerveny is the world’s largest manufacturer of brass instruments with rotary valves. The Cerveny factory (located in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic) is a part of Amati-Denak Company. Amati U.S.A., Inc., distributes all the Cerveny instruments in the U.S.A. American musicians have known Cerveny tubas since the 19th century. Cerveny BBb tubas are the most popular instruments of their kind among high school and university students. Cerveny marching rotary helicons are popular with military bands."
296 "Charanga, Inc." "9 Dyke Road, Brighton, United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)1273 823 900. Fax: +44 (0)1273 823 922 Email: tomwilkinson@charanga.com. Web: www.musiccoach.com. Contact: Tom Wilkinson."
299 "CHEM-PAK, INC." "242 Corning Way, Martinsburg, West VA 25401-2589. Tel: (304) 262-1880. Toll-free: (800) 336-9828. Fax: (304) 262-9643. Email: music@chem-pak.com. Web: www.chem-pak.com. G.P. Pete Duane Jr., president.Manufacturer of a complete line of aerosol specialties for the music industry, marketed under trademarks Tone and Finger-Ease and available through wholesalers/distributors."
1,894 "CHERRY LANE MUSIC, INC." "6 East 32nd Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10016-5422. Tel: (646) 562-5860. Fax: (646) 562-5865. Email: rquigley@cherrylane.com. Web: www.cherrylane.com. Peter Primont, CEO.Publisher of sheet music and folios for all instruments, as well as trade and educational music magazines."
300 "Cherub Technology Co., Ltd." "8/F, Nanshan Bldg., 1065 Nanhai Bldg., Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 518067 Phone: +86-755-26869866 Fax: +86-755-26869366 Email: zhou@cherub.cn Web: www.CherubMusic.com Cherub is a leading digital music instrument manufacturer in China. Our products include metronome, tuner, metro-tuner, tone generator, digital drum, pedal and modeling effect, pickup, and sustain pedal, etc. Cherub is the largest tuner and metronome manufacturer in China."
1,716 "CHICKERING, A Division of Gibson Guitar Corp." "309 Plus Park Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37217. Tel: (615) 871-4500. Toll-free: (800) 876-2976. Fax: (615) 884-7282. Email: info@baldwinpiano.com. Web: www.baldwinpiano.com.Manufacturer and distributor of Chickering pianos."
303 "Chop Saver, Inc." "P.O. Box 20692, Indianapolis, IN 46220. Tel: 3172591447. Email: dan@chopsaver.com. www.chopsaver.comChopSaver (For Musicians With Lips!) is an all-natural lip balm created by a professional musician. It is the first lip care product that actually helps musicians feel better, play better, and sound better. ChopSaver is used by professional, student, and amateur musicians alike. "
309 "CIPEX INTERNATIONAL, INC." "12662 Corral Place, Santa Fe Springs, CA90670. Tel: (562) 906-6185. Fax: (562) 906-6186. Email: agatha@cipexinternational.com. Web: www.roadreadycases.com."
312 "Clark Synthesis, Inc." "8020 Southpark Circle, Suite 600 Littleton, CO 80120. Tel: (303) 797-7500, Toll-free: (800) 898-1945 Fax: (303) 797-7501 Email: info@clarksynthesis.com Clark Synthesis manufacturers the only high-power, real-time thumper for drum thrones and platforms."
316 "CLAYTON, STEVE, INC." "201 Rogue River Parkway, Talent, OR 97540. Tel: (541) 535-4440. Toll-free: (877) 752-9484. Fax: (541) 535-4449. Email: steve@steveclayton.com. Web: www.steveclayton.com. Steve Clayton, president.Manufacturer of music accessories: guitar picks; online custom guitar pick imprint programs; guitar straps; guitar slides; guitar polish; and drumsticks. Publisher of: chord chart posters and fingering charts for stringed instruments; and band folders."
317 "CLEARSONIC MFG., INC." "1223 Norton Road, Hudson, OH 44236. Tel: (330) 650-1420. Toll-free: (800) 888-6360. Fax: (330) 247-4126. Email: info@clearsonic.com. Web: www.clearsonic.com. Contact: Matt, Chris, or Caron. Manufacturer of transparent acoustic panels and drum shields, portable free-standing SORBER baffles, and portable drum and vocal booth systems for stage, studio, and rehearsal use. "
320 "cliff electronic components, inc." "5610 South Topeka Blvd. Suite C, Topeka, Kansas 66609. Tel: (785) 862-2543, Toll Free: 1-800-806-6659, Fax: (785) 862-5723, Email: sales@cliffusa.com, Web: www.cliffusa.comDesigner and manufacturer of a full range of audio components and accessories featuring: Soundcheck audio test CD; 1/4 jack sockets; plugs; XLR connectors; control knobs; cabinet accessories; and the patented Touchproof terminal binding posts, digital reverb boards."
322 "CodaBow International, Ltd." "P.O. Box 18, Winona, MN 55987. Tel: (507) 454-1509. Toll-free tel (U.S.): (877) 263-2269. Fax: (507) 454-0400. Email: bows@codabow.com. Web: www.codabow.com. Contact: Jeffrey S. Van Fossen.Codabow International unites time-honored bow-making traditions with the science of today’s advanced materials to create a family of perfornance bows that serve players at every level."
1,871 "COMMERCIAL CREDIT REPORTS, INC." "Toll free: (800) 748-6290. Toll-free fax: (800) 748-5512. Web: www.commercialcreditreports.com, Email: pam@commercialcreditreports.comThe largest provider for Experian and Equifax Business Credit Reports, this company provides credit information on businesses and owners of businesses. The most credit information on companies in the music industry."
334 "CONCERTO NO. 1, INC." "14145 Proctor Avenue # 6, City of Industry, CA 91746. Tels: (626) 369-7151 and (626) 378-8208. Fax: (626) 369-7153. Email: rocky51502@yahoo.com. Web: www.concerto-no1.com.Manufacturer of a wide range of quality musical instruments including violins, violas, cellos, clarinets, flutes, piccolos, and guitars, as well as instrument kits, cases, bows, music stands, instrument stands, and accessories."
335 "CONCORD INTERNATIONAL GROUP, INC." "2380 Vantage Drive, Elgin, IL 60124-7801. Tel: (847) 836-8688. Toll-free: (877) 956-8688. Fax: (847) 836-8288. Email: info@concordgroup.com. Web: www.concordgroup.com.Product line includes Christopher basses, celli, violins, and violas; Concord cases and accessories; Eminence upright basses; and Alta electric violins."
339 "CONN-SELMER, INC." "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com. John Stoner, president and CEO; Judy Schuchart, vice president, finance and CFO; Brian Imel, vice president of sales; Richard Breske, communications director.Conn-Selmer, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and distributor of band and orchestral instruments for professional, amateur and student use. The Company manufactures and distributes its products under a variety of well-known brand names, including Vincent Bach, Selmer USA, C.G. Conn, Leblanc, King, Holton, Armstrong, Martin and Vito band instruments; Ludwig and Musser percussion, and Glaesel, Scherl & Roth and William Lewis & Son string instruments. Other brands include Emerson flutes, Noblet clarinets, Benge trumpets and Artley woodwinds. Conn-Selmer is also the exclusive North American distributor for Selmer (Paris) professional brass and woodwinds and U.S. distributor for Yanagisawa saxophones.Conn-Selmer manufactures and distributes instruments in ten facilities located in Elkhart, Indiana; Cleveland and Eastlake, Ohio; Monroe, North Carolina; LaGrange, Illinois; Kenosha and Elkhorn, Wisconsin and at G. Leblanc Cie in La Couture-Boussey, France. It also enjoys an extensive relationship with a variety of suppliers from around the world.The Company’s mission is to provide a superior experience for every player, music educator, distributor and dealer throughout the world, through continuous improvement, ongoing brand investment, and support of the music education community.Conn-Selmer, Inc. holds leading market share in a majority of instrument categories. With brands that are the overwhelming choice of professional musicians, Conn-Selmer recognizes its responsibility to maintain the highest quality of manufacture using proven designs that satisfy the most critical of professional players. Unwilling to sit on its current designs, however, the Company continues to develop new instruments that help musicians reach greater performance levels. The company’s commitment to the amateur player is no less critical, providing instruments at all price points that exceed customer expectations for performance, quality and value.Through its educational division, Conn-Selmer Institute, the Company provides band directors with ongoing educational opportunities in band & orchestra administration, musical instrument development and leadership skills. Through workshops, artist clinic programs and educational materials, the Company provides support to educational professionals, school systems, and students, assuring that music and music education continues to be available to all. Conn-Selmer also provides a wide array of promotional materials to communicate the benefits of music to the overall market.Conn-Selmer, Inc. is a division of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. (NYSE: LVB)."
