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Consumer Research: Updated For 2013!

By interviewing and surveying a carefully crafted sample of thousands of musicians nationwide, The Music Trades' research department has created four invaluable reports that detail the demographics, tastes, and buying habits of today's musical instrument consumers. These reports, detailed below, provide powerful insights into the buyers of fretted instruments, school music products, percussion instruments, and now electronic drum kits! All of these reports are available for purchase in PDF format. All PDFs will be shipped within 12 hours of your online purchase. Read below for details and ordering information. 


The All New 2013 Electronic Drum Kit Consumer Survey!
(36 pages)

For the first time, The Music Trades research team takes an in-depth look at the market for electronic drum kits. In this brand new report, you'll learn who's buying electronic drums by age, gender, income, and education level. Find out where they buy, how they make their purchasing decisions, and what they most value in an electronic drum kit and buying experience. In addition, we looked at what makes this group tick: the music they like, the bands the play in, the ways they use the internet, and beyond. READ MORE AND ORDER TODAY 


The Percussionist Survey (40 pages)
    -All New 2013 Data!

An inside look at today's percussion buyer. How much do drummers spend on their drum kits? Where did they buy them? How do they use the web to research their purchase? When are they most likely to upgrade? These are just a few of the many areas covered in this new research report from The Music Trades. Over... READ MORE AND ORDER TODAY

The School Music Consumer Survey (42 pages)
    -All New 2013 Data!

Why do children join music programs? Do they rent or purchase their instruments? What other instruments would they like to learn? How do they spend their extra cash? These are just a few of the areas that our research team investigated in this first-ever consumer research... READ MORE AND ORDER TODAY

The Fretted Instrument Consumer Survey

Includes illustrated PDF AND Excel File!

Are more females playing guitar? How often do guitar buyers visit music stores? How do they use MySpace.com, Facebook.com, and the all-popular iPod with their guitar? When are they most likely to buy another guitar or more accessories? These are just a few of the dozens of topics covered in this in-depth research report from The Music Trades. With the help of manufacturers... READ MORE AND ORDER TODAY

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