337 "Connector Technics Sound, Inc." "No. 191-5, Long-En Street San-Shua Town, Taipei Hsien 237 Taiwan. Tel: 8862-8671-0282. Fax: 8862-8671-0281. Email: sales@contechsound.com. Contact: Roger Chiang."
343 "CORA & PETER KUO, INC." "-P.O. Box 610, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: 011-886-4-2372-0100. Faxes: 011-886-4-2372-0463 and 011-886-4-2375-2221. Email: cpkinc@ms12.hinet.net. Web: www.cpkinc.com. Contact: Peter Kuo. Product lines: Power Beat, CPK, and Mitello brand drumsets, all ki"
346 "Core One Creative, Inc. (Bullet Cable & Core X2)" "3545 Lomita Blvd., Suite E, Torrance, CA 90505. Tel: (310) 539- 1692, Fax: (310) 606-2660. sales@coreoneproduct.com"
345 "CORE, HOWARD" "Refer to Howard Core Company, LLC, in this section."
348 "CORT U.S.A., a division of Westheimer Corporation" "3451 West Commercial Avenue, Northbrook, IL 60062. Tel: (847) 498-6491. Fax: (847) 498-5370. Email: cortsales@cort.com. Web: www.cort.com.Cort acoustic guitars and electric guitars and basses are crafted by musicians for musicians in the Cort musical instrument factories in Korea, Indonesia, and China. Cort is one of the largest quality guitar producers in the world innovative guitars with uncompromising quality and a lifetime limited warranty. Call or write for the company’s brand-new catalog. Cort is exclusively distributed in the U.S.A. by Cort U.S.A., a division of Westheimer Corporation."
350 "COUNTRYMAN ASSOCIATES, INC." "195 Constitution Drive, Menlo Park CA 94025. Tel: (650) 364-9988. Toll-free: (800) 669-1422. Fax: (650) 364-2794. Email: sales@countryman.com.Manufacturer of the Countryman Type 85 Direct Box and the Isomax series of microphones for musical instruments, sound reinforcement, broadcast, and acoustical measurement."
361 "CURT MANGAN, INC." "P.O. Box 1778, Cortez, CO 81321. Tel: (970) 564-5935. Toll-free: (866) 463-2878. Fax: (970) 564-5932. Toll-free fax: (866) 831-1777. Email: 411@curtmangan.com. Web: www.curtmangan.com. Manufacturer of Made in the USA Curt Mangan® FusionMatched strings for acoustic and electric guitar and related accessories."
378 "D.B. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CO., LTD." "Taiwan Office: D.B. Building No. 3, Zhe-Nan Road, Ta-Tu Hsiang, Taichung Hsien, Taiwan. Tel: 011-886-4-2691-2393. Fax: 011-886-4-2691-7629. Email: db-musical@db-musical.com. Web: www.db-musical.com. Tony Huang, president.China Factory: Ban-Xian-Shan Village, Heng-li Town, Dong-Guan City, Guang-Dong Privoice 523468, China. Tel: 011-86-769-373-8428. Fax: 011-86-769-373-8458. Email: db-musical@db-musical.com. Web: www.db-musical.com.Manufacturer of drumsets, general percussion products, general musical stands, hardware, and accessories for drumsets and musical instruments."
365 "DAMPITS, INC." "Box 493, Radio City Station, NY, NY 10101. Tel: (212) 581-3047 Fax: (212) 265-9601.Invented and patented by Ralph Hollander, American violinist, the Dampit is designed to protect violins, guitars, woodwinds, pianos, harps, and harpsichords against cracking, unglueing, warping, and hardening of tone. This humidifier consists of a flexible tube containing water-absorbent material with protective closures and fasteners. It is immersed in water and then inserted into the instrument to retain humidity. It is left in while the instrument is not in use; string and fret performers may leave the Dampit in the instrument while playing, if desired. Many world-famous artists and teachers use and endorse the Dampit, including: string virtuosos Yehudi Menuhin, Yo Yo Ma, Ruggiero Ricci, Mstislav Rostropovic, Gary Karr, Ivan Galamian, and the Guarneri String Quartet. Fretted instrument artists include Carlos Montoya, Alice Artzt, and Theodore Bikel. Among the leading woodwind players are world-renowned oboe soloist Heinz Holliger, the NY Philharmonic’s woodwind section Albert Goltzer (oboe), Stanley Drucker (solo clarinet), and Manuel Ziegler (solo bassoon), and the NY City Ballet Orchestra David Weber (solo clarinet).Famous conductor Leopold Stokowski also endorsed the Dampit, as did Simone F. Sacconi, one of America’s leading violin makers and restorers.Dampits are sold through music stores. Retail prices: Violin, $10.95; Little Violin, $9.45; Viola, $11; Cello, $13; Bass, $14.50; Guitar regular, $17.95; Guitar super, $18.95; Mandolin, $11; Oboe Clarinet (1st Joint), $10.45; Clarinet (2nd Joint)/Alto Clarinet, English Horn, $11; Bass Clarinet, $13; Bassoon (Wing Joint), Bassoon (Ball Joint), $14; Road Case/Reed Storage Container, $10."
372 "DANSR, inc" "2209 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647. Tel: (773) 292-1445. Fax: (773) 292-1545. Toll-free tel: (888) 707-4455. Email: info@dansr.com. Web: www.dansr.com. U.S. importer for Vandoren reeds, mouthpieces, and accessories. Refer to Vandoren Paris in this section for more information. North American importer for Denis Wick brass mouthpieces and mutes. Refer to Denis Wick in this section for more information. "
370 "Dan’l Guitars, Inc. " "Phone : 512 945-1308 Email : danl@danlguitars.com Website: www.danlguitars.com www.mypace.com/danlguitars Limited Edition Innovative & Ergonomical Electric Guitars & Basses from Austin, TX. Combining exotic woods, sculptural styling, top grade hardware and electronics by Bill Lawrence, USA, Rio Grande, and Bartolini, Dan’l Guitars are pro level instruments with dynamic sonic voices. Instruments not yet widely available except through the Austin based company and through www.professionalmusicequipment.com"
377 "Davitt & Hanser Music," "2395 Arbor Tech Drive, Hebron, KY 41048. Orders: (800) 999-5558. Fax: (800) 451-4944. Local: (859) 817-7100. Email: sales@hansermg.com. Jack Hanser: Chairman/CEO. Bill Xavier: National Sales Mgr "
383 "DEAN MARKLEY ELECTRONICS, INC." "3350 Scott Boulevard #45, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Tel: (408) 988-2456. Toll-free: (800) 800-1008. Fax: (408) 988-0441. Email: info@deanmarkley.com. Web: www.deanmarkley.com. Dean Markley, president; Bari Wilson, executive vice president.Distributed exclusively by Kaman Music Corporation; toll-free tel, (800) 647-2244."
384 "DEAN MARKLEY STRINGS, INC." "3350 Scott Boulevard #45, Santa Clara, CA 95054. Tel: (408) 988-2456. Toll-free: (800) (800) 1008. Fax: (408) 988-0441. Email: info@deanmarkley.com. Web: www.deanmarkley.com. Contact: John Picetti.Dean Markley manufactures a complete array of strings for acoustic, electric, and bass guitar."
1,807 "DECALS UNLIMITED, INC." "9333 96th Street North, Mahtomedi, MN 55115. Tel: (651) 429-4465. Fax: (651) 429- 5155. Email: avery@decalunlimited.com. Web: www.decalsunlimited.com. This company specializes in the printing of over 3,000 piano fallboard decals and over 150 decals for the soundboards of acoustic grands. All decals are pressure sensitive, with the adhesive on the letters and art areas of the decal only. Extremely simple to use, needing absolutely no clean up, and will accept a large variety of finishes immediately. Most artwork is consistent with the hand-rendered art from the original piano fallboard or soundboard. Decals are of the appropriate size. The company provides the decal as ordered or will custom make one-of-a-kind names in its highly trained, full-time Art Department; it will not substitute another decal. Send a sketch or photograph for quotation . Can convert any line art into a pressure-sensitive decal, company logos, guitar logos; harpsichord stencils, in lots of just one or 100.Decals Unlimited also offers LASER-cut music racks for turn-of-the-century Art Case Grands, some benches in selected period styles, or legs for Artist stool conversions. Catalog available upon request. Decals can be viewed at the website. www.decalsunlimited.com."
386 "DECOR MUSIC, INC." "P.O. Box 4050, Sparks, NV 89432. Tel: (775) 356-8887. Toll-free: (888) 888-0068. Fax: (775) 356-8577. Toll-free fax: (866) 666-3118. Email: decormusic@hotmail.com. Web: www.decormusic.com.Classic stringed music instruments and accessory wholesale. Free 30-page color catalog."
388 "DEFFNER ACCORDIONS, ERNEST" "P.O. Box 11663, 5712H General Washington Drive, Alexandria, VA 22312. Email: ernestdeffner@aol.com. Website: www.bussomusic.com. Tel: (703) 941-9300. Fax: (703) 941-9301. Directors: Frank Busso Jr and Faithe Deffner"
389 "DEG Music Products, Inc." "3475 Springfield Road, P.O. Box 968, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147. Tel: (262) 248-8314. Toll-free tel: 800-558-9416. Fax: (262) 248-7953. General e-mail: info@dynastybi.net. Web: www.dynastybi.com.DEG Music Products is the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of Dynasty Brasswind & Percussion Musical Instruments; Schafer band instruments; and DEG accessories for wind instruments and percussionDynasty Brass and Percussion:Top marching bands and drum & bugle corps throughout the world, including 11-time DCI World Champion Blue Devils, perform on Dynasty marching brass and percussion. The comprehensive line of Dynasty marchingbrasses includes Bb trumpet, F mellophone, Bb French horn, F French horn, Bb trombone, Bb baritone, Bb euphonium, BBb convertible tuba, and three- and four-valve BBb marching tuba, as well as three-valve G bugles in soprano, mellophone, baritone, and euphonium, and three- and four-valve contrabass in both professional and micro-tune models. Dynasty percussion has been designed and is manufactured to the highest quality standards. A full range of marching drums, including the revolutionary lightweight Wedge marching snare; basses, multi-toms, and concert drums are available. Concert xylophones, marimbas, vibraphones, chimes, orchestra bells, pedal glockenspiels, and timpani complete the Dynasty percussion offering.Schafer Brass Instruments:Under its Schafer trademark, DEG offers a reasonably priced, durable, responsive line of upright tubas and baritone horns.Accessories:DEG offers dealers the a complete line of accessory products for wind instruments and percussion. Contact Information"
1,990 "DeLORENE ACOUSTICS, INC." "44290 Yale Road West, Chilliwack, BC V2R 4H1. Tel: (604) 795-2229. Fax: (604) 795-4488. Email deloreneinc@shaw.ca. Web: www.delorene.com. Contact: Roselyn Kent."
396 "Digidesign, A Division of Avid" "2001 Junipero Serra Boulevard, Daly City, CA 94104-3886. Tel: (650) 731-6300. Fax: (650) 731-6399. Email: prodinfo@digidesign.com. Web: www.digidesign.com. Digidesign is the leading manufacturer of digital audio workstations for professional music, recording, film, and video markets."
401 "DiMARZIO, INC." "1388 Richmond Terrace, P.O. Box 100387, Staten Island, NY 10310. Tel: (718) 981-9286. Toll-free: (800) 221-6468. Fax: (718) 720-5296. Email: on-line@dimarzio.com. Web: www.dimarzio.com.DiMarzio sells a complete line of guitar and bass replacement pickups along with a wide variety of guitar accessories, including guitar cables, high-end audio cables, guitar straps, and accessories."
409 "DIVERSITRONICS, INC." "231 Wrightwood, Elmhurst, IL 60126. Tel: (630) 833-4495. Fax: (730) 833-6355. Email: LCADA@diversitronics.com, Web: www.diversitronics.com. Contact: Larry Cada.Stage lighting, special lighting effects, control boards, strobe lights, sequencers."
1,897 "DOVER PUBLICATIONS, INC." "31 East Second Street, Mineola, NY 11501. Tel: (516) 294-7000. Toll-free: (800) 223-3130. Fax: (516) 742-5049. Email: jmeskill@doverpublications.com. Web: www.doverdirect.com.Publisher of classical and popular music scores and music books."
421 "Drum Glove Music, LLC" "290 White Plains Road #1, Eastchester, NY 10709. Tel: (914) 787-8840. Email: info@tripletdrumglovemusic.com Web: www.tripletdrumgloves.com . Contact: James Lento.The Incredible TDG. With Zero-Dependency, Improved Grip, Increased Muscle Strength, and Reduced Injuries, all based on a Patented Isometric Three-Band System-Using the TDG is a Win-Win Situation! This Claim is Supported by Dr.Luga Podesta- M.D. Sports Medicine Specialist, and Columnist for Drum! Magazine. hey Are Used By Top Pros on Concert Tours , Recording Studios, Drum Clinics, Universities, and Schools of Music Throughout The World. We’ve Proudly Set The Standard of What A Drumming Glove Should Be...So What Are You Waiting For ?! Put a Pair in Your Stick Bag Today ! Anything Else is Just a Glove !"
423 "DRUM WORKSHOP, INC." "3450 Lunar Court, Oxnard CA 93030. Tel: (805) 485-6999. Fax: (805) 485-1334. Email: customerservice@dwdrums.com. Web: www.dwdrums.com.Drum Workshop (DW) is a leading American manufacturer of professional-quality drums, pedals, hardware, snare drums, and accessories. DW is also the designer and exclusive worldwide distributor for Pacific Drums and Percussion, which offers a wide range of high-quality yet affordable instruments for beginning, intermediate, and semi-pro players."
428 "DUKOFF MOUTHPIECES, BOBBY" "P.O. Box 56-1002, Kendall, FL 33156. Tel: (305) 255-3967. Web: www.BobbyDukoff.com.For all saxophones, metal and Ebonite composition. Manufactured and sold by Bobby Dukoff."
429 "DULCIMER FACTORY, INC., THE" "715 South Washington Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Tel: (830) 997-6704. Fax: (830) 997-8752."
1,898 "DUMONT, CHARLES & SON, INC" "1085 Dumont Circle, P.O. Box 1017, Voorhees, New Jersey 08043. Toll-free tel (nationwide): 1-800-257-8283, local: 1-856-346-9100. 24-hour Fax Ordering: 1-856-346-3452. www.dumontmusic.com. Officers: Charles Dumont, President / Michael S. Dumont, Executive Vice-President, Treasurer.Since 1945, this company has been the largest print music distributor dedicated exclusively to servicing the music retailer.Over 100,000 titles in stock representing all styles and categories of music. Sheet music, pop folios, method books, band, orchestra and choral arrangements are just a few categories distributed by this firm. The company also distributes a full line of musical gift items and music accessories.Exclusive distributor for Joel Rothman Publications, Beacon Music Co., Bernard Stein Music Co., “Bugs” Bower’s Nancy Music Co., Inc. ASCAP, 10 Easy Lessons Series, Könemann Music Budapest, Learn To Play/Koala Publications, Ronnie Lee, Henri Elkan Music Publisher and The Ultimate Music Display System.Assumed sales and distribution responsibilities of the Carl Fischer Jobbing Division and Rack Sense Program.Services include itemized billing, computerized special orders, Dumont rack programs, fast service, dynamic website, toll-free WATS service by experienced personnel, top discounts, monthly bulletins, weekly email newsletters, highlights catalog and New Issue Program.."
433 "DYMusic USA, Inc" "1132 D. Telegraph Rd. Monroe, MI 48161 Phone:734-384-1705 Fax: 734-384-1705 Contact: Toya Grego E-mail: toya@dymusicusa.com "
436 "DYNASTY PERCUSSION, MARCHING BRASS, AND BUGLES" "Refer to DEG Music Products, Inc., in this section."
363 "D’ADDARIO & COMPANY, INC." "P.O. Box 290, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Tel: (631) 439-3300. Toll-free: (800) 323-2746. Fax: (631) 439-3333. Toll-free fax: (800) 632-3274. Web: www.jdaddario.com.J. D’Addario & Company, Inc., designs, manufactures, and markets complete lines of strings for fretted and bowed musical instruments, drumheads, and accessories, and musical instrument accessories under the brand names D’Addario, Evans Drumheads, Planet Waves, and HQ, as well as woodwind accessories under the brand name Rico. The company’s headquarters in Farmingdale features a full-service R&D, manufacturing, and warehouse facility, and its products are marketed in approximately 100 countries for use by touring musicians, marching bands, orchestral musicians, and in a variety of other musical instrument applications. J. D’Addario has specialized in the design and production of fine-quality musical instrument strings for nine generations and is the world’s largest producer of strings.J. D’Addario now ships all products through its warehouses in Farmingdale, NY; Pacoima, CA; and Richmond Hill, Canada (800) 268-6855).."
367 "D’ANDREA, INC." "115 Eileen Way, Syosset, NY 11791. Tel: (516) 496-2200. Toll-free: (800) 554-1090. Fax: (516) 496-2425. Email: info@dandreainc.com. Web: www.dandreapicks.com, www.snarlingdogs.com, and www.dandreausa.com. Established in 1922, D’Andrea produces a complete line of guitar accessories; guitar and wood instrument care products; guitar and wind instrument straps; Snarling Dogs brand of guitar and bass wah, effects pedals, and stomp boxes; and D’Andrea USA also distributes Tribal Planet Bags, Rebel Straps, Planetone & Spirit Harmonicas, Hot Sticks Drumsticks, KSD Basses, Brooklyn Gear, Ice Pix, Rocky Mountain Slides, and Wallacher Guitar Hangers"
437 "E AND E EXPORTS, INC." "2815 Junipero Avenue #101, Signal Hill, CA 90755. Tel: (562) 968-3447. Fax: (562) 989-3037. Email: ee.exports@worldnet.att.net. Web: www.studio-tech.com/EE-Exports.htm. Contact: Tom Brady.Export distribution for manufacturers of American-made professional audio and musical products."
492 "E-PAD! Enterprises, LLC" "31125 Via Colinas # 908 Westlake Village, CA 91362 Phone 818-889-3723, Fax 818-889-3725 www.epadco.com , www.myspace.com/epadco email, info@epadco.comManufacturer of a range of innovative drum practice pads and accessories that feature Enduraflex, a trademarked material whose bounce characteristics, between a pillow and a standard gum rubber pad, develop greater speed, endurance, and control."
473 "E.M. Winston, LLC" "1156 Bowman Road, Suite 200, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464. Toll Free: 800-456-1841. email: don@emwinston.com, , www.emwinston.com. Contact: Don Rhoades.Band instruments of Boston since 1980. High-quality, affordable student and background band instruments. Full line of plastic and wood classroom Gill recorders. William H. Zeswitz orchestral instruments (violins, viola, cello. General band instrument accessories, mouthpieces, ligatures, straps, bongos and pan flutes. "
443 "EASTMAN STRINGS, INC." "22525 Gateway Center Drive, Clarksburg, MD 20871. Tel: (240) 686-2050. Toll-free: (800) 624-0270. Fax: (240) 686-2058. Email: info@eastmanstrings.com. Web: www.eastmanstrings.com.The Eastman Music Company was established in Boston, MA in 1992 as a manufacturer and distributor of Orchestral String Instruments. In 2001, the company was re-established in Maryland to distribute and manufacture orchestral stringed instruments, guitars and mandolins, brass instruments, woodwind instruments, and fiberglass and carbon fiber cases. Eastman enjoys a broad network of distribution throughout the United States with approximately 800 dealers. "
447 "EBTECH/SOUND ENHANCEMENT PRODUCTS, INC." "185 Detroit Street, Cary, IL 60013. Tel: (847) 639-4646. Toll-free tel (sales and customer service): (800) 284-5172. Fax: (847) 639-4723. Email: info@ebtechaudio.com. Web: www.ebtechaudio.com.Manufacturer of: Hum Eliminator, Hum X, Line Level Shifter, and Swizz Army Cable Tester."
451 "EDEN ELECTRONICS, INC." "444 East Courtland Street, Mundelein, IL 60060. Tel: (847) 949-0444. Toll-free: (800) 877-6863. Fax: (847) 949-8444. Email: eden@eden-electronics.com. Web: www.eden-electronics.com.High end bass amplification, studio monitors, and accessories."
452 "Edge Technologies, Inc." "314 East 26th Street, Tacoma,WA 98421. Toll-free: (800) 275-2015. Fax: (253) 272-9429. Email: joe@profit-plus.com. Contact: Joe GratkowskiEdge Technologies was founded by retailers to provide the finest retail management system available."
455 "Eikosha Musical Instrument Co.,Inc. " "2-22 Higashi Nagata-cho, Kitaku, Nagoya, Japan. Phone: 81-52-911-6456 Email: eikosh@aol.com , eikoshjp@ybb.ne.jpManufacturer, Exporter, Distributor of acoustic guitars, ele. guitars, violins, accessories, drums etc. having manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan. Brands include arion, artisan, beyond shimano harvest, starfire, s.yairi, suzuki and yamaha. O.E.M. production welcome. "
460 "ELECA INTERNATIONAL, INC." "21088 Commerce Pointe Drive, Walnut, CA 91789. Tel: (909) 468-1382. Toll-free: 888-GO-ELECA. Fax: (909) 468-1652. Email: info@eleca.com. Web: www.eleca.com ; www.ElecaAmps.comComprehensive range of Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Amplifiers, Single/Multi-Effect Pedals, and Guitar related accessories."
461 "Electratone, Inc." "20820 N. 25th Place, Phoenix, AZ 85050. Tel: (480) 612-3956. Email: frank@electratone.net, www.electratone.net"
1,809 "ELKAY PRODUCTS CO., INC." "35 Brown Avenue, Springfield, NJ 07081. Tel: (973) 376-7550. Toll Free (orders): (800) 631-7351. Fax: (973) 912-0418. Email: elkayprod@aol.com. Web: www.elkayprod.com.Manufacturer and distributor of material handling and piano moving products."
469 "Elkhart Cases, InC." "P.O. Box 1414, Elkhart, IN 46515. Tel: (574) 295-7700. Toll-free: (800) 582-0319. Fax: (574) 295-7761. Email: elkcases@aol.com. Dale D. Fahlbeck, president.Since 1964 Elkhart Cases has served the industry with quality cases at sensible prices."
475 "EMD MUSIC, INC." "P.O. Box 487, LaVergne, TN 37087-0487. Tel: (615) 793-8787. Fax: 877-231-6653. Toll free: (866) 871-5800 Email: usa@emdmusic.com. Web: www.staggmusic.com. Contact: Daniel F. Barker.Exclusive U.S. distributor for Ashdown engineering, manufacturers of world-class bass and guitar amplifiers and bass effect pedals. Also, exclusive U.S. distributor of the complete range of Stagg acoustic and electric guitars, amplifiers, drums, cymbals, congas, bongos and percussion, guitar, keyboard, lighting, PA, drum and percussion stands, cases, bags, cables, connectors, piano and keyboard benches as well as our complete line of horns, wind instruments, string instruments and accessories."
478 "EMERSON, a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc." "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com. Working closely with key European makers and soloists, Emerson Deford developed a scale and headjoints with a clearly defined Emerson sound. Preferred by artists and educators in the U.S., the Emerson sound can be heard from the professional level Boston Legacy flutes and piccolos and is highly desired, as well, by the finest flute instructors for their students.Nearing retirement, Mr. Deford handed stewardship of the company to Steinway Musical Instruments in 1997. Emerson Flutes continued their development through the introduction of new instruments and innovations, and establishing a quality level which surpasses most players’ expectations for intermediate and student flutes. Advanced headjoint designs include Sterling silver lip plates and risers on student flutes and specially cut embouchure holes. Today, the Emerson flute family includes a full line of soprano, alto and bass flutes, and piccolos, for professional, amateur and student players."
480 "EMG, INC." "P.O. Box 4394, Santa Rosa, CA 95402. Tel: (707) 525-9941. Toll-free: (800) 821-1446. Fax: (707) 575-7046. Email: scott@emgpickups.com, www.emgpickups.com.Established in 1976, EMG is known worldwide as a leading manufacturer of active low-impedance electronic pickups for electric and acoustic instruments. EMG offers a full line of pickups including the high-impedance “HZ” line."
484 "ENCORE ETC., INC. (MAESTRO MD)" "100 Burtt Road, Andover, MA 01810. Toll-free: (800) 818-0220. Web: www.maestromd.com.Creator of a patented sterlization method for wind instruments that kills 100% of all viruses, bacteria, and fungi."
485 "ENCORE MALLETS, INC." "437 Southfork Drive Suite 100, Lewisville, TX 75057. Tel and fax: (972) 436-6963. Email: info@encoremallets.com. Web: www.encoremallets.com Contact: Dan Lidster."
486 "ENGELHARDT-LINK, INC." "185 King Street, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007. Tel (847) 593-5850. Fax (847) 593-5894. Email concert@engelhardtlink.com. Web www.engelhardtlink.com. Manufacturer of string basses and cellos of the highest quality for the school industry. Distribution is through leading wholesalers"
494 "EPIPHONE GUITAR CO., a part of the Gibson family of brands" "645 Massman Drive, Nashville, TN 37210. Tel: (615) 871-9585. Fax: (615) 872-7768. Web: www.epiphone.com.Manufacturer of: Epiphone acoustic guitars and basses; Epiphone electric guitars and basses; Epiphone strings and accessories; Epiphone guitar amplifiers; Epiphone bass amplifiers; and Epiphone U.S.A. Collection."
498 "ERNIE BALL, INC." "P.O. Box 4117, San Luis Obispo, CA 93403. Tel: (805) 544-7726 (collect calls accepted). Toll-free: 800-54-E-BALL. Toll-free fax: (800) 577-3225. Email: webmaster@ernieball.com. Web: www.ernieball.com.The company that set the industry standard for electric guitar strings manufactures a full line of electric and acoustic instrument strings. Featuring top selling Slinkys, RPS, Slinky Acoustics (Phosphor Bronze), Ernesto Palla classical strings, and Earthwood Acoustic (80/20) guitar string sets. Ernie Ball strings have been available since 1962 and are widely revered for their quality and playability. Slinky bass strings are offered in nickel and stainless steel, while flatwound bass strings are also available for order. Exclusive instrument accessory items include Ultraflex cables, Polypro straps, a wide selection of picks, Inked Leather Straps, Ernie Ball Instructional books, guitar, and amp hardware, custom imprinted picks, volume and wah pedals, and more.Ernie Ball/Music Man manufactures the world-renowned StingRay Bass, Sterling, Bongo, StingRay 5, and SUB electric basses. Music Man’s guitar lineup features the Silhouette, Silhouette Special, Axis, Axis Supersport, and SUB 1 models. Music Man signature guitar models include Steve Morse, Steve Lukather, Albert Lee, John Petrucci, and Benji Madden. All instruments are made in the U.S.A."
499 "ESP GUITAR COMPANY, INC." "10903 Vanowen Street #A, North Hollywood, CA 91605-6408. Tel: (818) 766-2097. Fax: (818) 506-1378. Email: info@espguitars.com. Web: www.espguitars.com. Contact: Allen Steelgrave.High-performance bolt-on, set neck, and neck-through-body electric and semi-acoustic guitars and basses under the ESP, LTD, and Xtone brands."
500 "Essential Sound Products, Inc." "PO Box 81998 Rochester, MI 48308. Tel: (248) 375-2655. Fax: (248) 375-2701. Email: info@essentialsound.com. Contact: Michael Griffin. Manufacturer of high-performance ac power cords, power distribution and surge suppression components for audio equipment including musical instrument amplifiers and pro-audio gear. Sold under “MusicCord Professional” and “The Essence Reference” brands. All products are made in the USA."
506 "EUPHONIC AUDIO, INC." "11 Revere Court, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550. Tel: (732) 240-3715. Fax: (732) 736-1400. Email: info@euphonicaudio.com. Web: www.euphonicaudio.com. Contacts: Larry Ullman, John Dong.Manufacturer of high-quality bass speaker cabinets. Products range from small, compact cabinets designed for intimate venues to larger cabinets designed for concert halls."
1,999 "EUROMUSIC MARKETING, INC." "2651 John Street #8, Markham, ON L3R 2W5. Tel: (905) 475-3876. Toll-free: 888-8-PETROF. Fax: (905) 475-8538. Email: info@euromusic.ca. Web: www.euromusic.ca. Exclusive Canadian distributor for Petrof pianos, Hoffman & Kuhne pianos."
509 "European Musical Imports, Inc." "P.O. Box 1071, Township of Washington, NJ 07676. Tel: (201) 497-5079. Email: info@europeanmusical.com. Web: www.europeanmusical.com. Domenick Mandrafina, president."
514 "Everly Music Company, Inc." "7303 Atoll Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91605. Tel (888) 438-3759, Web www.cleartonestrings.com. Manufactures, markets and distributes Cleartone Brand Guitar Strings, Everly Strings, Postal Monkey Cases and Star Picks brand plectrums."
517 "EXOTIC WOODS CO., INC." "P.O. Box 532, Sicklerville, NJ 08081. Tel: (856) 728-5555. Toll-free: (800) 443-9264. Fax: (856) 728-6262. Email: gulab@exoticwoods.com. Web: www.exoticwoods.com. Gulab H. Gidwani, president.Supplier of woods and parts for stringed instruments and woodwinds, and supplier of inlaying materials of mother-of-pearl and abalone. Specializing in ebony, East Indian rosewood, and African blackwood, plus curly, bird’s-eye, and quilted maple and lightweight ash bodies. Quartersawn, one-piece, hard maple necks available on a custom basis."
520 "Factory Metal Percussion, LLC" "Tel: (760) 868-4808, email: JimA@factorymetalpercussion.com. Dealers Contact: Latin Percussion, Tel: 973-478-6903 . www.FactoryMetalPercussion.comSpecializing in Metallic Effect for Drummers & Percussionists"
525 "FBT USA, INC." "P.O. Box 8144, Berlin, CT 06037-8144. Tel: (860) 829-0434. Toll-free: (800) 333-9383. Fax: (860) 829-1026. Email: fbtusa@sbcglobal.net. Web: www. fbtusa.com or www.fbt.it. Contact: Carol Concorde.Principal Brands FBT Professional, Audio, Qube Audio, Kempton Audio,, JTS Microphones & Wireless Systems,, Cicognani Guitar & Bass Guitar Amps,, Drum Art Snare Drums, Equipment: FBT MaxX, FBT HiMaxX,, Verve, Jolly, PSR powered and, passive speakers, Formula series, Mixers, Symbol amps, Amico portable, sound systems, FBT Modus Powered and, passive line arrays, Qube Audio, powered & passive line arrays and, speakers, Qube amplification,, Kempton GT & PW series speakers,, Kempton KA series amps, Kempton, mixers, Cicognani series guitar and, bass amps, Brutus series guitar, amps, Imperium series guitar amps,, Indy series bass guitar amps, Dragon, effects pedals, JTS Microphones, JTS, UHF wireless mic systems, JTS in ear, wireless systems, Drum Art handmade, snare drums."
529 "FERREE’S TOOLS, INC." "1477 East Michigan Avenue, Battle Creek, Michigan 49014. Tel: (269) 965-0511. Toll-free: (800) 253-2261. Fax: (269) 965-7719. Email: ferreestools@aol.com. Web: www.ferreestools.com. Clifford Ferree, president.The company specializes in repair tools and supplies for band instrument repair technicians. Cliff Ferree has an excellent background in the repair field. After his graduation from the Conn Repair School in 1946, he established his own repair shop. This grew into a large retail business which was later sold due to the expansion of the tool business. In 1956 Ferree bought out the repair tool departments of both Conn and Leblanc. Using these tools as a nucleus, Ferree did some extensive redesigning and engineering and published his first complete catalog in 1957. The tool business moved to larger quarters in 1965, and in 1967 a large addition to that building was completed. In 1970, after becoming dissatisfied with foreign saxophone pads, Cliff Ferree designed several unique assembly machines, made complete sets of precision dies, and began manufacturing saxophone pads.Cliff Ferree attributes the rapid growth of his business to the fact that he was active in the repair field and realized the needs of other repair shops. The company is still constantly working on improvements and shorter steps to quicker, easier, and more efficient repair methods. This has resulted in the constant development of new tools. A person using these tools can complete difficult and complicated jobs more simply, accurately, and in much less time. All these special tools are precision made and quality controlled under the supervision of Steve Willbur and Curtis Ferree.The company was originally organized as Ferree’s Band Instrument Tools and Supplies, Inc., because Cliff Ferree thought that the name should symbolize the products. After 40 years, however, he felt that the “Ferree” name had become synonymous with quality band instrument repair tools and supplies and that customers would appreciate a shorter name; so the company name was changed to Ferree’s Tools, Inc.A large catalog is available free, upon request."
534 "FIRTH, VIC, INC." Web: www.vicfirth.com. Tel: (617) 364-6869. Fax: (617) 364-2571. Email: info@vicfirth.com.
1,903 "FJH MUSIC COMPANY, INC." "Westport Business Park, 2525 Davie Road #360, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33317-7424. Tel: (954) 382-6061. Toll-free: (800) 262-8744. Fax: (954) 382-3073. Email: info@fjhmusic.com. Web: www.fjhmusic.com. Frank J. Hackinson, president."
537 "FLAG SYSTEMS, INC." "1968 East McFadden Avenue, Santa Ana, CA 92705-4706. Tel: (714) 547-9041. Fax: (714) 547-9179. Email: flagsound@aol.com. Contact: David M. Forney.Finland birch cabinetry; amp racks; shipping cases; speaker enclosures; custom designs."
548 "FOUR STAR WIRE & CABLE, INC." "6200 19 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI 48314. Tel: (586) 254-0505. Toll-free: (877) 789-1626. Fax: (586) 254-1792. Email: pauls@fourstarwire.com. Web: www.mystarsound.com and www.fourstarwire.com. Contact: Paul Snyder.Four Star manufactures the “MyStarSound” line of instrument, microphone, speaker, MIDI, and RCA cables and high-quality box and fan snakes. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on all audio products and “the best service in the business.”"
555 "Fred Tebb & Sons, Inc." "P.O. Box 2235, Tacoma, WA 98422. Tel: (253) 272-4107. Fax: (253) 272-4292. Email: craigleverson@yahoo.com. Contact: John Tebb."
557 "FRENCH AMERICAN REEDS, INC." "80 Mill Masters Drive, Jackson, TN 38305. Tel: (731) 664-5545. Fax: (731) 664-8684. Email: info@frenchamericanreeds.com. Web: www.frenchamericanreeds.com. Contact: Eliane Maccaferri Reese, president.The company was founded in Paris, France, in 1934 by Mario Maccaferri. In 1939 Mario moved it to NY. After 64 years in the NY area, the company was moved to Jackson in western Tennessee, between Memphis and Nashville, by Eliane Maccaferri Reese. French American specializes in a complete line of reeds from Eb clarinet to bass sax. The company utilizes its own exclusive diamond-cutting high-precision machines to assure the finest quality and consistency. The company has been a mainstay in the production of reeds for woodwind instruments dating from the Big Band Era of the 1940s to the present. The reeds are used by professional performers in the classical and the jazz fields, as well as by students. All Masterpiece and Populaire reeds are produced in the U.S.A. from selected imported superior-quality cane. Each reed is cut with high precision, hand finished, and thoroughly inspected to ensure ultimate quality and consistency. Reeds are available in nine strengths and packaged in boxes of 5, 10, 25, and 50. Private-label work with individualized packaging is a specialty with French American Reeds. The company works closely with customers who prefer their own brand."
558 "FRETLORD MUSICAL INSTRUMENT LIGHTING SYSTEMS, INC." "6801 Merion Court, North Lauderdale, FL 33068. Tel and fax: (954) 978-4553. Email: sales@fretlord.com. Web: www.fretlord.com.A musical instrument lighting accessories company specializing in laser, micro-LED, fiber optic, and luminescent products for electric and acoustic guitar, bass, drums, brass, and woodwind instruments."
562 "FURMAN SOUND, INC." "1690 Corporate Circle, Petaluma, CA 94954-6919. Tel: (707) 763-1010. Fax: (707) 763-1310. Email: info@furmansound.com. Web: www.furmansound.com.Furman Sound, in business since 1974, is a leading manufacturer of AC Power Products: power conditioners; power conditioners with instrument tuners; and locking outlet systems."
564 "G. EDWARD LUTHERIE, INC." "1620 Central Avenue NE #232, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413. Tel: (612) 781-5799. Toll-free: (800) 741-3041. Fax: (612) 788-2080. Email: gelbass@aol.com. Web: www.gelbass.com."
566 "GABBANELLI ACCORDIONS & IMPORTS, L.L.C." "4991 West Bellfort Avenue, Houston, TX 77035. Tel: (713) 728-9898. Toll-free: (800) 244-0763. Fax: (713) 728-9393. Email: gabbanelliusa@hotmail.com. Web: www.gabbanelliaccordions.com.Gabbanelli offers several models of Diatonic (Button), Piano, Cajun, MIDI, and Chromatic accordions. Accordion accessories and parts are stocked. Also, expert repairs and tuning service on all brands of accordions."
574 "Gatchell Violins Company, Inc." "1377 West New Haven, Avenue, West Melbourne, FL 32904. Toll-free Tel: (866) 614-7547. Fax: (321) 725-4904. US Distributor: H.ermann Luger, Keith, Curtis & Clifton (KCC), Nicolas Parola, Stefan Petrov, Viktor Kereske, Rudolph Fiedler, Plamen Edrev, Radiana Edreva, Ricardo Galaini, GVC, Sumi, Hermann Luger Master Bows, Thomastik."
575 "Gator Cases, Inc." "18922 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Lutz, FL 33548. Tel: (813) 221-4191. Email: sales@gatorcases.com. Web: www.gatorcases.com.Gator Cases is a premier manufacturer of carrying cases designed to meet the rigors of the traveling musician. These include wooden, plastic molded, lightweights, and gig bags for guitars, pro-audio equipment, percussion, AV equipment, DJ, and band instruments. Gator takes great pride in the research and development that goes into every product to create the best cases on the market in both quality and usability. Every case goes through rigorous quality checks to ensure that all customers will be satisfied with their choice of using a Gator Case. In addition, Gator offers a limited lifetime warranty. Gator Cases also specializes in OEM manufacturing to meet the private label needs of distributors and instrument manufacturers."
583 "George Dennis, LtD." "Hlavni tr. 65 Havirov Mesto CZ 736 01 Czech Republic. Tel: 011-420-2-7482-2758. Fax: 011-420-2-7482-2584. Email: georgede@vol.cz. Web: www.george-dennis.cz. Contact: George.Manufacturer of all-tube amplifiers, professional effect pedals, and guitar picks."
1,727 "GERMAN AMERICAN TRADING COMPANY, INC." "P.O. Box 17789, Tampa, FL 33682. Tel: (813) 961-8405. Fax: (813) 961-8514. Email: germanamer@msn.com.The company represents the following brands in the United States: August Föerster, Bohemia and Discacciati."
588 "GETZEN COMPANY, THE" "530 South Highway H, P.O. Box 440, Elkhorn, WI 53121. Tel: (262) 723-4221. Toll-free: (800) 366-5584. Fax: (262) 723-4245. Email: info@getzen.com. Web: www.getzen.com. Thomas R. Getzen, owner and president; LouAnn Getzen, vice president; Dave Surber, sales manager; Mary Rima, executive assistant and customer service; Raymond Moe, controller; Brett T. Getzen, special project manager; Bridget Linhart, purchasing manager; Thomas DeGrave, plant manager; Christan Griego, Edwards Instruments.Founded in 1939, The Getzen Company, a family-owned company, manufactures at its facility in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, U.S.A., a complete line of brass wind instruments, including: trumpets in Bb, C, and piccolo Bb/A; cornets in Bb, and C; fluegelhorns; trombones; valve trombones; French horns; euphoniums; and baritone horns. Brand names include: Genesis, Custom Series, Eterna, and Eterna II-700 Series professional models; Capri and “700 Special” intermediate models; “300” and “400” series standard models; and Edwards trumpets and trombones. The company is also a distributor of Meinl-Weston tubas and euphoniums in the United States and Canada. Accessories include: brasswind care kits; Getzen and Edwards lubricants; Getzen mouthpieces; cases and covers; gig bags; and wearables."
593 "GIBSON U.S.A., A Division of Gibson Guitar Corp." "309 Plus Park Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37217. Tel: (615) 277-2190. Toll-free: (800) 283-7135. Fax: (615) 889-0564. Web: www.gibson.com.Manufacturer of electric solid-body guitars: Les Pauls, SG, X-Facctor series, Chet Atkins SST, Pioneer, Thunderbird basses."
596 "GIG-FX, INC." "1050 Winter Street #1000, Waltham, MA 02451. Tel: (978) 263-6432. Toll-free: 866-78-GIG-FX. Email: ben.bourgeois@gig-fx.com (sales); susan.ivins@gig-fx (customer service); and jeff.purchon@gig-fx.com (technical support).Gig-fx specializes in delivering high-quality, innovative products and accessories designed to fill the unmet needs of the gigging musician and the studio performer."
602 "GLAESEL, a division of Conn-Selmer, Inc." "P.O. Box 310, Elkhart IN 46515-0310. Tel: (574) 522-1675. Fax: (574) 295-0334. Email: custserv@conn-selmer.com. Web: www.conn-selmer.com. Musicians worldwide recognize the Stradivarius and Guarneri violins, products of 17th and 18th century Italian artisans. While the Italian schools have long since faded, the German tradition for craftsmanship continues in the Glaesel orchestral instruments. The German tradition traces its origins to Jacob Stainer. Until the early 19th century, when power and brilliance became the fashion in violin performance, Stainer’s instruments were more highly praised than Stradivari’s. One of his pupils, Matthias Klotz, became the first in a long line of luthiers. For the next 200 years members of the Klotz family refined and perfected their craft, contributing to the famous Mittenwald school.The Glaesel family story begins in 1720 during the lifetime of Stradivari and Matthias Klotz. Since that time no fewer than 48 descendants have followed the calling, including three currently active members of the family. This span of over 250 years exceeds the entire Italian Cremona tradition that produced Stradivari. While the family seat has always been in Markneukirchen, a center for instrument craftsmanship, generations of Glaesels have studied at the famous Mittenwald school. In addition to creating fine instruments, other members of the Glaesel family have received distinction for specializing in bows and instrument restoration.Kurt G. Glaesel (born 1926) studied at Mittenwald under the direction of Matthias Klotz (a direct descendant of the original). After working in a number of prominent shops in Holland, Switzerland, and Germany, he came to the United States in 1953. Here he established “shop adjusting,” the process by which imported instruments are assembled, finished, and tested for consistency and strict adherence to quality standards. Students greatly benefit from the availability of affordable instruments crafted in the old world tradition. Glaesel was even invited by MENC (Music Educators National Conference) to write their standards for acceptable student instruments.Glaesel models are now focused on the traditional European instruments. Glaesel student and step-up models are known for their appeal to many different levels of musicianship. The level of craftsmanship is exquisite and teachers moving their students up into traditionally-sourced instruments will find that Glaesel models are an easy choice."
603 "GLASSER BOWS, INC." "4330 Bullard Avenue, Bronx, NY 10466. Tel: (718) 994-1613. Fax: (718) 324-1918. Web: www.GlasserBows.com. Andrew Glasser, president.The world’s largest maker of bows for stringed instruments, Glasser invented the fiberglass violin bow in 1962. The company offers a complete line of fiberglass, composite, graphite, and braided carbon fiber bows for all stringed instruments in all sizes for every budget. Glasser Bows are made in the U.S.A. and are covered by a limited lifetime guarantee. Glasser is also the sole U.S. importer and distributor of Larsen strings from Denmark."
608 "GMS Drum Co., INC." "855-C Conklin Street, Farmingdale, NY 11735. Tel: (631) 293-4235. Fax: (631) 293-4246. Email: info@gmsdrums.com. Web: www.gmsdrums.com. Contact: Rob Mazzella."
611 "GODLYKE, INC." "P.O. Box 3076, Clifton, NJ 07012. Tel: (973) 777-7477. Toll-free: 866-2-GODLYKE. Fax: (973) 777-7078. Email: info@godlyke.com. Web: www.godlyke.com. Kevin Bolembach, president. Godlyke is the exclusive North American distributor for the Guyatone brand of musical instruments, amplifiers, and accessories; Maxon brand electronic effects pedals; Chunk Systems brand Bass Effect units, EMMA Electronic effects and HAO Handbuilt effects. Godlyke is also manufacturer and worldwide distributor for Power-All brand power supplies and accessories "
1,848 "GOETZ, PETER D., & ASSOCIATES" "6711 Stewart Avenue East, Puyallup, WA 98371. Tel: (253) 841-5666. Toll-free: (800) 397-1821. Fax: (425) 468-9361. Email: davidagoetz@comcast.net. Contact: David Goetz.The company has 50-year history in the piano business providing a wholesale resource for used and like-new Yamaha and Kawai grands and verticals. The company ships anywhere in the United States."
616 "Goodall Guitars, INC." "P.O. Box 3542, Kailua-Kona, HI 96745-3542. Tel: (808) 329-8237. Fax: (808) 329-2708. Email: contact@goodallguitars.com. Web: www.goodallguitars.com.World-class maker of custom acoustic steel-string and nylon string guitars offered in Parlor, Grand Concert, Concert Jumbo, Standard, Jumbo and Baritone box sizes. Fine tonewoods compliment every playing style. "
1,813 "GRAND WORKSHOPPE PIANO CO., INC." "1720 Burrstone Road, New Hartford, NY 13413. Tel: (315) 724-3200. Email: 3rivers@borg.com. Contact: Daniel Fusco. Piano technology services and manufacturer of solid cherry wooden music stands and music storage chests."
629 "GRETSCH ENTERPRISES, FRED" "P.O. Box 2468, Savannah, GA 31402. Tel: (912) 748-7070. Web: www.gretsch.com.Since 1883 the Gretsch Company has been making some of the world’s greatest drums and guitars, which, when played by some of the world’s greatest musicians, produce that “Great Gretsch Sound.” With its emphasis on hand-craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Gretsch has won endorsement from some of the music industry’s most respected artists.Fred Gretsch Sr., grandfather of the company’s current owner, introduced the multi-ply drum shell in 1927. This technique, which was quite the innovation at that time, has become the standard not only of Gretsch drums but also of drum-making around the world. Gretsch drums continue to be hand-made in South Carolina utilizing time-honored tooling, procedures, molds, and processes to exacting quality specifications. Gretsch drums are distributed by Kaman Music Corporation (KMC).Gretsch produces several guitar lines featuring beautifully crafted hollow-body electrics, solid-body electrics, acoustics, acoustic/electrics, and Broadkaster basses. Left-handed versions of many of its popular guitars as well as double-neck models are available. Gretsch makes artist signature models as well as reissues of some of its classic models from the ’50s and ’60s. Gretsch guitars are distributed by Fender Musical Instruments (FMIC).Bigsby guitars, Leedy drums, Bacon banjos, Ode banjos, Sho-Bud and EMCI pedal steel guitars, and accessories are additional Gretsch trademarked products. For details on each, see separate listings within this section."
633 "GRIZZLY INDUSTRIAL, INC." "1203 Lycoming Mall, Muncy, PA 17756. Tel: (570) 546-9663. Toll-free: (800) 523-4777. Fax: (570) 546-7724. Email: melinda@grizzly.com. Web: www.grizzly.com"
634 "GROOVE TUBES, LLC" "1543 Truman Street, San Fernando, CA 91340-3118. Tel: (818) 361-4500. Toll-free: (800) 459-5687. Fax: (818) 365-9884. Email: Groovetube@aol.com. Web: www.Groovetubes.com. Contact: Aspen Pittman.Manufacturer and distributor of tubes and tube-related musical merchandise."
636 "GROVER MUSICAL PRODUCTS, INC." "3800 Kelley Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44114. Tel: (216) 391-1188. Fax: (216) 391-8999. Email: music@grotro.com. Web: www.grotro.com. Richard I. Berger, president; Dann Skutt, vice president; Chuck Kirschling, national sales manager. Celebrating 85 years in business. Manufacturer of musical instrument accessories for over 50 years. Maker of Grover guitar machines, the original enclosed gear machines. Exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Grover “self-lock” machine heads. Also, bass and mandolin machines; banjo, dulcimer, and violin pegs. Complete line of five-string and tenor banjo bridges. Around-the-clock phone service offers convenience for messages or orders. Divisions of Grover Musical Products are Trophy Music Company, Duplex Percussion accessories, Grossman Music Corp., and Clevelander Drum Company; see separate listings for each in this section."
637 "GROVER PRO PERCUSSION, INC." "22 Prospect Street #7, Woburn, MA 01801. Tel: (781) 935-6200. Fax: (781) 935-5522. Email: info@groverpro.com. Web: www.GroverPro.com, www.SilverFoxPercussion.com, and www.BestStick.com. Neil W. Grover, founder and president. Product lines/brands include: Grover; Grover Pro; Silver Fox hand-finished drumsticks and field mallets; Projection-Plus tambourines and concert snare drums; HSH Hammered triangles; Super-Overtone triangles; Bronze-Pro triangles; SV Series Percussion; Artist’s Choice bamboo and maple timpani mallets; New England Rock Maple woodblocks; Performance Series snare drums and snare wires; and Spectrasound Mark Tree brand chimes.Exclusive US Distributor for Premier marching, percussion, concert percussion and pipeband products."
1,729 "Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group, Ltd." "Yu Wei Xi Road, South Hua Di Da Dao, Fangcun, Li Wan Guangzhou, China 510388. Tel: 0086- 20- 81503507/81507678/81405260/81501011- 3213 Fax: 001-86-81502649. Email: wmk@pearlriverpiano.com. Web: www.pearlriverpiano.com. Pearl River, the world’s largest piano manufacturer, also produces over 5,000 violins, cellos, violas, and double basses per month, as well as 50,000 acoustic and electric guitars per month. Add to that one of the most varied collections of musical instruments including drums, brass, wind, and even accordions. Violins are available in all sizes and feature the finest in spruce wood with book- matched backs. Many orchestra and music directors see the Pearl River violin as a “Best Buy” in the American marketplace. The use of high quality materials and workers dedicated to producing the fi nest music products possible have propelled Pearl River violins to the forefront. Pearl River guitars offer high quality and all the important features at exceptionally competitive pricing on all models including professional, classical, acoustic and electric guitars. As the leading guitar manufacturer in China for more than 50 years, Pearl River is internationally renowned for the finest workmanship and consistent quality. The guitar factory is committed to constant innovation. Pearl River is determined to provide the finest guitars at affordable prices with outstanding customer service."
642 "GUILD GUITARS, A Division of Fender Musical Instruments" "8860 East Chaparral Road #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Tel: (480) 596-9690. Fax: (480) 596-1384. Web: www.guildguitars.comFounded in 1952, Guild is a respected manufacturer of archtop jazz and acoustic guitars. Since 1995 Guild Guitars has also been a part of F.M.I.C., and the Guild line of American-made acoustic and archtop electric guitars includes Benedetto brand archtop jazz guitars, considered by many to be the finest jazz guitars being made today. Benedetto guitars are built alongside many custom and specialty guitars at F.M.I.C.’s Guild Custom Shop in Nashville, Tennessee. A line of Guild accessories is also available from Fender Strings, Picks, and Accessories."
643 "Guistar Picks, LLC" "944 Beaver Grade Road Moon Township, PA 15108 Tel: (412) 841-2399 Fax: (412) 262-4447 Email: cguzelli@gmail.com Contact: Charles Guzelli"
646 "Guitar Liquidators, Inc." "P.O. Box 8798, Newport Beach, CA 92658. Tel: (949) 752-1170. Fax: (949) 752-0056. Email: info@Guitar-Liquidators.com. Contact: Alex Folken. Guitar Liquidators, Inc. disposes of musical instruments and related accessory seconds, rejects, closeouts, discontinued products, imperfects and returns. Many instruments are used for parts, luthier students, decorations or props. Minimum purchases are required and are often sold outside the music industry or off shore. An online outlet store for overstocks, discontinued or shop worn and new accessories like strings, parts, heads, reeds, sticks, etc., has been created to repair or replace missing or defective parts. "
1,731 "Hailun Distribution, LLC" "5400 Lawrenceville Highway Suite #E-2,Lilburn, GA 30047. Tel: (770) 381-3871, Email: Aspire@HailunUSA.com, Web: www.HailunUSA.com.Manufactures five models of uprights (116, 121, H1, 125, H5, H31P) with traditional and cabriolet leg styles including new Estate model H1 ebony with mahogany trim, 116 School Piano and H31P Professional. Upright options include agraffes, coordinated silver or gold trim, and full or half lid styles. Grand piano (sizes 151, 161, 178, 198, 218, 277) styles include Traditional Spade, Cabriolet, Georgian. New Baroque model in ebony with bird’s eye maple trim. Finishes include: ebony, white, light or dark walnut, (polished and satin) and mahogany polished. Grand pianos may be ordered with factory-installed Pianodisc™ units."
654 "HALL CRYSTAL FLUTES, INC." "17220 Sargent Road SW, Rochester, WA 98579. Tel: (360) 273-6216. Toll-free: (800) 231-2499. Fax: (360) 273-6217. Email: sales@hallflutes.com. Web: www.hallflutes.com. Contact: Jenny K. Hall.Truly unique musical instruments. Hall Crystal Flutes, Hall Crystal Piccolos, Hall Panpipes, Hall Didjeridus, Hall Guitar Slides."
655 "Halo Custom Guitars, Inc." "21621 Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, CA95014. Tel: (408) 209-7970, Fax: (408) 873-7670, Email: waylon@haloguitars.com Contact: Waylon FordStandard and custom-designed electric guitars and bass guitars."
1,732 "HAMMOND SUZUKI USA, INC" "733 West Annoreno Drive, Addison, IL 60101-4315.Tel (630) 543-0277. Toll-free 888-ORGAN-B3 (888-674-2623). Fax (630) 543-0279. Email hammondsuzuki@worldnet.att.net Web www.hamondorganco.com.Hammond Suzuki USA manufactures, markets, and distributes Hammond Institutional Organs, Hammond Contemporary Music Systems, Hammond Professional products, and Leslie Organ Speaker cabinets."
660 "HARLAN HARP COMPANY, THE" "512 Morningside Drive, San Antonio, TX 78209. Tel: (210) 826-7714. Email: harlanharp@stic.net. Harlan McWillis, president.The company builds a variety of small harps without pedal, encompassing a range of 27 to 36 strings."


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